What Kind of Adult Toys Do Men Use?

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Okay, everyone knows by now that the sex industry is pretty large. The sex toy industry is just a part of it and it makes a significant chunk as well.

Sex toys were something that we used to hide, they were taboo of sorts and they were hidden away deeply until a few years ago. Since our perception about things constantly changes, it has changed regarding sex toys and thanks to that the industry started rapidly booming. This is a bit of a specific area of business where you have to meet all kinds of needs, demands, desires and you have to incorporate all that into all kinds of toys with different shapes sizes and forms.

Since we as humans have dreams, desires, affections, the people who make these sex toys have to get creative to meet all of our expectations. They managed to accomplish most and they did it nicely. Adult toys, as already said, come in all shapes and sizes, from dildos and vibrators that are considered as basic toys to a bit intricate ones like sex dolls, certain body parts and similar.

Today we are going to discuss a bit about all the toys Men are using right now, or that they can use if they didn’t know about them already. This article is made possible by SexDollTorso, so if you want you can go check them out and say thanks.

Rubber/silicone spinners

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These sex toys are made to imitate a certain lady part and it is supposed to go on your penis. Now there are a lot of similar products but these spinning ones give out a particular feeling that most men like. It is flexible and stretchable which is important and it is ribbed inside in circular motion so it spins on its own on your penis. It is easy to clean and use and it is portable. This means it is easy to carry it if you decide to and it is easy to store it out of the sight of prying eyes.

Vagina imitations

Now, these come in every shape, form and size, and the most used ones are boxed in a vessel of sorts, like the vagina flashlight, or vagina box. There are plenty of these that come in different forms but they all have one thing in common – they are very good at imitating the feel and shape of a female organ we all love. Some of these have additional inserts inside for them to give you the best feeling possible and some of them tend to utilize the suction or electric stimuli for that additional wow factor. These are not that pricy, well at least depending on the type you opt to, and as most reviewers wrote it is a pretty decent bang for your buck.

Electronic vibrators

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Now there are a whole lot of these going around and it probably seems a bit silly but men use vibrators as well. The only difference is that you have to know the best location for a vibrator to achieve the desired effect. Male vibrators also come in different shapes and sizes, but the most used ones are stored inside of some vagina imitation toys that we wrote previously to boost your pleasure and help you achieve your finish quicker.

Boobs toys

Now some find a lot more pleasure in certain parts of a sex toy that doesn’t have holes in it. This kind of sex toy is exactly what we are talking about. Having a female bust as a sex toy is nothing out of the ordinary because men are differentiated as those who lobe butts and those who love boobs. For the boob lovers, there are awesome sex toys in form of boobs that you can choose and pick the entire day. You like big ones, no problem, you like small and perky, again no problem. Your imagination is the limit here and the sex toy manufacturers have nailed every one of those. The material choice is amazing and you can have an experience that is as close to the real one as it gets.

Sex dolls

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Now for those that want an entire girlfriend experience but without a girlfriend sex toy industry has got them covered. Now you can have an entire sex doll from head to toe and you can have it in any form, material, size, hair and eye colour you want. The greatest thing about these sex dolls is that they are highly customizable and thanks to that you can have your perfect girlfriend in just a few clicks away. Sex dolls have become very popular sex toys that now most men own. It is not something to frown upon because there are also male sex dolls that women use and they are pretty much the same. The advance in technology and materials have provided almost life-like skin to the touch and the firmness or sagginess, depends on what you like, of certain body parts that it is rather amazing. You can also make use of sex dolls for practice. Most people don’t know much about sex before they even do it. You can improve your skills using a sex doll from Tantaly.

Lifesize butts

Now for those of you that don’t want a full-size sex doll, there is a sex toy that imitates a certain part like but and vagina. These, although in real size, are a lot smaller than a full-size doll and they are easier to handle, use and store afterwards. Just like doll toys these parts also come in all shapes, sizes, colours and they come in materials that are so good that you will not notice that much of a difference from a real thing.

Water vagina

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Now here is a sex toy that is made to imitate everything including the warmth. This is a toy you would use in a way to first fill a certain compartment with warm or hot water, depending on how you like it, and then use it on yourself. According to reviewers, this product is awesome in imitating the feel, the warmth and it helps you achieve the climax fast. It is easy to clean and handle and its size is awesome for storage or transportation anywhere.