Why Businesses Are Upgrading To Office 365 From Google Workspace

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Office 365 and Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) both enable businesses to access the same core set of productivity tools, each with significant advantages and disadvantages in terms of features and value for money. For many businesses, the decision to upgrade from Google Workspace to Office 365 involves a comparison of the two suites. This article examines some of the key reasons why your business might consider upgrading from Google Workspace to Office 365.

Anyone who has tried to Migrate from Google Workspace to Office 365 or vice versa knows the superficial differences between the two systems. These differences are even more important on the backend. Starting your business with G Suite doesn’t stop G Suite from growing.

You can also migrate to Office 365. Only thorough research will help you decide which of the two is the right solution for your needs. Let us help you get started with this investigation with 6 reasons to move from Google to Office 365.

1. Better scalability as your business grows

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A unique goal of most enterprises is scalability. Simply put, the software solution you execute should be capable of growing with your enterprise and solving the same kinds of situations without adding new complexity, regardless of how many users are connected to the solution.

This is where Office 365 definitely beats G Suite. The design of this platform puts scalability at the forefront, while centralized management & security features offer greater control by allowing you to administrate your organization’s entire workforce from just a single point. This is thanks to integrations with various other Microsoft products, from Azure to Dynamics CRM. Microsoft Teams provides an efficient alternative to Slack, as it has a direct connection with the applications that are not available on Google. This powerful chat tool can help streamline workflows and increase productivity.

2. Discounted price per web app user

Cost is of utmost importance to businesses when they are looking to improve their collaboration and productivity tools. An increase in the number of employees can mean that even a $1 difference per user per month can make a huge difference in your budget.

Here, Google relies on simple pricing. With just three levels, you can see precisely where you are. However, this also comes with a lack of flexibility. When you compare Microsoft’s different pricing tiers, you start to see the difference. Office 365 doesn’t go into a tier that doesn’t meet your requirements. Instead, you can find prices tailored specifically for businesses like yours. As an added bonus, if you choose to use only web apps on the platform, this price difference favors Office It just increases by

3. Features and integrations in both mobile and desktop apps

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Speaking of web and desktop apps:

Google G Suite is available online only. If you want to use it, you should be connected to the Internet. This provides a clear advantage to remote work. Collaboration is easy, natural, and intuitive. Still, the lack of desktop alternatives can be a huge handicap.

In the latest iteration, Word, Excel, and other productivity apps are all available as desktop versions that seamlessly integrate with their cloud-based counterparts. Depending on your environment, use it on the cloud or offline on your desktop computer. You can also set up rules and procedures for working offline in Outlook and sending emails when you’re back online. Additionally, Microsoft has put together a great service in Azure Backup Services that provides you with the ability to store and recover your data whenever you need it, even in times of disaster.

Cost Comparison of Office 365 and Google Workspace

Office 365 offers a range of plans and pricing options. The most popular Office 365 plan is Business Essentials, which includes web and mobile versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint along with cloud storage options like OneDrive and SharePoint. The cost of this plan is $7 per user per month (or $70 annually) when purchased as an annual or two-year commitment. This cost includes online support and 1 TB of storage per user.

Google Workspace also provides various plans with varying degrees of features but their most popular option is called their Business Starter Plan which includes email hosting, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides with 30GB Storage per user for only $6 per user per month; that’s one dollar less than Office 365 at the same feature level. Although this plan does not include any technical support or domain hosting privileges like Office 365 does for its users; so if these features are important to you it will be necessary to purchase an additional (higher priced) plan from Google Workspace. However, businesses seeking a more cost effective solution may find that the lower cost of Google Workspace’s services satisfies most of their needs without overspending on unnecessary features.

Customer Support for Office 365

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When you make the decision to upgrade your business productivity platform from Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) to Office 365, you will have access to extensive customer support.

Office 365 is widely accessible with Microsoft’s global network, providing 24/7 customer service in over 140 countries and 12 different languages. With this comprehensive coverage, computer system administrators and IT professionals can quickly receive tailored help for their specific needs. Whether it’s a startup reconfiguring settings for the whole office or a non-profit setting up email contact forms, Microsoft’s phone support experts provide fast resolutions.

Along with its phone support specialists, Office 365 also offers plenty of online resources such as tutorials and training videos that allow enterprises to quickly troubleshoot common issues like software installations or exporting documents. It also provides access to robust support forums managed by trained technicians and user generated articles pulled from community based discussions.

In addition, Office 365 offers knowledgeable consulting services where customers can work with former engineers at other tech companies who are available via email and webinars to provide best practice advice on specific topics ranging from document transfer protocols to complex network infrastructure configurations. With such an array of customer service options tailored specifically for enterprise use cases, businesses can upgrade their technology stack confidently with the assurance that any difficulties encountered along the way could be quickly resolved with professional assistance.


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