What are Autoflowering Seeds – 2024 Review

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Hey – have you heard of autoflowering cannabis seeds? Marijuana cultivation belongs to the spectrum of those activities that always bring so many questions. This isn’t unusual, given the specific nature of such procedures, as well as various controversies associated with the very act of cultivating and using this plant. In many countries this is still a taboo topic and hundreds of not-so-well-known facts related to maintenance and growing remain unknown. Thanks to the Internet, nowadays, it’s easy to get some basic information about it, so the question arises: what makes this type of seed special and how the most useful properties can be extracted from it?

Old connoisseurs of this sphere may already be familiar with its existence, but those who have only recently begun to deal with it might find this text quite educational and useful. So, before we start explaining, let’s get acquainted with the very concept of autoflowering cannabis.

This is a type of seed obtained by crossing a specific type of marijuana called Cannabis ruderalis, which has an auto-flowering effect, with those better known and used species, such as Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. This combination results in a special variety characterized by the property of flowering outside the usual conditions that other types need in order for marijuana to mature successfully.

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When we say ‘usual conditions’, we primarily mean light, which has always been an integral part of the growth and development of most plants. Classic species usually require a specific light cycle. Without this circumstance, it’s tough to expect significant progress and a successful harvest. However, autoflowering species don’t recognize this as an obstacle, since their flowering period is predetermined by a special phase in the development of the plant, which usually occurs 2-4 weeks later. So, here, natural light absolutely doesn’t play the most important role, and even without waiting for the most favorable conditions, in this sense, a quite solid yield arrives without much hassle.

This means that the lack of weather conditions and lighting effects has been removed from the list of factors that can affect the quality and development of cannabis. As soon as they reach a certain stage in the growth process, they’ll start blooming on their own, which is followed by the next levels, until the plant is ready for harvest, which usually takes somewhere between two and three months. Considering the time required for such an outcome in normal conditions, one gets the impression that this is more than a quick and efficient solution.

Some benefits of growing autoflowering seeds

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But why is this option still so appealing to marijuana growers? Since the requirements for its progress don’t include the number of hours in which the necessary light is available, it requests much less commitment and care than the regular versions. This eliminates the need to use additional resources to facilitate the engagement of this factor – which means less effort and less money spent on appropriate equipment. The point is simple – no matter how much natural light you get, your plants will inevitably thrive. Perfect circumstances for those who have no other option but to grow their marijuana inside their home or indoors that doesn’t get enough sun.

In addition, the nature of this type of cultivation is such that, unlike regular types, multiple yields can be expected from it during the year. The stem of the marijuana grown in this way is significantly smaller than the classic one, which makes such seedlings easier to place in certain growing spaces. They are less visible, which enables a dose of privacy if you don’t want anyone to know what you’re doing, and it’s possible to place more seedlings in a smaller space and thus get more products. Their inconspicuousness is one of the most common reasons why interested buyers opt for them, with the exception of the previously mentioned self-flowering property.

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Since the origin of the Cannabis ruderalis variety itself is linked to cold regions, more precisely, to Russia, it isn’t difficult to understand that endurance is also one of the benefits. The lack of heat won’t significantly affect the development of the plant itself, since this species is accustomed to much harsher conditions, which doesn’t mean that it can function completely flawlessly without any benefits when it comes to this aspect. However, the whole procedure is much easier.

After all, since this isn’t such a new phenomenon, imaginative individuals and groups have developed a multitude of different varieties of autoflowering seeds, and today there are more than a hundred species. Of course, preferences are a key factor in choosing – you can check this to see some of the best and most quality examples and maybe that might be of solid importance for the choice you’re about to make.

Is there anything that isn’t so favorable about the use?

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Just as they can be an excellent property, the small size of the plant can also be a disadvantage – primarily due to the amount of yield. Although it grows quickly and causes less worries, what’s quite certain is that you’ll definitely get more products from classically grown cannabis. So, it’s evident that you need to plant more seeds in order to be able to extract an optimal amount of it.

Apart from this disadvantage, sometimes a little more money may be needed for electricity to power maintenance equipment. Also, you can forget about the so-called ‘cloning’ of the plant – even if you’re absolutely delighted with the effect or any other property of a certain type of marijuana, you won’t be able to plant the same with the help of pelters. The seed is the seed – and the only way to get autoflowering marijuana is this one.

Also, some users have described the smoke that comes out after burning a plant as ‘absolutely horrible’ and ‘the worst’ – so if you grow cannabis for this purpose, you should keep this in mind if this aspect is important in your value system.

When we sum up the advantages and disadvantages of this method, we come to the conclusion that all this is a matter of taste. It’s obvious that there are more handy properties and that cannabis users who care about the growth speed and fertility of the plant will be absolutely satisfied with this option. However, if all this represents too much deviation from the comfort zone, it might appear as an overly complicated solution, which will in any case lead to sticking to the standard varieties and their cultivation. The fact that can’t be denied is that autoflowering seeds greatly facilitate and speed up the process, which is why it’s certainly desirable on the market and it’s assumed that it will only experience the expected and real expansion in the upcoming years.