Walk Comfortably: Tips to Relief High Arch Pain of Foot

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A high arch can lead to a number of issues. Arch pain is a common problem that high arches can cause. This type of pain can occur for many reasons. Flat feet and high arches are two such reasons that are related to the structure of your foot.

Weight gain, physical stress, neurological conditions, aging, overuse, etc. can also contribute to arch discomfort. Whatever the reason and the level of discomfort is, you shouldn’t ignore it. In this article, you will find some effective tips to get relief from this type of pain.

Diagnosis of the disease

Your doctor will take medical history into consideration and may further talk to you to explore more. It will be easier to guess the issue if you can certainly indicate where the pain is. You may undergo the following medical testing if you suffer from arch ache.

X-rays, CT Scans, MRI Scans, and Ultrasound.

Tips to Getting Relief from High Arch Pain

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Some natural home remedies and medical treatments can relieve you from high arch pain. Your doctor may suggest you bring about several lifestyle changes. Let’s talk about how you can get relieved from high arch ache, with some details.

Take Some Rest

Taking rest is the first natural remedy for high arch pain. Usually, you get a high arch pain when some other silly reasons add to the structural reasons for the discomfort In such a case, you should take some rest as and when you come to notice the pain. It will help the foot recover naturally. Don’t take part in strenuous activities like running, cycling, jumping, or other stressful workouts.

Ice Your Feet

For reducing inflammation, getting relieved from injury, you can ice your foot. An ice pack can make your job easy in this regard. Else, you can pour your feet in cold water. It will get you relieved from it if it’s a minor one.

Get Supportive Walking Shoes

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Unsupportive walking shoes can be problematic, and even it can be one of the root causes of the discomfort. Supportive shoes, on the other hand, helps you get relief from the pain that you get from walking. You may find specialized walking shoes for high arches, that will be of support. You could learn more about these specialized shoes here on Sportsly.

Wear Orthotic Devices and Foot Pads

Wearing some sorts of orthotic devices and foot pads can help you get relief from high arch discomfort. Orthotic devices provide you extra stability and cushioning and work as artificial support for your feet. Protalus offers a wide variety of options which will be sure to help you get back on track and forget about the pain. Foam, silicon, or felt footpads, worn with your shoes, also can be of help for reducing it.


Some stretch tactics can give you relief from the high discomfort. You can roll a lacrosse ball under the ball of your feet without having any shoes. You need to sit on a chair to do this. Pushing your toes slowly forward and backward can release some pain. You also can take some calf stretches. For doing this:

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  • Stand a bit away from a wall.
  • Place your hands on the wall.
  • Keep your one foot behind another one.
  • Keep the knee of the first foot straight and put the heel on the floor in such a way that you bend your other knee forward.
  • Hold this state for about 30 seconds. You will feel stretch on your legs.
  • After completing, repeat the same process with the other leg.

Note: You shouldn’t do stretching too much. Else, it may worsen the situation. You can do it four to six times, depending on how you feel.

Wearing Suitable Socks

Notice if your sock causes any hurt. Test with some other pairs whether you feel better with any of them. The cloth of the socks, the thickness, and comfortability with the shoes you wear can have an effect on your arch ache. Therefore, replace your pair of socks if you find it causing pain on your arches.

Get Medical Treatment

If your high arch ache gets extreme, you shouldn’t rely on the natural home remedies any longer. In such a case, go to the doctor and get some consultation. The doctor or podiatrist can suggest one or more treatments including but not limited to the following ones:

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  • Surgery
  • Casts
  • Cortisone injections
  • Braces
  • Pain relievers
  • Orthotics and inserts
  • Physical therapy


This type of mere discomfort can take your happiness away from some of your days or even from your years. Some consciousness can save you from high arch ache on your feet. Some minor lifestyle changes can bring about relief from the pain you loathe.

Check if any of your activities is worsening the pain. If you find any such activity, stay away from these activities, or reduce the time for these activities. Cycling, running, excessive walking, or any of your favorite workout, reduce the time for it. If it gets acuter, consult with a doctor without delay.

If you walk a long way, shoes can play an important role in intensifying the strain on your feet. So, pay some attention to your shoes. Replace them with a pair of supportive walking shoes specially made for high arches.