Why is CBD So Popular Today?

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If you are looking for a way to get high, this article is not for you. However, if Cannabidiol or CBD for short, is a part of your interest for its therapeutic properties, then you are at the right place.

To understand why everyone is buzzing about CBD, we need to take a quick look at the history books.

Remember when using or possessing cannabis was completely illegal?

Well, it all happened more than a hundred years ago when someone had decided that cannabis is a poison and began implementing restrictions which lead to prohibition in the 1920s, and by the mid-1930s was regulated as a harmful drug and hence outlawed in almost the entire world.

In 1972, the Netherlands took off some pressure from cannabis by dividing drugs into more dangerous and less dangerous, with marijuana falling into the lesser category. The real revolution began in the 2000s when more and more countries start decriminalizing mainly for medical purposes.

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Maybe the answer to the question of popularity is in the absence of this substance. For almost a century, it couldn’t be found anywhere (otherwise – one would end up in jail) and then boom! It’s everywhere: the radio, TV, internet, any multimedia outlet you can imagine.

Something that was once illegal and even regarded as evil has become legal all of a sudden and considered a cure for many ailments. Researches are being conducted, and more and more proofs emerge about its medical applications and not only that – it has found its way to our everyday life through various products: food, clothes and accessories, cosmetics – you name it.

Let us focus on healing properties. What is CBD anyway?

CBD stands for cannabidiol and is the second most active ingredient of cannabis. The most active is THC that creates a “high” when a person introduces it to the body by inhaling or eating. The difference between the two is that CBD is not psychoactive or addictive, and there is no evidence of health problems associated with the use of pure CBD. That is the reason we already have a large variety of CBD products such as CBD oils, chewing gum, lip balms, skincare products, all sorts of pastries, and the number of products rising. Beside healing purposes, some people use the CBD flower to smoke or vape. Check more on CBD flower on drganja.com.

The health benefits from CBD are many and come in a variety of ways:

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1. Depression and Anxiety

Depression is the first, and anxiety is the sixth-ranked contributor to disabilities and are common health disorders that can have devastating impacts on health and well-being. Common medications used as treatment can lead to substance abuse and can be addictive.

According to Blue Plus Yellow, CBD provides a more natural, non-addictive, and safer approach to the solution because its non-psychoactive compound and can help reduce other certain anxiety-related behavioral disorders, such as Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), general anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

These results were derived from clinical and experimental research, and no human-based official research is available.

Considering depression, CBD reduces depression by enhancing serotonergic and glutamate cortical signaling, which are lacking in people suffering from depression.

2. Pain and Inflammation

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Cannabis has been used to treat pain for a long time, but it psychoactive because of THC. That’s why CBD oil is a better option if a person doesn’t want to get high. In Canada, it has been approved as the treatment of multiple sclerosis and cancer pain, and it can provide treatment for chronic pain. Visit here to get the Nature’s Gold CBD’s Pain Balm

Chronic inflammation may lead to many non-infectious diseases like cancer, Type 1 Diabetes, heart disease, and even autoimmune disease, and treating inflammation can help to alleviate these diseases.

3. Epilepsy

After researching effectiveness and safety in the treatment of epilepsy, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved CBD as a therapy for treating two rare epileptic seizure associated conditions: Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) and Dravet Syndrome (DS) which are difficult to control with other types of medication that are used. In these cases, the new approach has shown a decrease in the frequency of seizures by 23% over those using placebo treatment. Research has also shown that cannabidiol can treat other epilepsy complications, such as neuronal injury, neurodegeneration, and psychiatric diseases.

4. Heart Ailments

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Heart disease is a growing problem and is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. In a study consisting of nine human subjects, CBD has shown to lower blood pressure before and after experiencing a stressful event. They were also given a placebo but the result was inferior to the treatment above. In this matter, cannabidiol helped reducing artery blockage, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and stress-induced heart response.

Some animal studies have shown inflammatory reduction and cell death rates due to the potent antioxidant and stress-reducing properties.

5. Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes is caused by the immune system’s attack on the pancreatic cells causing inflammation. CBD helps ease these inflammatory processes in the pancreas. Furthermore, CBD treatment can reduce inflammation and protect or even delay the development of Type 1 Diabetes.

6. Acne

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Acne is a skin condition caused by bacteria, inflammation, genetics, and the production of an oily secretion made by the sebaceous glands in the skin called sebum. CBD oil may help reduce sebum production and treat acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties, according to Remedy Review.

This treatment also helps with acne scars. A study has been conducted on twenty participants who applied CBD-enriched ointment to scarred areas. After the three monthS period, the skin appearance was significantly improved in terms of hydration and elasticity.

Bottom line, and should we be using cannabidiol?

Like any other medication, CBD has its side effects. Nausea, fatigue, and irritability increased levels of blood thinner Coumadin, and it can raise the level of other medications in blood just like grapefruit. There might be more, both side effects and health benefits. Still, there are no sufficient human studies that can pinpoint the best dosage for the most effective therapeutic benefits for any medical condition and the exact effects of this treatment.

CBD oil has proven to have some health benefits, but more extensive research is required.

Before using it as a treatment, you should always talk to your doctor as a matter of precaution and, if not for any other reason, to make sure it won’t affect medications you are already taking.