Skills that Every Man Should Have

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Being a man is not very easy. You are expected to know a lot of things, most of which you’ve never really been interested in. However, since society has its ways of generalizing who should know what, we don’t really have much of a choice but to start learning.

Just kidding, knowing things is really fun, and the feeling when you’re good in many different areas of life is pure satisfaction.

Today we’re going to talk about many skills that every man should have, so if you are interested in learning some more, make sure to read until the end. Let’s not keep this introduction any longer.

Building a campfire

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Sure, we’re not living in the Stone Age anymore, and you’re probably wondering why you need to know this, but believe me, if you ever get into a situation where a campfire can save your life, you’ll be really thankful.

Campfires can be built by placing many stones in a circle and adding sticks and other materials that can be easily lit up in the middle. The stones are necessary so that the flames don’t spread out in the open, and they are great at keeping the temperature high at all times.

Knowing how to tie a Necktie

Even if you are wearing a Necktie once per year, you still need to learn how to tie it properly without the help of someone else. There are many events and occasions that will require you to wear a tie, and it is definitely something that you should learn, even if you are not a businessman. Maybe even try to incorporate jewelry like this and small details that could sharpen up your style even more.

Shaving with a razor

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It’s easy to pick up the electric grooming machine and just go through your entire face with it, finishing up the entire process in just under a minute. There are also a plethora of options currently in the market that you won’t find it hard to get a good one at ProductExpert guides or reviews. There are wired and wireless versions to choose from which helps saves you a lot of time if you are a busy person. However, that’s not the manliest way to do it, and certainly not the cheapest one as well. Using a razor is dangerous but it is an activity that keeps your mind fully engaged and focused. If you want to save some money while feeling manly at the same time, this is the right way to shave.

Perform a proper rep of Deadlift

As we all know already, training and lifting weights is probably the manliest activity that you can get involved in. If you know even slightly about lifting, you most likely know that Deadlifts are considered to be the manliest exercise, as well as the hardest one to perform.

If you don’t pay a lot of attention on the form, you can get injured. This exercise trains almost every muscle in your body, and it allows you to get stronger for all the movements that you’re about to perform in your life. Don’t neglect it.

Set-up a barbeque

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Whether you’re on a holiday somewhere in nature, or you’re hosting an event in your own backyard, knowing how to set-up a barbeque is crucial if you’re the man in the house. Sure, electric ones exist, but that’s not the traditional way of doing things, and if you want to show everyone that you’re the backbone of the family, you either do it right or you don’t.

Chop Firewood

Sometimes you’ll be in a situation where Firewood is the one thing that will save you from freezing, and if you don’t know how to chop it, you’re pretty much doomed. There’s a reason why lumberjacks are considered to be manly, and cutting wood has always been a male activity, ever since the earliest ages.

Hunt for food

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We’re all against hurting other living species, but when you need food to survive, hunting is what needs to be done. In case you ever get lost in the woods or you’re stranded on an island with your family, you’ll have to be the one who hunts for food, so make sure to learn a thing or two about it.

Change a car-tire

This is something that needs to be done at least once in your life, but you will be really thankful for learning it if it ever happens to you while on the middle of a road. Of course, in order to change it, you’ll need to have a spare one in your trunk as well.

Fix a leaking pipe

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Sometimes the sound of water dripping can drive you crazy while you’re trying to get to sleep. Other times, water dripping means that your entire home might get flooded pretty soon. According to Plumbers Emergency, you need to pay immediate attention to a leaking pipe before it turns into a much larger problem. For this, you’ll need the right tools, and the knowledge required to identify and fix the problem. Definitely a thing that every man should know.

Sharpening a knife

Are you trying to cut your meat with a dull knife? Well, if you are, then you’re not doing things correctly. A man’s knives should always be as sharp as a razor, and this requires a little bit of maintenance. If you don’t know how to correctly sharpen your knives, you will cause an even bigger problem, so make sure that you get informed before attempting anything like this. Injury is also possible, so be careful.

Hold a speech

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Whether you want to motivate someone or you need to make an announcement at a certain event, knowing how to speak loud and clear is very important for every man. Some males are more charismatic than others, but with enough practice you will be able to get the attention of many.

Use a gun

You never know when you might need one, and since going in the army is not mandatory nowadays, you’ll need to give your best effort to learn how to use a weapon on your own. Not exactly on your own, but with a certified trainer. You never know when you might need to shoot something for food or for self-defense.

Shake a hand properly

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There is an entire philosophy behind shaking hands, and it is very important to learn how to properly do this. When you first meet someone, your handshake is going to say a lot of things about you, and we all know how important first impressions are. Remember not to squeeze too much, but just enough to let the other person know that you’re a confident and stable man.