Underwear Styles Every Women Should Own

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Female bodies come in different shapes and sizes, so it is only appropriate to have an array of undergarment styles to choose from. Not only that, but more often than not, the type of lingerie you choose to wear under your outfit can often make it look even better or completely ruin it. This is why there are so many designs and types to choose from.

Moreover, there is no wrong or right type to wear and it ultimately depends on your preference and taste. It is up to every individual to pick what works best for them, especially when it comes to being comfortable and feeling great about oneself.

However, it never hurts to have different kinds that will suit different occasions and clothing choices. Since there are a lot of available options, it might be difficult to know or determine what type works best with certain clothes, so here are some of the most popular lingerie types, as well as what they are most suitable for.

  1. Classic Briefs

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The most commonly used type, classic briefs are designed for comfort. They provide a lot of coverage on both sides and come in a variety of waist heights. Usually made from cotton, nylon, and microfiber, they can be worn with any item that isn’t tight and doesn’t hug the body.

  1. Bikini

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Perfect for summer dresses or linen pants, the bikini type is optimal if wearing a thong is not your thing, but you want to get rid of any pantie lines. They do not ride up but lay flat against your body, offering enough coverage for you to feel comfortable and carefree throughout the day.

  1. Thongs

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There is nothing sexier than thongs and they are perfect for any form-fitting clothing item such as body-hugging skirts and dresses, leggings, tights, and the likes. They offer minimum coverage mostly to eliminate any lines and they can sit just below the waist, on your hips, or right above them. Cotton thongs are great for everyday use, while lace ones are perfect for special occasions.

  1. Hip Huggers (Hipsters)

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If you love wearing low-waist jeans or pants than the hip hugger type is the best choice for you. They sit just below the waist, right on your hips, and have low cut leg holes. They offer more coverage and are made of a variety of fabrics such as cotton, mesh, microfiber, and lace.

  1. Boyshorts

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As their name suggests, their design was inspired by men’s briefs, so they not only offer full coverage but maximum comfort too. They go well with skirts, flared dresses, and medium to high-rise pants. They are great for casual days or for lounging at home.


Shapewear is great when you want to make your body appear slimmer but also smooth out any problem areas and eliminate any pantie lines or visible bra ridges. 

  1. Waist Trainers

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These shaping garments are perfect for slimming your waist and gaining instant hourglass curves when worn around the waistline.

However, they have other benefits as well such as providing more effective workouts since they stimulate thermal activity and make you sweat more, as well as improve your posture. Certain types, such as the HauteFlair Waist Trainer, are also available in plus size and come in a variety of colors. Not only can they help your weight loss and figure-shaping, but they will also make you feel great during the day by sculpting your figure and cinching your waist.

  1. Briefs & Shorts 

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Shaping briefs have several different rises so you can cover areas such as the lower part of your stomach only, your entire tummy section, or even your waist. Shorts essentially do the same thing but offer thigh coverage and slimming as well. 

  1. Slips & Half-Slips 

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Slips are worn under dresses and offer complete front and back body-shaping. Half-Slips, as one can guess, are skirts and are perfect to be worn when one wants to cover their stomach region and hip area only.

  1. Bodysuits 

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Bodysuits have the same function as slips but also come with built-in bras or have an open bust, so you can choose which one works better. The open bust type is great for clothing that has a deep neckline, but bodysuits are less optimal than slips since you would have to take them off completely to be able to go to the bathroom.


  1. Seamless Bras

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Seamless bras are perfect for tight-fitting tops and figure-hugging dresses since they perfectly conceal the bra line and do not have wiring, meaning nothing will show under your clothing. Lacey bras are another great option if you are looking for something comfortable, yet feminine and invisible.

  1. Push-Up Bras 

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Your breasts will look fuller, more symmetric, and closer thanks to the simple mechanism of push-up bras. They can help women with smaller bust lines wear low neckline clothing with more confidence, while it can give women with bigger bust lines a nice shape and a firm hold. 

  1. T-Shirt Bras

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If you are someone who prefers a minimized look, T-shirt bras are optimal for you. They come with molded protection and an underwire, offering complete coverage and comfort.

  1. Strapless Bras

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Strapless bras are a great choice whenever you are wearing dresses or shirts without straps or sleeves. If you have no experience in choosing the right size, it is advisable to go a size smaller to avoid having to constantly adjust it throughout the day.

  1. Sports Bras

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For the ultimate comfort during exercising, you need to find a bra that fits you perfectly, so pay attention to the straps, band, and cups during your purchase. The straps should be as stretchy as possible and there should be no breast spillage. Pick one based on the difficulty level of your workout as well.


In the end, it is completely up to you what type of lingerie you will buy and own. The most important thing is finding undergarments that are the right size and ones you are completely comfortable with wearing. After all, even if nobody sees them, they can often make you feel great, so go for something that evokes this and makes you more confident as well.