What does the Ouroboros Bracelet symbolize?


Wearing jewelry is the right way of adding depth to your style and breaking the monotony of simple outfits. However, putting on jewelry pieces that have a deeper meaning makes everything much better and personalized.

While there are lots of meaningful bracelet pieces, the ouroboros has a special place among symbolic jewelry. This is the serpent that eats its own tail, and not only does it looks great, but it displays a deeper message that many people favor.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Ouroboros bracelets and what they symbolize. In addition, we will provide a couple of tips for wearing such jewelry and enhancing your style. Keep reading and find out more.

Origins of the symbol

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The name of this symbol comes from the old Greek language and is completely straightforward. Tail is Oura and Bora is translated to consume. With that, Ouroboros means biting its tail.

This is a symbol that began in olden Greece and then it travels throughout Europe and the World using mythology stories. However, the first time that ouroboros appeared is in the ancient Egyptian graphics or hieroglyphs, which drew inspiration from the Chinese culture like the yin and the yang.

Ouroboros meaning

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As symbols with lots of meanings and interpretations, it is easy to understand why are these designs one of the most popular in jewelry. Many people find ouroboros relatable due to the strong symbolism they produce.

A full circle

Since the symbol is a serpent that eats its tail, it shows how a full life circle is created. This shows an infinite state of regeneration as the serpent eats its own part and keeps on living. From something scary and chaotic, there is a creation of life, and is a direct representative of balance in a full circle.

Besides the part eating itself, the snakes are already being interpreted for their regenerative functions such as shedding their skin.


The form that the Ouroboros take can differ from a circle to a horizontal eight figure which represents infinity. In addition, some cultures are interpreting this symbol as the energy that is never lost but only transferred from one place to another. That way, the state of never losing energy is a direct indicator of the infinity presented by this symbol.


It is easy to spot the similarity between the yin and yang and the ouroboros. They show the perfect balance between two completely opposite sides such as the bad and the good and the night and day. Balance is essential to our existence and well-being, wearing such strong symbolism surely brings good energy around you.

Tips for wearing your Ouroboros

To be on top of your style and look amazing, we provided a couple of tips for you to consider when wearing your ouroboros bracelet.

Match jewelry pieces

Being able to combine your jewelry pieces is essential in coming up with a unique style. For that reason, you should not run away from mixing and combining your bracelets.

In case you don’t know where to begin, you can start by putting on two or three bracelets on the same wrist. However, you need to be sure they match so you don’t look ridiculous. For example, you can wear your snake bracelet with pieces of various thicknesses, but sharing the same color and material.

As www.coppertistwu.com suggests, before purchasing your first brass ouroboros bracelet, be sure you are getting a quality jewelry piece. As an indicator of quality, you should look for an ouroboros bracelet that is hand-made and with every detail present.

This includes lots of perfect scales throughout the body and the belly of the snake, as well as a perfectly functionating mechanism that is located on the head and tail. By getting a quality item, you are no longer wearing a simple bracelet, but a complete art piece.

Metals should not be mixed

While doing mix and match activities usually works wonders, in jewelry, mixing metals is not a good idea. Each metal is meant to be worn exclusively, so if you wear a brass bracelet, combine it with jewelry of the same type.

That way, you are being sure that your outfit is complete and well thought out. In addition, by having jewelry of the same metal, you are providing enough attention while still looking cohesive and nicely organized.

Have the length of your sleeves in consideration

The length of the sleeves is an important factor that somehow gets to be overlooked. In case you are wearing an outfit with long sleeves, bracelets should not be the jewelry to consider. They will be covered, and there is no point in wearing them.

If you are wearing an artistic ouroboros bracelet, normally, you would want everyone to see it. That is why you should be wearing it with short sleeve clothes or dresses and let the bracelet provide an accent to your fit and look amazing.

Ensure comfortability

While most of the bracelets are looking nice, some of them are just not the most comfortable pieces to put on your wrist. Since you will be wearing the bracelet throughout the day, comfort should be a priority of yours.

You should be sure that wearing the bracelet does not get in the way of the activities throughout the day. In addition, getting constantly pinched and having to worry about whether the bracelet is secured properly completely ruins the experience.

Do not overdo it

Although mixing your jewelry is interesting and can result in great combinations, there is a fine line to overdoing it with too many accessories. This will make your outfit look unorganized and chaotic which can affect your confidence.

Normally, if you are wearing a couple of bracelets, putting on cute earrings does no harm. However, wearing an additional neckless takes the attention from your wrists and you lose the point. For that reason, keep everything simple and wear as less of additional jewelry as possible. That way the accent will be brought to the right place with everyone gazing at your Ouroboros bracelet.