What Blockchain does Ethereum Use – 2024 Guide

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Even laymen are familiar with Ethereum and its noticeable presence on the world’s cryptocurrency market but it does not mean everybody understands how it functions.

Currently holding 2nd place just behind Bitcoin, Ethereum is one of the most promising digital currencies at the time speaking. But, what blockchain does Ethereum use? Read the following lines and learn more about it in our 2024 guide.

What is a Blockchain?

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Even though it might sound too evident to be true, the term is self-explanatory. Reasonably, it does not imply the usage of material blocks and chains, moreover, the name serves as a metaphor for digitally arranged processes and their storage. So, let us start with the basics.

The point of blockchain technology is to allow any type of specific data to be stored in specific digital storages we shall call blocks. Now, we should underline that every single block has its storage capacity, which cannot be exceeded. On the other hand, in order for one block of data to be connected to another one, it must be fully filled.

Furthermore, we should introduce you to the chain, which represents a link between different blocks. Once a block has reached its full capacity, another one is being formed and remains connected to the overall database we call blockchain.

Why this technology is revolutionary is primarily because the stored data cannot be modified in any way, moreover, its function is to keep uncompromised pieces of information as they are. Additionally, the data can be distributed without further modification.


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Back in the day, companies kept all their data stored at a single facility, or connected facilities depending on a single power source. Now, imagine how risky would be to keep all the pieces of information in one, centralized spot. Pretty risky, right?

Fortunately, the decentralized blockchain technology uses numerous digital nods that keep and process the data simultaneously. The approach allows not only for the valuable info to be kept secure at all times, but it also excludes the possibility of the stored information being compromised without detection.

By assuming how the concept functions, it is easy to conclude that blockchain technology applies to numerous uses except for handling crypto transactions.


Without question, a single entity can never alter the consistency of a blockchain on its own. Namely, the fact that pieces of information are stored one after another, in chronological order, leaves no room for manipulations. Not only that it is hard, but it is almost impossible to change already stored info unless a majority of nodes approve the inflection attempt.


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A vast majority of laymen reckon Ethereum is a cryptocurrency, while in fact, it is nothing else but a carefully designed blockchain. They misplace the term with the Ether, which is a decentralized digital cryptocurrency that is being used to fuel the blockchain.

Think of Ethereum as a borderless global state where not solely transactions, but also other processes which require authenticity and transparency, such as voting, supplying, organizing, and others can be safely performed. To see how the aforementioned function in practice go url.


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We presume everyone reading this article is familiar with Bitcoin, and the story behind the most famous cryptocurrency currently present, since the ones behind it are considered pioneers in the digital currency realm. In a nutshell, Ethereum has used the same approach in terms of decentralization, but allowed wider use of the method and expanded the reach immensely.

Namely, by using the Ethereum blockchain, developers from all over the world can utilize available features and establish cryptocurrencies similar to Ether. Additionally, the platform allows anyone to create and develop different applications through its already established technology.

It would be unprofessional to write about Ethereum without mentioning the importance of ICO. The acronym stands for the Initial Coin Offerings and represents a specific market for various tokens. Basically, it allows the application developers to launch their cryptos based on their overall status and digital respect and trust they have built up over time.

Naturally, not every launched token reached the height of famous cryptocurrencies, since the success rate depends on numerous factors we would gladly share with you if we knew the details about them, but, unfortunately, we do not know the universal recipe for success.

Fortunately, some of them launched tokens that have managed to fight off the challenges and impose themselves as valid terms of online paying methods. On the other hand, specific cryptocurrency launch attempts were recognized as fraudulent attempts to scam digital money enthusiasts for illegal gain.

In order for crypto to survive in the ever-growing market, one must secure initial funding before anything else. It does not matter if you have a brilliant idea if you have no means of delivering it to the market. Additionally, you should be aware that a specific token is only valued as much as others are willing to appreciate and use it.

Thus, constant circulation of the specific currency is not only desirable but also necessary in order for it to remain competitive. Thus, the more individuals accept it, the chances its value will grow increase. Read more on OKX.com.


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Let’s just mention the NFT and the revolution it prepares for the world we live in. In a way, it represents a digital asset that can be bought and sold, and it implies it is a one-of-a-kind entity represented in digital form. The whole story about this type of asset started as an online venture, and it grows without stopping ever since.

Due to the nature of Ethereum and its feature of potentiating similar actions and projects, the odds are in favor that the platform will remain on a trend that seems to be going nowhere but sky-high. Thus, assess your options in time and take a seat while there is still room available.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information have brought you closer to what Ethereum is how it functions. Since the whole concept is far from reaching its final form, it is of utter importance to figure out the basics, and we are positive that the rows above will help you realize what makes it worth your attention.