How To Get A Girl Into Bed

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If you can’t seem to go to the next phase of the date when going out with a girl, then you are probably not doing something right. To understand what works or does not work with women is not an easy task. We have collected some information from men who have incredible success in getting women to bed to give us some tips or secrets to share with you so you can easily get them to sleep with you.

Are you wondering why do girls choose to sleep with one guy instead of some other? You probably think that it is always just about the looks, but in reality, it is not. Of course, looks do increase your chances of getting laid, but there are a lot of average-looking men who have no problem getting laid all the time.

It is time to forget that your looks are the most important thing and to learn what are the real reasons why you have been unsuccessful in progressing to the next phase with a girl.

Give up your “strategy”

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Whatever you have done in the past to get a girl into your bed is obviously not working (since you are here). Just admit it to yourself, there is nothing embarrassing about that. In fact, it is impressive that you have tried since a lot of people do not even have the courage to do anything. However, it is time to change some things about your strategy.

Women will get attracted faster to your brains than your brawns

What we mean by this is that a lot of women rather want mental stimulation instead of physical. You may be the most handsome guy at that party with her, but if you do not know how to talk to her, you will not get anywhere. You need to make yourself seem interesting enough so she keeps thinking about you even when she gets home.

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Don’t try to rush it

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A lot of men have a problem with this. When they meet a girl that shows a little interest in them, they instantly assume that the women are ready to put out. So our advice to you is, if you see a girl that is showing great interest in you, make sure you do not scare her away.

Build trust between you

Are you confused about why a girl does not want to seem to come to your place or why she does not invite you alone to hers? It is probably because she still does not have full trust in you. This does not mean you have to be in a relationship kind of trust, but she does need to feel safe around you.

Make sure she knows you like her

You need to make it clear that you are interested in more than just a simple friendship. Once that has been cleared up, she will then choose whether she will want to go with your home or not.