What Is VNC and Do You Need It – 2024 Guide

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All the businesses that function today need to adapt to the current situation. Every entrepreneur needs to add technology to his business. Let’s imagine that your competitors do that instead of you. They will always be a step ahead of you even if you offer the best possible products/services.

The technology influences all aspects of the business including those that seem irrelevant at first glance. However, you have probably heard many times the well-known phrase “time is money”. Well, different tools truly can help you organize your time properly.

Many people are interested in adding Virtual Network Computing (VNC) to their everyday routine. However, it seems that people make one big mistake. They believe that VPN (a virtual private network) and VNC are the same things. If you are one of them, we need to tell you you are wrong.

A VNC offers virtual network computing in a different location than the actual computer. This means you can operate all the features on your computer even when you’re away. Resources that are attached to the remote computer, like network drives and printers, are also available for use. If you use the remote site, other users on the network can see what you’re doing and vice versa. You’ll also be able to interact with any users on the network. You probably now understand why this is a useful tool.

On the other hand, blog.netop.com only connects you to a remote network with a private IP address. However, the VPN doesn’t offer a desktop you can use. You have to use your private or professional desktop to access network resources like network drives, internet connections, and printers.

What Is the VNC Used For?

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The remote jobs are becoming more and more popular around the world. Many people decide on work-from-home jobs because of many reasons. In most cases, people decide on them because of comfort. Well, VNC is often used for employees who work remotely. The Coronavirus crisis proved the importance of VNC for this type of work.

These days, many businesses allow their team members to work off-site using a VNC. This makes professional information secure since employees don’t have to take business emails and documents with them to respond to inquiries after hours. Users can simply log in to their work computer and business data and the computer doesn’t have to leave the office area.

You can also use a VPN for BCP or business continuity processes. Certain factors like limited office hours, inclement weather, and travel can make it impractical to visit your workplace. If you have a VNC you can access your work and important documents at any time.

Despite that, it’s the pretty company for all or most of a business’ networking infrastructure to be offsite; at times, the infrastructure is in the cloud. When you can access servers remotely, you may lose access to your server under normal circumstances. However, some cloud providers give you the option to create a temporary VNC so you can still have remote access.

Remote Technical Support and VNC

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A VNC is an ideal solution for remote technical support since remote technicians can control your computer. As we said, they can do that independently from their location.

Yet, there is one thing that we have to say here. The technician himself does not know a lot about your business network. Logically, this is a good thing for different security reasons. Well, things become even safer when you can watch what the technician is doing. Every entrepreneur can follow his work and how he repairs the issue in real-time. This can be quite helpful if you run into any issues in the future.

Benefits of VNC

Well, you know now everything important about VNCs. However, is this enough to convince you to start using them? We said many wonderful things about this tool. However, it would be good to put all the benefits you can get in one place.

First of all, remotely connecting is one of the main issues of the businesses. Well, with VNC, this type of problem does not exist. It is a perfect tool for connecting to a computer in two different ways. You can do that through the local area network. However, you can also connect to another computer on the Internet. Logically, the only requirement is that the VNC connect service is installed.

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Despite that, the security of our files is important for many reasons. Well, this type of connection gives password protection. In that way, all unauthorized users won’t have the chance to access your computer remotely. People that have the password are the only ones who can do that. Because of that, you need to act responsibly and be sure that you do not expose this piece of data.

Anyway, there is another option that you should know about. You can also create a separated password to approve a remote view vs view & access a computer. Some people believe that this level of protection is not enough. Fortunately, they can raise its level in another way. Additional security can come through the Windows login credentials requirement. Each user that wants to log in will have to provide them. If you are still not sure if this is a secure method, use this option for complete peace of mind.

Finally, the tool does not stop to assist you when the remote connection is established between computers. There is an additional set of controls that you can use to make things right. For instance, CTRL+Alt+Del is a special keystroke that gives you an option to send a command sequence. It allows gives you an option to access multiple screens.

Bonus Tip: You Can Save Money

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Well, we have to highlight one benefit that will cause a smile on the face of every entrepreneur. You have the chance to save money on total hardware requirements. More precisely, VNC gives you an option to run some modern programs on other computers. Indeed, investing in equipment is an important thing. However, the lack of money is often a problem for many businesses.

This especially counts when we talk about first-time entrepreneurs. You won’t have to purchase a bunch of new computers to use modern programs. A couple of new “machines” can sometimes cost you a fortune. You can delay that investment until you make a better profit.