What is the Best Way to Ship to Canada?

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It is possible to ship different packages to Canada from many different countries all over the world. From the United States of America, shipping to Canada is quite easy and it can be done by using the Postal Service of the USA, or one of the famous couriers like FedEx and UPS. Also, shipping items from Canada to the U.S. is equally easy and similar, at least when it comes to basic packages. If you are sending something that is commercial in nature, you will need some kind of declaration and the clearance from customs, as well as a potential inspection when the package enters Canada. Anything that is commercial with and has a tariff requires additional fees when it crosses the border. Read on for more information.


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With more regulated and restricted items, shipping to Canada can become much more difficult.  For example, anything that is flammable, chemical or commercial requires special clearances from the customs officials. In addition, packages that are heavier than 150 pounds also need a freight designation that costs more. For regular and legal items, you can send anything without much trouble, but the fees increase dramatically the heavier and more hazardous the items are.

Basic Mail and Documents

Mailing regular documents to Canada is a straightforward process, and it can be done through the U.S. Post Office, UPS or FedEx. Also, there is a door-to-door delivery option available, or you can mail your item for pickup services with the ground and air services. Mailing documents is pretty easy as you can see, but the price for crossing the border is higher than regular postage services within the country. Therefore, try to use fax or digital scans whenever you can to avoid too much trouble and save money.


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If you want to ship a package to Canada, the easiest thing to do is use the services of FedEx, UPS or USPS. All you need is the package and the contact info of the sender and the receiver. Some straightforward paperwork has to be filled out in advance, while some research on your side should help you save time and nerves at the counter. Fill out the export form and the packing list, as well as the commercial invoice if needed. Lastly, you will have to declare the value of the package and give an Exporter Power of Attorney slip if you are using an agent. This process is the same wherever you choose to go to send your packages.

Prohibited Items

With some specific items, it is completely prohibited to ship them to Canada. When it comes to UPS, they have a clear country to the country guide of all prohibited items. You can find it on their website. Canada has some strict and major restrictions that allow no exceptions. Some of the things not allowed for shipping include personal effects, paintball markers, air-soft guns, and baby walkers. Anything that is made in Iran is completely off-limits too. If some of these conditions are violated, your package is confiscated, and additional trouble may come your way. You could be made accountable for the violation, and you may even be prohibited from entering Canada.

What is the Cheapest?

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Let us now talk about the cost of a bit. Currently, the cheapest way of shipping items to Canada is through the United States Postal Service, which is the USPS. They arrive at the Canada Post, and they further handle the delivery process of your package.

Other carriers are priced differently:

With UPS, the cheapest way of sending an item to Canada is with UPS Standard. It is available for all Canadian provinces and it comes directly to the door of the recipients. Rates for this does not include such things as taxes, duties, customs clearance, and handling fees. You can find out more on heir website.

With the greatest rival of UPS, FedEx, you have the option of their International Ground service as the cheapest way of shipping to Canada. The company promises that their shipping to Canada through International Economy service is faster, however. Head on over to their web page for more info.

Lastly, it should be mentioned that shipping to Canada with UPS or FedEx can come with some additional costs, like broker fees and line-item fees.