Trends in Web Development for 2024

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Web development technologies and capacities grow more complex, efficient, and powerful by the day. And it’s a great thing that we can see the direct impact of this development right on the Internet. Currently, there are a huge number of rising tech trends in web development.

More and more opportunities appear for creating truly unique pages online. And a dedicated developer of any level and skill shouldn’t ignore tech trends in web development if they want their work to be outstandingly attractive and popular among potential customers.

Major Web Dev Trends 2024

Keeping up with the new trends in web development ultimately allows developers to maintain top web resources, updating and adding them up with every other newly-appeared in the market feature or element, which may include some of the following. In collaboration with the team from Paspartoo we bring this list!

AI integration

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Each of us heard about the prominence of artificial intelligence in the modern market reality at least once. The widest range of modern developments is based on it. In terms of integrating an AI system with a site, it’s capacities can be used to:

  • Protect copyrights on social media (via neural networks);
  • Send customers offers based on their history of purchases & behavior on the resource;
  • Optimize voice search capabilities;
  • Select the most optimal design elements automatically;
  • Analyze user mood & emotions based on their feedback & comments.

Only a bunch of years ago, it took several months of work to create and launch a website. Today, 2-3 weeks would be quite enough. There is even AI that creates sites autonomously and it can already handle up to 80% of the work most successfully.

Neural networks implementation

Neural networks form a separate niche in the set of “artificial intelligence” technologies and approaches. The principle of their work is to find matches and dependent relationships, as well as to monitor certain aspects.

Integrating one with your web resource may allow users to:

  • Compose music based on the existing audio materials;
  • Paint pictures based on images of renowned masterpieces;
  • Automatically win in computer games, etc.

Neural networks are integrated with the project on its initial stages of development. A major drawback of an integrated neural network, however, is that it takes time for self-learning.

Internet of Things

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The idea of using the potential of interconnected devices to take a business to a new level arose some time ago and has since seen a sky-rocketing pace of popularization. Continuous interaction of software and hardware can play an important role both in web development and in the global service industry of the future.

According to dedicated studies, in 2024, about 31 billion various devices will be massively connected to the Internet, which is to provoke a huge impact on the field of web development. The effectiveness of gadget synchronization will only grow in the future and that’s why at Gravum, a leading web development company we put much focus on integrating this technology.

SPA – single-page apps

This trend is not fundamentally new, but so far remains quite popular. Basically, you can create sites that respond to user interactions by dynamically updating the web page content without loading a page over and over again from the server. A great addition to the promotion and optimization of the site can be the use of turbo and amp-pages.

The whole approach resembles the development of computer games. The computer has all the necessary information about the gaming environment. But only the part where the camera is looking is displayed on the screen. When the camera is transferred from one section to another, the textures are loaded again while the previous ones are being erased from the memory.

If we talk about the website development, then the general code will be extracted continuously, which will allow you to display the main elements of the service, and the rest will be downloaded only if necessary.

Static site generators

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Motion design is developing rapidly as a significant direction in web development. It allows you to increase the ratio of interactivity, which allows the user the most convenient access to information. But it is not always appropriate, despite the effectiveness.

These are the certain cases where the creation of static web pages will work out best:

  • Email services;
  • Newsfeeds & portals;
  • Second-hand e-stores;
  • Government & official establishment sites.

In each of these cases, the user is interested in getting the maximum download speed of text data. And adding dynamics will only increase the duration of the download.


Website developers have been using this technology for quite some time. But the capabilities of most existing chatbots are still pretty weak – they often give non-relevant or simply incorrect answers.

Neural networks can improve the performance of chatbots. In particular, they mustn’t be limited by the loaded database, becoming more versatile and accessible to interact with.

Javascript & Python

If the site you are looking to develop must be based on some programming language, as a rule, Javascript or Python are used. That’s why you should consider hiring a Python web development company like PLANEKS to build your project. They have been the top popular coding languages for several years now, offering:

  • The highest software performance rates;
  • Simple toolset integration;
  • A sufficient level of finished product security;

High level of saturation & adaptiveness


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Over the past few years, web development has set its sights on simplicity, productivity, and maximum functionality. But the development of technology has significantly expanded the boundaries, and now it has become possible to add more elements to sites. Following the latest trends, developers often use animation and images.

The “saturation” approach is highly practical, helping transmit information to users more vividly and efficiently. Moreover, making your site more interactive improves the overall level of user experience. It is important that the content of the site looks aesthetically pleasing on any device.

Progressive web apps

Progressive web applications are sites that have functionality similar to mobile software. They ultimately help to increase conversion rates and make it easier for the user to work with the site via mobile devices.

All in all, progressive web solutions can boast:

  • A high level of adaptiveness;
  • An ability to synchronize with hardware capacities;
  • High accessibility, even offline.

Such applications are becoming extremely popular, as they occupy a measly amount of device space, allow accessing software from anywhere, anytime, and have a convenient interface.


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This ridiculously hyped-up technology is still alive and well, boasting as much potential as ever. Providing advanced, reinforced methods of storing data, it is by far the most intricate and efficient way to protect personal data and valuable assets via distributed ledger technology.

The main advantage of this technology is the absence of intermediaries between transactions. Blockchain-based systems are already actively used by a huge number of financial organizations all over the world.


2024 demonstrates the persistence of some already well-known trends and promises to introduce a bunch of completely new solutions that are not yet employed widely. Web development technologies never stand still with new concepts appearing regularly. It is important for any web developer to keep up-to-date when it comes to these changes in order to create a product that would truly impress and sell.