What you Should Look for in an Reliable Academic Writing Service

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Nowadays, almost every student seeks help with academic assignments. That is a result of too many assignment deadlines, piling up on students that are already struggling to pay school fees. This rise in demand for custom essays has also increased the number of companies offering writing services.

While there are thousands of essay writing companies, it is hard to find a reliable one. Choosing a wrong one often leads to substandard, failed, plagiarized, and late assignments. Some academic writing services also overprice assignments but offer inferior quality.

Others have lousy customer support that makes a student worried throughout the contract. From these shortcomings, a student needs to select a service that offers value for money carefully.

Below are the necessities of a reliable assignment help company.

1. Qualified Writers

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Writers are the epicenter of quality essays. They are primarily responsible for ensuring that assignments are adequately researched and up to the instructions. They have the most significant control over the quality of tasks.

A writer that ensures above-average assignment most often has a Masters’s or Ph.D. level degree. Such a top-notch writer also has good writing experience and is appropriately vetted and trained before handling any student’s essay.

Many essay-writing companies do not hire such writers. Some even cheat of having them. There are, however, a few companies such as Assignment-Partner that hire only Masters and Ph.D. holders with several years of academic writing.

Such companies also recruit writers through sophisticated tests. Ethical writing companies also offer continuous intensive writing training to their writers and editors. With such companies, a client can have a 100% guarantee of high marks in assignments.

2. Guarantee to Clients

Legitimate custom writing companies have many guarantees for clients. A student should also check the kind of guarantee that a company offers because some are of little to no value.

A good company should guarantee a full refund for failed essays, up-to-date references, on-time delivery, and total confidentiality. A company should assure clients that it does not duplicate assignments or disclose students’ details. With such a company, a student can even share university login details without fear.

Only a few online writing companies can give such assurances. It is, therefore, essential to be keen on this detail before hiring. One must carefully look for and read the guarantees offered before hiring for essays.

3. Plagiarism Report

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Plagiarism is a severe offense in all universities. It is equivalent to substantial penalties, that may go to as severe as expulsion. As a result, students avoid plagiarism as a plague. Sometimes, it is a double tragedy when one pays for assignments and gets punished.

With so many shitty essay-writing companies out there, it is very likely to pay so much only to get fully or partially plagiarized work. To avoid such an encounter, a student should select a service that accompanies work with a plagiarism report. A student should also look for a company that offers zero to 5% plagiarism.

Only a few custom writing services will ensure such a plagiarism level because it is hard to keep plagiarism low. A student should, therefore, ensure that he/she asks whether a company provides a plagiarism report before hiring for an essay.

4. Unlimited Free Revision

With or without the fault of a writer, an assignment may fail to meet the requirement. As a paid service, a cheap task should not be acceptable. Also, no one should demand further payment to correct it. The money paid initially should be enough to deliver top-notch quality.

Therefore, an excellent academic writing company should have free revisions as one of its policies. A student should also inquire to know that this policy is available. No number of changes should be enough until a client is satisfied.

5. Native Writers

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95% of outsourcing their work cheaply from non-native writers. While these writers may have the needed content, their English level is lower than that of native speakers. Having paid so much for an essay, one wants the highest quality in everything. That includes not only content but also the language. A purchased article should be better than what an average student can deliver.

So, instead of paying to have an essay written with low-quality English, one should ensure that the company has native writers. A student should also go further and ask to have his/her paper written by a native. That is because some writing companies have both native and non-native writers.

6. Editors

While writers are responsible for ensuring quality, they may miss something. They may submit a paper without proofreading, leave out part of the instructions, or go off the topic. To avoid this, good writing companies have editors to check further whether their writers have achieved the needed quality.

Editors check everything, including adherence to instructions, grammar, plagiarism, vagueness, and other things that lower the quality of assignments. In selecting an academic writing service, therefore, students should inquire whether his/her work will go through an editor. Such information may also be available on the company’s website.

7. Experience and Reputation

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A writing company with little experience will not understand all that entails academic writing. They may not understand what different types of assignments require. Inexperienced companies may also not know how to match specific writers with specific tasks or subjects.

A good essay writing company is more than two years old and has useful customer reviews. Before hiring for an assignment, a student must check how other clients say about the client. Another critical detail to check is the date of incorporation. If a company was incorporated two or more years ago, then it is an excellent writing service.

8. Company’s Location

An academic writing company’s location matters a lot. The more developed a country is, the more serious its people and companies are. Reliable essay writing companies are mostly located in English-speaking Western countries such as the US, UK, and Australia.

It is also better to contract a company where one is studying. Besides, a student can demand to have writers from his/her country. For instance, a student studying in Australia should require an Australian writer. A good essay writing company will have writers from all Western countries.