Why is Phone Gambling So Popular?

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Let’s be honest and say one thing – gambling is one of the most popular ways of having fun. This might be a taboo subject. When you hear the word “gambling”, many people will associate it with something bad. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that gambling should be a forbidden thing. It depends a lot on the character of a person.

If you consider gambling as an entertaining thing, you won’t become addicted to it ever. You won’t spend all the money that you have and you will set boundaries that you mustn’t cross.

Yet, the gambling world has changed a lot within the last 10 to 15 years. These changes started automatically with the progress of advanced technology. More precisely, Internet technology has changed the way people gamble.

Before the Internet, you had to go personally to a casino and gamble. Today, you can earn real money via gambling from the comfort of your room. Many online casinos like casinoandroid.nu offer online types of gambling to their users. This makes the entire gambling process a lot easier.

We want to dedicate this article to two different groups of people. First of all, gamblers should know that online gambling is completely safe and you won’t get tricked. Of course, you need to be careful, but it is easy to discover which online casinos are scams. Despite that, the casino owners should know that the traditional way of gambling won’t guarantee them success. You need to improve the way you work and expand your business to the online world.

So, let’s see together why online gambling is so popular.

Huge Number of Mobile Users

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Before smartphones arrived, people were limited to 2 different devices. They could use their computer and tablet devices. Yet, the new invention brought new habits. Today, we have around 5.1 million unique mobile users.

Most of those people are using their smartphones for fun. Indeed, there is also a group of them that use mobile for business purposes. Yet, the first group of people is still a lot of huger. Anyway, because of the big smartphone popularity, online casino owners realized the importance of online gambling. More precisely, every best casino in the world has a mobile-friendly gambling website.

The Improvement of Online Gaming

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Well, there are three things that you need to have if you want to play different gambling games online. Those three things are – Wi-Fi connection, smartphone device, and money. However, things become a bit silly and complicated at the same time.

People got used to playing games via their mobile phones. For most people, poker is also some sort of game. You do not have to pay anything to attend the online casino, right?

Well, in our subconscious playing poker online is like playing online games. We do not hold the real money in our hands and we do not feel like we are spending it. More precisely, we do not feel like we are spending “real” money. When you compare poker with a basic online game such as PUBG, then the things become more interesting.

Yet, it is good to say that you mustn’t forget that you are spending real money. However, this time, you are not exchanging paper money for chips. Instead, you are connecting your credit or debit card with your account. It is always smart to plan your budget in advance. Calculate how much money you can spend and decide in advance at which moment you will leave the website.


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Well, this is probably the main reason why people pick to gamble over the Internet. Most of the online casinos do not have any type of requirements. Even if they do have some, these requirements you can easily meet.

Despite that, gambling on your desktop can sometimes be “tough”. You don’t have to sit at your desktop while playing. For example, you can sit on the couch or lie down in your bed. This is a huge advantage in one special moment. We do not know which type of gambling game you prefer. Yet, if you plan to play in-play games, then you will have to follow each second of the particular game. It can sometimes be tough when you do that while sitting at your desktop. You can find a comfortable place and stay focused.


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Well, generally, the online type of casinos offers many benefits when we talk about accessibility. As we said, before the development of the internet, people had to personally go to a casino. This sort of entertainment was only possible in those places. Outside of the casino, you were not able to gamble. More precisely, there is a big chance that gambling outside of the casino was illegal.

Well, people now do not have that sort of problem. They can gamble at every moment. You can now do that from the comfort of your room. Still, this is the moment that confirms the popularity of online gambling.

Let’s imagine that you are sitting in a restaurant with your friends and you all want to gamble. There is no casino near you and you would want to start gambling immediately. Well, thanks to the mobile gambling option, you can do that from absolutely every place.

Okay, let’s be more precise. You won’t be able to do that literally everywhere. Yet, most of the places are now covered with a strong Wi-Fi connection. There is a big chance that you can gamble from the nearest park or while driving in a cab.

We suggest you pick some more quiet places outside of your home. In that way, you can focus on gambling in a lot easier way.

Bonus Tip: Future of Mobile Casinos

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As you see, mobile casinos are currently quite popular. However, will the popularity they have to remain forever?

We are not psychics and we can’t guarantee that. However, we can highlight the biggest doubt of mobile gamblers – security. Many developers are working on the improvement of the security of mobile casinos. They now come with security software solutions that are protecting each player.

Anyway, it is not a secret that the number of online users is rapidly growing. Because of that, we believe that the future of mobile casinos is lighty.