Mahoor Bagheri, From the Beginning of Learning the Guitar to Publishing Megahit in the Music Market!


Mahoor Bagheri is a musician who loved playing the guitar as a teenager, And abandoned music for several years due to achieving high academic degrees. His return to music after 15 years happened by collaborating with friends with whom he started learning guitar when he was a teenager.

But now, after a short time, Mahoor has managed to find a place for himself in the market. In this interview, he will tell us about the circumstances that have happened since the beginning of his career.

J.B: Let’s go back to the first experience of getting to know the music that made Mahoor start learning the guitar

Mahoor Bagheri: In 2000, at the age of 13, I saw the guitar for the first time at a friend’s house, and I was very eager to pick up this instrument and play it. When I saw others playing the guitar, it was attractive to me, and I always wanted to be able to play this instrument very well one day. It was my birthday that year when my father bought me a Yamaha 3070 guitar, and I was very excited and couldn’t sleep because of happiness that night!

J.B: Where did you start your academic studies?

Mahoor Bagheri: The same year, I went to a music school. I enrolled in a flamenco-style guitar class under the supervision of one of the outstanding teachers of that time. In 1983, I met my good friend, who we still work with, Mehdi Aghdani! And in the same year, we started a small band together, and I started learning the electric guitar. There were also classical guitar, acoustic guitar, and bass guitar players in that group, and we started practicing together from that time.

But since I was very interested in studying and learning science, I separated from my friends and entered the university. But because there was a particular interest in music, I always thought I would one day continue the art I loved with more strength.


J.B: So, at this time, you took a break from music?

Mahoor Bagheri: Yes, But During these years, when I was studying chemistry at the university, I started teaching flamenco guitar. At first, I taught privately, but when the number of students increased, I entered a music school and held classes there, and at the same time, I started teaching solfege. I followed the same process to join higher education levels for 3-4 years. And I didn’t have much time for music anymore.

J.B: You said you studied chemistry at the university. What level did you reach in that field?

Mahoor Bagheri: When I finished university, I started teaching. I studied chemistry, and I was able to teach this field at several universities in Tehran. After some time, I entered the oil company and gave commercial form to my scientific activities.

J.B: So why did you return to music?! You got good results in chemistry!

Mahoor Bagheri: In 2012, I decided to work independently, left the oil company, and tried to start my own business. In 2019, I was recognized as the best producer around Tehran and registered new products and inventions. Production of chemicals was one of the country’s problems, and I could produce a series of materials that could not be made in the country! But during this time, there was always music in my mind. In 2016, as a sound engineer, I had always been encouraged and motivated. And I was also very interested in this topic and always wanted to be a singer. And in 2019, when I reached an acceptable level in my career, I felt I could go back to my old friends and pursue music seriously again.

J.B: How could you have such a good comeback?

Mahoor Bagheri: During the New Year ceremony, I wholly and accidentally unexpectedly remembered my old friend when I was wasting time on Instagram. I searched for him and found him, and it took less than one month for us to meet and start working together. Now he had become a great adjuster. We met again after 15 years. I remember all the moments of my teenage years with him. Even in music, he was unique. We decided to start working together. We started producing music. It took some time for us to get acquainted with the mentality. Still, we started my first work called “Keshvar Goshai” with the songwriting of Mrs. Taraneh Mokaram.

J.B: Artists usually don’t publish their first works! Did you publish the first one?!

Mahoor Bagheri: The main challenge of artists is to distribute and publish their works. But with a simple query, I found Iranmojavez Rec with Farzam Tavassoli as the CEO. A team with perfect experience in this field could play my first work in the best way, and I got good feedback. Even though I wasn’t satisfied with my singing, the energy I got from people motivated me to continue on my path. From the very beginning of the process of making “Keshvar Goshai”, the idea of making a music video for this was in my mind. The construction of this work was done by my good friend Hossein Rubik. Interestingly, I write the scenario of all my music videos myself!

J.B: how was the experience working with Iranmojavez and Farzam Tavassoli?

Mahoor Bagheri: collaborating with Farzam tavassoli As the first person who started branding professionally in the oriental music industry and CEO of IranMojavez is very exciting. Also, He is one of my best friends in the music industry. They helped immensely in my entry into music and my progress in this field.

J.B: Was the music video of the “Keshvar Goshai” had better feedback than the music?

The music video for “Keshvar Goshai” was made with a romantic scenario and received excellent feedback on social media. So good that we started the subsequent work without wasting time.


J.B: What about your following songs?

Mahoor Bagheri: “Gisoo Kamand” was my second song. A music video was made for it and got good feedback.

But one of the most exceptional music was “Yalda” music. Perhaps the best work I did at the beginning of my career was this work. The beautiful poetry and composition, along with the arrangement of my good friend, had a very positive effect on the virality of this work. Because this music was made for a special occasion, the Iranmojavez team did the best timing in publishing, and the feedback and reception of the people were unique.

J.B: Are these music hits?

Mahoor Bagheri: we can’t say Hit! But “Kam Harf” music is probably my most popular music. This music became very popular as far as I heard this in different places. Alireza Rasha’s beautiful poetry greatly impacted the popularity of this music, which caused unprecedented reception.

J.B: What are your following targets?

Mahoor Bagheri: After this reception, I decided to start Mahoor Studio. With the help of my friends and the iranmojavez Rec, I was able to create a well-equipped studio with a good investment. And the primary purpose of this work will be to serve my country’s young and talented artists so that every person can bring his art to the ears of his friends and have no problem creating and distributing his works.

One of the goals that I follow strongly is holding a concert! I hope to be able to plan some performances by the end of this year, both in my own country and in neighboring countries.