How Watching Sports Streams Has Exploded in 2024

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There is no hiding from the fact that 2024 has been a year to forget. Our lives have been impacted in ways most of us have not experienced before. Trying to beat the COVID-19 outbreak has meant that our freedom to do what we like has been restricted, many  lost jobs, and businesses have struggled to stay afloat.

Even the sports world has been affected. Many major sporting events have been cancelled or postponed, and those that have gone ahead have been without fans there to witness them. For the latter, most fans have had little choice but to watch their favourite sports via online streams.

There has been a huge increase in the numbers of people now  using online streaming sites to follow their favourite sports. Stuck at home and with little to do, streaming sites have become a salvation and not only for sports. Sites such as Netflix and Hulu have reported record subscriptions in 2024 for films due to the lack of sports being televised.

However, live sports are back on, and there are tons of options available if you want to stream sports live. We will cover paid sports streaming options, and free sports streaming options. We also look into how online sportsbooks stream sport. They add to the entertainment and to make up a little for not being there in person, and allow people to not only watch sports for free but also place bets on them.

Where To Watch Sports Stream Websites

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Today, there are ‘free’ and ‘paid’ sports streaming services available through multiple channels and networks. We will look at all the options available.

Cable & Satellite Subscriptions

Most cable and satellite channels these days have a mobile app or online streaming app. BSkyB in the Uk for example, allows its customers to connect online via an app. As long as they have set up their online account, they can log in anytime from anywhere!

Some of these cable and satellite channels even allow their subscribers to use an internet browser window to stream sports. This is the result of HTML5 technology coming into play as a replacement for having to download an app.

Although the subscriptions for these services can become pricey, especially if you are subscribing to sports channels, they often give members access to the most popular sports as they have a TV deal.

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Free Sports Streaming Services

Another option is to use a free sports streaming site. Some of these services are a little risky though, and they are not exactly working within the boundaries of the law. You will find these websites are actually connecting to a satellite or cable network and streaming the sports to their website for thousands of viewers to tune in. These sites make their money through annoying click ads and pop-ups, and they can be an online security risk leaving malware in your device.

Another option is to use online sports betting sites where streaming sports is always free. That said, the selection may be limited as some sports are not available due to TV rights. All the same, sports bet sites online still have plenty of options. Racing, global sports, football leagues from around the world, cricket leagues, and much more. You can also place a bet while you watch the game using an in-play feature that displays odds in real time as you are watching the action.

Sports Betting & In-Play Odds Explained

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Thanks to betting options such as in-play betting, viewers are able to place bets as the live action is taking place. Punters can bet on the next team to score, the final score, and numerous other betting options as matches are being played live. This adds plenty of entertainment as the odds will continuously change as the action plays out.

For example, if the score between two clubs such as Manchester City and Arsenal is currently 3-0, it is likely that the odds on the next team to score will be higher for the team losing. You might get odds of 3 to 1 (3 units back for 1 unit placed as a bet).

According to oddsmanager different betting sites will offer different odds, which is why it is important to find those that are renowned for giving punters the most generous odds.

Watching Sports Streams Safely

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If you are thinking of kicking back, watching some sports, and placing a few bets, we strongly recommend you use a VPN. A virtual private network will not only keep your online activity private but it will also help protect you from viruses. There are some low quality streaming sites around and these can be a haven for malware, trojans, and the rest. Always use a VPN just to be on the safe side.

Of course, alongside a VPN, you should be using other online security software too. Make sure you have an antivirus and firewall installed and turned on. While many streaming sites are safe, there are others that could lead to your computer becoming infected.

Rounding Up Sports Streaming Today!

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Sports streaming is now seeing a resurgence as those that had subscriptions or access to a sports streaming website now return to watch their favourite team or sports star in action. Luckily, this is a buyer’s market too.

Slowly but surely, fans are being allowed back in to watch live sports at venues but with heavy restrictions being in place. In the UK for example, small numbers of fans are being allowed into football stadiums but dispersed around the ground to ensure social distancing. It remains to be seen how long it will be until we will be able to attend in full numbers but until then, at least we are able to enjoy the action by watching streams.

As long as you show precaution, these streaming sites will allow you to catch sporting action that you would otherwise miss out on. Just make sure that you stay safe while using these sites by using the security software that we mentioned.