When Should You Buy a Portable Weighbridge?


Weighbridges, which are also known as truck scales, are necessary weighing machines for those in the road cargo transportation industry. These machines are required for the calculation of the weight of the load of cargo being transported. If you are looking to buy one, then a portable one may be exactly what you need which is available at nationalweighbridges.com.au website.

What Are Portable Weighbridges?

These are truck weighing scales that can be moved around. Their design is essentially based on the above-ground weighbridge, with rectangular slabs of cement on the load-bearing points. The portable version has a removable rigid frame that acts as a support base for the deck and the load cells.

The trucks then access this deck from ramps that are built out of earth.

When is a Portable Weighbridge the Best Option?

Here is when these constructions just might work for you:

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Can be Moved Easily

If you are in the road cargo transportation business, and move from one job site to another, then you will benefit from acquiring a portable weighbridge. These machines are easy to set up and can be moved to another location when needed.

Depends on the Operation

These truck scales are ideal for operations like construction, sand, gravel, logging, cement or asphalt batching, and road building. They also work well in the recycling industry.

Short-Term Weighing Required

These machines work best when relatively short-term weighing is required. When you are working on projects where weighing will be required for a short term (such as construction sites), it does not make sense to invest in a permanent fixture.

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Cost Effective

If you have a limited budget, but still need your cargo truck loads weighed, then a portable truck scale is the right option for you.

If you have jobs in multiple locations, it is not financially feasible to have weighbridges installed in all of them. In such cases, movable ones can really help reduce costs while you still get to ensure that you meet load regulations.

Power Constraints

A lot of the portable truck scales today are battery operated, so if you have to carry out load-weighing in remote locations where a power source may be difficult to come by, then these machines are the most practical option for you. And the best part is that these batteries are rechargeable, so after a job is completed, you can simply recharge the batteries for your weighbridge, and you will be ready for the next project.

Space Constraints

There are many work sites where there is a limited amount of space. And setting up a full-sized weighbridge may not be the most practical solution. That is when portable ones are a good alternative. They are small, and can easily fit into tight spaces. Added to that, since they can be moved that space can be used for other purposes when the weighing jobs are completed.

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Time Constraints

If you have time constraints and a project has a tight deadline, then building a full-scale weighbridge may delay the project. At this time, the best way to keep on track for the project would be to quickly install a portable one. Most of them come pre-fitted with load cells and cabling, so this saves a lot of time while putting the scales together.

Modular Designs for Greater Flexibility

When you have multiple job sites to visit, each of varying sizes and constraints, then modular portable weighbridges are a good option. These types of scales can be disassembled into smaller sections, each of which can be used independently of the other sections, without losing functionality.

And since these modular and portable weighbridges can work independently, you can use them at multiple job sites simultaneously.