Unusual Themes for Kids’ Room Design


Decorating kids’ rooms can be so enjoyable — it allows unleashing the imagination and self-expression grown-ups don’t usually reveal in their own bedrooms, regardless of how much they may wish to go back to a simpler age when a superhero print was seen as an art. Dragonsofwaltonstreet.com presents unusual and creative kids’ bedrooms filled with innovative elements, playful artwork, and fanciful themes. The designers can help you in turning your child’s room into a racing pit stop or implementing other amazing baby room furniture ideas. Wouldn’t it be great to grow up in a room as inspirational as these masterpieces? Let’s explore some themes you can borrow from professional designers.

Cars, Cars, and Cars

With the animated movie Cars, the excitement about auto-themed rooms has grown among kids. Besides, many boys have this preference for vehicles since their early days. A room designed with cars in mind turns into a dreamscape for them. This can be something as simple as a piece of furniture made from car wheels or something as unusual as a vehicle-styled bed. The latter gives a kid the freedom to ride in the car anytime they want. Aside from furniture items, there can be also wall decorations that represent the same theme. Cars add dynamics to the room, which sparks energy in the little owners and their friends. Also, you can bring colors into the room with the help of cars and allow your child to drive along their dreams.


A giant rocket. Aliens. Forbidden planets. Well, how can you fail to fall in love with that? Think of the room walls styled in a navy blue color scheme to achieve a complete “deep space” look, which will surely suit future baby astronauts. It is mixed with just white and red, and the limited color palette keeps the room from looking too cluttered. Your child will love something like a rocket canopy or space spheres in this otherworldly space.

Forest Land

Deeper, darker forests create a classic fairy tale setting, making a forest theme work marvelously in a small child’s room. The concept can be implemented with mushroom and log seating or a tree with overhanging branches. 3D grass is a smart option for wall stickers or templates. Take into account the opportunity to have plexiglass laser-cut based on your own unique design. Look online for firms able to assist you with this.

Linen Blossom

Flowers are a timeless hit in kids’ rooms — but don’t go for plain twigs or faded blooms! Choose a floral wallpaper design that is daring, light, and pretty or has a trendy retro look about it. Make sure to search for linens that feature something with a matching blooming theme. Consider also deeper magenta in contrast to a rather bland pink.

Peter Rabbit

Every time we think of a bunny, some adorable image pops into our mind. It is no surprise that kids love rabbits so deeply. Therefore, you could add a bit of sweetness to their room by decorating it with bunnies. And of course, one of the most beloved bunnies in the world is Peter Rabbit. Bring Beatrix Potter furnishings and textiles into the children’s room and revive the memories of your childhood as you woke up to Peter Rabbit chewing on some carrots in your room’s nook.

Nautical Motifs

A room with a boat or sailing theme is a terrific option for a boy or a girl. To create this look, the room walls might be decorated with navigational charts, ship docks, fishing nets, etc. You must stick to the marine color scheme — blue and white mixed with a touch of red to give the right feel. There might be additional decorations like a ship’s steering wheel, sail canopy, and on and on. Lighting elements might also be inspired by items from a ship. If your kid is into movies or cartoons, you could bring a marine-related character into the room. Welcome aboard!

Vintage Safari Style

While growing up, kids get intrigued by wildlife and the idea of living in the jungle. Provide them with their custom jungle safari, featuring a variety of wild animals. This theme might involve a sturdy bed looking just like a safari jeep. Wild animals and plants might be drawn on the walls or ceilings, complemented with a fake-grass rug on the floor. To further enhance the drama, mock-ups of tree branches might be placed throughout the room, with soft animal toys attached to them, thus delivering an authentic jungle experience. You can use a lot of DIY techniques to recreate the jungle theme for a child’s room and reveal your unlimited creativity.

Indoor Treehouse

If there is a jungle, there is also a chance for a treehouse. A play space or a bed would be designed to closely mimic a treehouse surrounded by woods. Treehouses generate that inherent sense of wonder in anyone looking at them. Serving as an element of mystery in the room, it inspires kids and gives them one more shelter within the home.

Playful Elephants

On the market, there is a great deal of adorable elephant-themed accessories for a nursery, bedroom, or playroom. They can add much fun to a kid’s space while boosting children’s imagination. These gender-neutral animals are appreciated by many modern parents and equally adored by boys and girls. Therefore, in case you are hunting for a cute interior design, the playful elephant theme would make every room or accessory gorgeous.


As you can see, there are a lot of options for designing a child’s room, which vary from rational to absolutely insane. Today, arranging a kids’ space gives you more and more possibilities to go creative with DIY projects. On the other hand, you are free to turn to professionals for even expanded opportunities. We have given you only a glimpse of astonishing ideas for a thematic nursery or children’s room to get started. However, the sky is the limit for creative minds. So, go for a cool theme to match the personality of your child!