Twin Air Mattress – Fix for Rocky Ground Camping


I love to go camping, but as the years have passed, I find it harder and harder to get down on the ground, and that rocky ground that used to not affect me at all now feels like bowling balls under my hip. A twin air mattress fits my tent, and it is less expensive than buying an RV.


The one that use to be plastic and leaked all the time has been replaced by a wonderful vinyl with a covering made of flocked felt. The newer versions of twin air one can be used with a portable, rechargeable pump, so they are at home outdoors.

I can get one that is very much the height of a regular bed so that my old knees don’t have to bend so far, and I can crawl into a comfortable sleeping bag without the bracing of an old army cot hitting me in my ribs. With the new technology, I intend to keep on camping for years to come.

How You Can Use It?

Camping is not the only use , anywhere that space is limited, or there is not a constant need for a bed, the twin air mattress is the perfect solution.

Relatives coming for the holidays can have a comfortable place to sleep with the twin air mattress without having to borrow, buy, or rent other bedding. With the flexibility of using space at night and clearing up space in the daytime, the twin air mattress is the perfect option. You can click here for more details. It is easy to inflate and easy to deflate and put away in a very small bag. Then it is just as easy to re-use the next night.

Dormitories are another area where twin air mattresses can really fit the bill, space is very limited, and if the people sharing the room would like more space. If you have a family room and the kids want a sleepover, the twin air mattress can be a way of having all your children’s friends over with a place to sleep. There are reasonable costs on these ones that are kid-sized and don’t need to be the height for us old folks.


One use I hadn’t given thought to before was a church retreat where there were not enough beds for all the people who signed up to attend. I thought using some of the teaching area rooms would allow everyone a good night’s sleep. Push the chairs aside and set up twin air mattresses. Next morning deflate it and set the room back up for teaching.

Traveling by an air mattress is great. When renting a room, you don’t have to pay for an extra cot or roll-away. There is generally enough room to move the table and chair aside and use it like the hotel would use the cot. Easy inflate and deflate doesn’t detract from a relaxing time.

Camping, the extra company, saving space, or saving money, a twin air mattress helps in all those situations.