What Treatment Methods Do Chiropractors Use?

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Chiropractors have advanced their treatment methods and now, it is not just spinal manipulation. They do much more than that. So if you have thrown your back and the pain is limiting your movements, you won’t be able to bear it for a long time. And if you are biased against the doctors of chiropractic, let me tell you that they do not just fix your spine by hand movements.

Chiropractors perform a complete physical and neurological evaluation in order to diagnose the cause of pain. Thus, they create a treatment plan, which includes several things. You will do therapeutic stretching and exercises.

Moreover, the doctor will undergo spinal traction and will also do the ultrasound. So if manual therapy for the soft tissues is required, they will do it. And if they need to stimulate the nerves, TENS therapy will be performed. Thus, you will get a complete lifestyle modification depending upon the extent of your pain.

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Commonly used treatments

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You won’t get a list of drugs from chiropractic. Instead of that, they are good at the hands-on approach. It lets them do a thorough examination of the cause of pain. Thus, they diagnose the cause and treat it accordingly.

The main focus of chiropractic is on neuromuscular disorders. Because these disorders directly affect our peripheral nervous system, which consists of sensory and motor nerves that connect the human brain and the spine to the rest of our body. So most of the time, it is just a nerve pull that causes so much pain.

Moreover, they do manual adjustments, so you do not have to take any medicine. Their main goal is to restore the natural structural integrity of the spinal cord. Thus, they alleviate any problem related to the neurological tissues. Eventually, it results in the overall well-being of the patient.

Common problems that a chiropractic deals with include;

  1. Back pain
  2. Repetitive strains
  3. Neck pain
  4. Arthritis pain
  5. Injuries caused by sports
  6. Headaches

The treatment methods are different and they vary with the type of injury and its severity. So here are some of the common techniques that they use;

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1. Manipulations

One of the common methods that you will experience at almost all chiropractic is manipulations. In this treatment, they give a quick and gentle thrust to the spinal cord. This acts as pain relief and you will feel instant results. However, it is not for all types of pain. Your doctor will choose the right treatment for you depending upon the cause of pain.

2. Stretching and Exercises

If you are going through repetitive strains, it means that your body is not healthy. Therefore, you have to make sure that you remain fit and your body is in continuous motion. And to do so, the doctor will prescribe some exercise, probably stretching. These exercises make certain areas of the body move and act as physical rehabilitation. Thus, they improve your health and reduces strains.

3. Nutritional counseling

It is also beneficial for some of the problems like repetitive strains. If your diet is not proper, you will have a poor nutrition level in your body. This nutritional imbalance will result in putting strain on your muscles and nerves. Thus, you get the pain. But such pains are only an early symptom, it can cause many complex diseases like diabetes, heart problems and cancer.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that you are having a healthy diet. Your doctor will diagnose the problem and will let you have nutritional counseling if necessary. Sometimes, it is also needed if you have gone through surgery. So a nutrition plan will make your injuries heal quickly.

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4. Lifestyle modifications

The cause of our pains is several. Sometimes, it’s our sitting posture and sometimes it’s our lifestyle habits that deteriorate our health. Our lifestyle choices become our habits and affect our health. After years of repetitive practices, we feel the pain. That is why elders have ill health. Firstly, because they are not as strong as a young person. Secondly, because of the lifestyle, they opt for all those years. Some of these practices that cause problems and need to be changed include;

  1. Lack of exercise
  2. Regular smoking
  3. Poor diet
  4. Mental stress
  5. Taking too many medicines
  6. Heavy alcohol consumption
  7. Improper lifting
  8. Poor posture

So if you have one of these problems, your chiropractor from ChiropracticOfNaples.com will let you know. . Thus, you can improve your health by changing your previous lifestyle. If your job requires lifting, you can use a better technique to do so. So, you won’t hurt yourself and will be able to do the job.


This is the transcutaneous electric nerve simulation technique. This is done through a small unit that operates through the battery. So your chiropractic will tell you how to use and you can take it to your home. So if you have to get TENS daily, you won’t have to come to the clinic. In this technique, electrical impulses are sent to treat the pain. The intensity of the current varies with the pain. However, this technique is not suitable for chronic pain.

6. Ice and heat therapy

Ice therapy is quite effective against swellings. Therefore, it is used for pain relief after injuries. Heat therapy works on muscles. Heat relaxes the muscles and increases blood circulation. Thus, it reduces pains. Furthermore, it is quite effective against chronic pains. Your doctor may use a combination of both, depending upon the problem.