5 Rules About Wearing Linen Clothing You Need to Follow

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Whether they are living in an area where temperatures are high or summer is knocking on their doors, all people are always telling the same story. They are looking for clothes that will help them endure these temperatures. When we say that, we mean about the term everybody’s heard about, perfect summer clothes.

However, it needs to be is that coming across these pieces is not as easy as many people think it is. Even though linen, the best material for these pieces is highly popular and available to all manufacturers. The reason is that a lot of manufacturers are not as transparent as they need to be.

Therefore, people are unsure about the pieces they need to opt for to keep them dry and prevent overheating. In case you want to take a look at some of these clothes, be sure to that has a reputation for selling high-quality linen pieces. Now, we would like to provide you a couple of rules everybody interested in wearing linen clothes should be aware of. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of these rules.

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1. Buying One Size Bigger

The first and most important rule is that you need to buy one size bigger piece. The reason is that linen clothes are supposed to be worn very loosely. That way, they will provide you with a chance to have enough air circulating between your body and clothes. For those who are not aware of the fact, this is the main reason why this material is widely considered the best for high temperatures.

Also, you need to be aware of the fact that these are prone to shrinking when they are washed for the first time. You would certainly not like to wear a piece that fits your body completely. If that happens, you will lose the aspect of air circulation. As you can presume, wearing tight clothes is not an option during the spring months because your body is not able to breathe properly when wearing these.

2. Should You Tuck Them?

One of the commonest questions about wearing linen shirts is whether they should be tuck in or not. We know that these pieces are casual, but that doesn’t mean that they should look strange on you. When it comes to the answer to this question, it needs to be said that there are two ways you can go from there. First, short-sleeved boxy ones shouldn’t be tucked in.

When we are talking about long-sleeved shirts, we would recommend you tuck them in. Especially if you have rolled the sleeves up. The only case when you shouldn’t do something like that is when they are white. When it comes to the females, we wouldn’t recommend you to do it in any case. Especially when you are wearing your partner’s clothes. You should leave them baggy because they are bigger as it is.

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3. Prevent Wrinkling

The biggest problem with wearing linen shirts is that they are much easier to get wrinkled, easier than any other material you will come across. The easiest way you can prevent these is to remove these pieces from a washing machine after the process is done. The longer they are wet and combined with other pieces, the chances of them getting wrinkled get significantly higher. So, you should take care of this.

Also, we would recommend you to wear them on hangers. That way, they will remain straight no matter what you do. Even when you remove them from the hanger, you should straighten them out with an iron. Last but not least, when you are about to travel and you’re packing these, make sure that you set them straight. Plus, make sure that there is not too much space between them and other items. That way, they will remain completely straight.

4. Long Sleeve Shirts for Men

Another vital rule is to wear linen shirts only with long sleeves. Just imagine a situation when someone wears one with a short sleeve. Definitely, they don’t leave an as good impression as the one we’ve previously mentioned. There are some exceptions to this rule. In case you would like for them to be shorter, you can always roll them up.

Without a doubt, you will make a positive fashion statement. At the same time, we would not advise you to wear socks with these. Instead, opt for a light approach with just these and some shorts. While there is no definite answer on why this is a rule, it needs to be said that the style is the only one we have.

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5. Wash These Properly

We’ve mentioned the fact that linen tends to get smaller after washing. While this is something you cannot avoid completely, you can do something to prevent the piece from being too small for you to wear. To avoid this unpleasantry, you should wash these by using a detergent and cold water, without adding any other products. Bleach is something that you need to avoid when washing these.

The reason is that linen is sensitive to water. That’s why they tend to shrink whenever they are washed with hot water. Also, when we are talking about drying them, we wouldn’t recommend you to use them any other way than just hang them and wait until they are dry. Before you take these and put them into your closet, make sure that they are completely dry. Otherwise, you can expect some negative effects on the shirts.

That’s a Wrap

Many people make the mistake of thinking that linen is the same as some other materials. Therefore, their clothes get damaged pretty easily. Here, you can take a look at some rules about wearing these pieces and how you can take care of them properly. All of these aspects are highly efficient, and we have no doubt you will find them useful. In fact, we are sure you will find all of these useful and interesting at the same time.