What to Know When Planning a Destination Wedding in Florida?

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When destination weddings in Florida are being planned, some elements should be considered. Many people opt for Florida destination weddings because the weather is pleasant for a large portion of the year.

People who want to plan a wedding in Florida should still monitor weather trends since the state does have a hurricane season.

It is also good to get VIP reservations in place to know your headcount. That plays a lot in any destination wedding. You need to know about your catering, entertainment, and location for the wedding.

Marriage Requirements in Florida

The first thing you should, too, when wanting to marry in Florida, is that you need to get a marriage license. You can obtain it at any county clerk’s office. After you acquired it, you can use it anywhere within the state of Florida.

The waiting period for this license is three days. So, you can’t apply for it if your marriage is only three days away. After you receive the license, you have 60 days period to get married. If not, you need to take it once again, meaning you need to repeat the process.

Local Traditions

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Before you decide to make a wedding in Florida, you should learn about local traditions. That way, you are going to learn more about all the possibilities you might have for the wedding of your dreams. One of the most common elements that are part of the weddings in Florida is waterfront.

Also, you should know that it is not necessary to host a marriage on Miami Beach to be near the coastline. One of the most popular options is a garden wedding in Tampa. If you are looking for a formal wedding, this works, you need to make sure that you avoid heat in July.

Specific Favors and Flavors in Florida

If you are looking for local flavors, they should opt for adapting the menu, which will be presented at your wedding. For example, do a little research on local cuisine and the most popular dishes in that area. Let’s talk about some of them. The Florida Keys are known for key lime pie and Miami is best known for stone crab.

When it comes to the southern parts of Florida, they are borrowing much of their cuisine from the Caribbean cuisines. Some local craft beer manufacturers can provide you with some exceptional beverages. All you need to do is proper research.

Inside or Outside

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It is also a good idea to know if the actual ceremony is going to be inside or outside. Some people pick destination weddings because they are in love with the scenery. People that want to have options where they have their ceremony should into booking wedding venues here. This is a country club setting with beautiful greenery and landscaping, as well as lovely interiors that have a lot of opportunities to get great wedding photos.

Ample Space for Guests

A number of people have become acquainted with the non-traditional church wedding since country club weddings have become so popular. In a number of these types of country club settings, people get access to elegant dining rooms. Country clubs can often provide room for over a hundred guests.

This allows both the bride and the groom to invite a significant number of family members and friends. It is important to know how many guests will be able to attend, so this is something that a couple needs to check on when they are planning to have a wedding at a country club venue.

Ceremony & Reception

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When a destination wedding is coming together, people will also need to consider whether they are going to be having the ceremony and reception in the same spot. If you opt for keeping it all in the same location, it is going to be ideal to look at different options for guest entertainment.

Many places that have destination weddings have easy transitions where they can set up outside if the wedding is held outdoors. On the other hand, some people want their entertainment. If this is you, it is advised to make sure that the entertainers have a place to set up if there is a DJ for a group that will be playing live entertainment.

Catering Choices

When it comes to a destination wedding, some people may choose certain cities because they know firsthand about catering from a certain restaurant they love. A couple that may have had their first dinner in Florida may want their wedding guests to experience the same cuisine.

It is good to call in advance and verify if outside catering is an option for wedding venue spots. It is never safe to just assume that outside catering is an option when you are planning a destination wedding in Florida. Some places do not allow any outside catering. If you are planning to have your wedding ceremony and wedding reception in the same place it is a good idea to inquire about this first.

Floral Arrangement

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There are country club venues in Florida that can be booked that have floral arrangements available. There are other times, however, where none of the decorations are provided in the wedding package for the destination wedding.

Flowers are a big part of most wedding ceremonies. Couples that are planning a destination wedding should get information and inquire so that outside floral decorators can come in if the country club wedding package does not provide these floral arrangements for the ceremony.

The Bottom Line

We’ve provided you with all of the things that you should be familiar with when you are hosting a destination wedding in Florida. This state is famous for its options for people who are looking to have a wedding of their dreams. There are many options that it offers to people from all of the United States. You can be sure that you will find all that’s needed if you do proper research, which is not so hard, right?