5 Video Games for Strategists in 2024

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Strategy games may not be one of the most mainstream gaming genres but it’s sure one of the most challenging and rewarding. Strategy games have been around for many decades, first started out as board games and soon enough they moved into the virtual world of gaming. Strategy video games differ in gameplay features, whether the title is a turn-based or real-time experience, tactical or grand strategy. The list goes on. Eneba store offers the top 5 recommendations of strategy video games to challenge your analytical and critical thinking skills.

Crusader Kings III

One of the greatest masterpieces in the strategy genre is Paradox Interactive’s Crusader Kings III, a grand strategy simulation with elements of RPG. Set in an alternate history of medieval times, the game grants players an opportunity to create their own legacy through decisions they make, alliances they forge, wars they wage, and consequences they face for all of these actions. Paradox overhauled the user interface and gameplay system in the newest iteration of the Crusader Kings series, delivering a graceful and royally excellent gaming experience.

Each character you create is unique and each campaign can be entirely different due to the myriad of choices that await in the game. Whether you want to exploit the influence of religion, become a military genius with an army whose loyalty one could never question, or be a cunning diplomat with a sharp tongue, you are out in the game of power and intrigues, a game that shows no mercy. Dynasties change as do tides of fortune – in Crusader Kings III there is no time to rely on luck, you must take the matters into your own hands and utilize your analytical prowess to conquer and prevail.


Contrary to the popular belief, not all strategy games are set in medieval times, fictional or not. Firaxis Games’ and 2K’ turn-based tactical game XCOM 2 has everything a sci-fi fan could ever dream of: aliens, a post-apocalyptic setting, a dark future, and of course, permadeath. With the permadeath as part of the whole XCOM 2 gameplay experience, players are more involved than ever to take care of their team properly because each life lost is gone forever. The game is a real challenge, rewarding in every sense. From infiltrating black sites to vicious battles against the insidious alien forces – this has to be the greatest depiction of mankind fighting for the right to live in the face of an extraterrestrial invasion.

The strategy layer involves conducting research, developing and upgrading abilities as well as weapons, and navigating through the battle to receive as little damage as possible. The aliens are deceitful and use all kinds of trickeries to defeat you, it also doesn’t help at all that they seem to be capable of shocking things. That is why it’s crucial to adapt to the situation and figure out the best course of action before the next turn. Outside of combative encounters, players can craft and rob alien facilities of their sci-fi weapons as they infiltrate them. Basically, there is so much to do and so many aliens to take down that there is literally no time to grow bored.

Europa Universalis IV

Paradox Interactive has another strategy title in their collection that boasts quite a remarkable number of players, and for a reason so. Europa Universalis IV is a grand strategy simulation game with a perfect mixture of historical content and absolute freedom. Players get to be in charge of a nation from the end of the Middle Ages era (covers precisely a period from 1444 to 1821) and reshape its history as we know it. The appeal of the strategy sandbox lies in the freedom given to the players as they can experiment to unleash their imagination and create a unique campaign during each replay.

However, Paradox did not really abandon the game after its release, in fact, the studio continues to enrich the game with numerous excellent expansions that focus on specific countries, civilizations, and historical time. The realistically recreated historical periods and engaging gameplay mechanics deliver an addicting experience, leaving players wondering how would things develop given different circumstances. Europa Universalis IV is one of the most stunning and credible grand strategy games with great value placed on freedom and accurate historical depiction.

Into the Breach

If you’re looking for a similar game to XCOM2 but with different mechanics, Subset Games’ Into the Breach, a roguelike mechs turn-based strategy game might be up your alley. This pixelated 2D game may seem simplistic in terms of graphics, albeit, offers a perfect mixture of gameplay elements like RPG, procedural generation, and a few more that best not to be spoiled. The premise of the game revolves around dealing with hordes of Vek monsters on the eight-to-eight block civilian buildings with a variety of objects that you must utilize to your advantage during the battles.

While battling, you must make sure the building receives as little damage as possible because every hit results in a lower health bar for your campaign, since the civilian buildings provide players with power. While the gigantic monsters are threatening human civilization, it is your duty to put an end to their frantic reign using nothing but skill and critical thinking throughout the campaign. Each victory unlocks new mech upgrades and models, meaning that you can craft superior weapons to blast your enemies off of this planet. All you need is sensible creativity!

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War: Three Kingdoms is the latest entry in the famous strategy series developed by Feral Interactive, and does it deliver. This turn-based historical title depicts the conflict that was tearing ancient China and grant players the opportunity to change the course of history. The Chinese war is happening both on and off the battlefields and you must maneuver through as the capable leader that sees through political intrigues and leads his / her army into victorious glory.

Set in the world of ancient China, the in-game world is portrayed in a realistic, historically accurate manner, adding depth to the campaign. The gameplay involves managing resources and leading your army through the cities that must conquer to unite China under your reign. Total War: Three Kingdoms offers a grandiose gaming experience for those who enjoy strategy video games, a finely tuned single-player campaign, and unforgettable historical battles that define the future of one of the greatest countries in the world.