What type of content attracts most followers on Instagram

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Instagram was at first a fun website where people could post photos and share them with others, but it is now a serious business platform, where a lot of companies conduct their marketing campaigns on. More than 250 million users are active on this platform per month and they share even more images. Furthermore, it is interesting to point out that people are much more active on Instagram than on Facebook – they like more, share and comment all the time.

Keep in mind that this is just an average of all individuals or brands alike. If you work hard enough, it is not an understatement to say that you will reap benefits from Instagram sooner rather than later. Whether you have just started out or if you are a bring brand, you will need to give 110% to become influential on Instagram and share your word with the world.

Here are some of the best ways you can improve your social media marketing strategy:

Hashtags: Cross Promotion

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Yes, creating your own dedicated hashtag for your company, brand or yourself is a great way to start, but who will know about it or use it to share content about you?. You can print it on one of your shirts then post content with it, have in on your receipts, on your ads, and all the other places you can think of.

If you are ever on a radio or a talk show, don’t be afraid to mention your hashtag and tell the audience and the listeners how to find you on IG.

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Note that on Instagram, you will need to be creative, because general hashtags don’t work – they target nobody and they are not particularly useful. Sure, you may use those too, but it is often smart to mix it up with more interesting and use them to them your story. Whatever approach you take – keep the audiences interested.

Engage With Others In Conversations

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You need to be active and engage in different topics that are relevant to whatever you do. Make sure you provide value in the comment section and use your hashtag. However, there are some universal hashtags like #instaphoto, #photooftheday, #instafun or #tbt that can be added every now and then.

IG Bio Can Be More Useful Than You Thought

The bio is the first thing users see when they open up your account. It is the best way you can market your brand on the platform, so, do you really want the link on your bio to redirect just to your website’s homepage? That is pretty boring for most, which means they probably won’t open it. Be unique and creative, puzzle their minds and give them a reason to click and see what’s going on there.