Why is Japan a Dream Land for Every Traveller – 2024 Review

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The land of the rising sun, Japan, is much more than high-end Japanese cars, Makkah of technology, addictive mangas, and heaven for Nintendo enthusiasts. Visiting Japan is like an experience of catching pure colors of life, relationships, manners, nature, and humankind – and you feel your soul drenching in these colors.

Japan is unapologetically combining dazzling shades of advancement, modernity with the subtle tints of ancient culture, and nature to give travelers an ultimate experience. From the skyscrapers of Tokyo city, untouched natural beauty, pure rural life, and unique festivals, Japan has everything to hook your heart. No wonder that the number of visitors coming to Japan has doubled over the past few years, and it seems that this trend is not going to stop anytime soon.

Here are given a few reasons why you need to apply for a www.japan-visa.net right away to mark Japan as your next travel destination (tip: you will never get disappointed with your decision!):

The Landscape is Remarkable

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Japanese modern cities, Tokyo and Osaka, are not the only awe-inspiring places you will witness in Japan. This amazing country is brimming with natural landscapes, and they are just amazing. From signature Japanese springs (called onsens in Japanese), sky-high mountains (it’s Three Holy Mountains: Mount Fuji, Mount Haku, and Mount Tate), surreal valleys to admittedly wonderful beaches, Japan lets you take a dip in the beauty of nature without much effort.

Japan doesn’t disappoint those travelers either who like to keep adrenaline rush plugged in throughout the journey. You can have a memorable boating experience on crystal-clear water of Jodogahama Beach. Or soaking in Beppu’s famous hot springs, onsens. The unique trail of Kumano Kodo is always ready to tickle your adventurous soul. And the thrilling skiing experience at Nagano is just beyond this world. Japan’s dynamic landscape has something for everyone in its most refined form.

Beautiful Culture and Traditions

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Japan has emerged as one of the most well-developed nations in Asia. Despite all the modernity and development, Japanese people have not given up on their culture, traditions, and customs. And they show their love for traditions by celebrating yearly festivals with fervor and zest. With over 200,000 yearly festivals, you can get the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of any one of these festivals no matter you plan to go at what time of the year.

You can also see the love of Japanese people for their culture in their art, food, and lifestyle. Whether it is staying in a ryokan for the taste of a signature Japanese lifestyle or seeing people wearing Kimonos, beautiful traditional Japanese attire, you can see colors of traditions sprinkled all over Japan. Aside from beautiful places, Japan also has a rich culture and has contributed a lot of knowledge to the world, one good example are Japanese swords.

The Cuisine is Second to Known

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Japanese food is world-famous, and you can find outlets of different Japanese restaurants in different countries. But the pleasure of eating Japanese food right in Japan is on another level.

There is nothing like bad food in Japan. Japanese cuisine is unique, aromatic, and feastful. In fact, Japanese people respect their food, and even a small restaurant presents a bowl of noodles (ramen) as if you are sitting in a Michelin-star restaurant. Everything is palatable from a platter of sushi (raw fish) and yakitori meat dishes to a gyudon (rice topped with meat). And the good thing is that you don’t have to travel much to find a good restaurant because this country has the highest density of restaurants in the world and you can find an eatery anywhere.

People are Beyond Great

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Japanese people are wonderful; in fact, they are one of the most exceptional nations in the world. The beautiful colors of Japanese customs are reflected in Japanese people’s everyday lifestyle that speaks class, manners, and traditions. You will frequently witness the sights of people bowing to each other while walking in the street or exploring the market.

Their selflessly smiling faces give you an experience of seeing the purest form of kindness and humanity despite being all engrossed by modernity and skyscrapers. Talk about any superlative etiquette, and you will find them in Japanese people to your delight.

You Can Travel on Budget

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Okay, fine, Tokyo is expensive, and at times, accommodation can cost you more than $200+, mainly traditional Japanese ryokan can do a whole in your budget. But Japan is not expensive to the point that you plan to give up on your Japan bucket list. In fact, you will find Japan quite budget-friendly if you have visited London, New York, Norway, and some other European countries.

There isn’t any shortage of fancy restaurants in Tokyo, but finding a cheap restaurant is also not out of the question. In fact, unlike Western European countries and America, here you will save a lot of bucks in terms of tipping because Japanese people don’t like it (Thanks GUYS!). Cheap noodle restaurants are always present in every area to satisfy your hunger with a reasonably affordable eating option.

Japan has one of the best transportation systems in the world – thanks to its super-tech bullet trains. But transportation can get a bit pricey. The good thing is that you can ditch this expense by buying a Japan Rail Pass that costs around $425 for 14 days. It might sound expensive, but if you compare it with the without pass ticket expense, you will think of buying a pass right away because a one-way ticket to any city costs more than $100. So, a pass will save your day and budget, and on top of that, it is unlimited.

See? Japan is expensive, but it always has an easy option for budget-friendly travelers, which adds to another reason why you should visit Japan.

These are a few reasons that make Japan a holy grail of travelers who want to witness a unique combination of modernity, traditions, kindness, and nature in one place. Once you visit Japan, be careful because you might leave behind a chunk of your heart there. Yes, Japan is that amazing and always set to welcome you!