Why Shutters are the Best Window Treatment for your Home

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Among the more typical choices of curtains and blinds, shutters are something a bit different. A versatile option and a fantastic window treatment for any home, they easily complement the style or period of any type of interior décor. A well-dressed window will make the smallest and darkest of rooms appear larger, lighter and a bit more stylish.

When purchasing a set of shutters, you will find that they come with plenty of benefits, some of which you may not have even thought about. Here are some key reasons why these are a firm contender to be the best window treatment for your home.

Temperature control

During any time of the year, no matter the season, shutters are a great way of adjusting and controlling the temperature of your home. In the colder winter months, window shutters act as a barrier against your window pane, stopping any chilly drafts that might be trying to enter your home. However, they can also prevent your own heating from escaping, keeping your home cozy and warm. In the summertime, they can help to ventilate air flow – once your window is open, the slats can be adjusted easily towel come a cool breeze into the room.

Light control

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Plantation shutters can either be louvered, meaning that they are made up of slats, or they can be as olid panel. As these can be custom made and measured to your windows, both options can completely block out light at night as well as giving you a bit more privacy during the day or when you want them closed – which is incredibly useful for those who live in busy areas such as cities. Shutter slats on louvered styles are normally adjustable to either increase or reduce visibility depending on your own personal needs. However, when they are opened, they are fantastic at maximising your windows and allowing in as much natural light as possible, no matter the style.

Easy to clean

Unlike other window treatments that require some form of effort in keeping them clean, window shutters are easy to maintain. You can keep your cleaning chemicals in the cupboard, as you can simply give them a wipe down with a damp cloth, and there is no need to prepare for the dry cleaning bill that you would normally expect with curtains. With plantation shutters, you can easily stay on top of removing the build-up of dirt, reducing the dust in the air – perfect for anybody who suffers from airborne allergies such as asthma or hay fever.

Eco benefits

Plantation shutters are a simple way of reducing any unnecessary electricity use around the home, unlike fabric curtains, which often need to be washed in the washing machine to keep them in great condition. As it is mentioned, they are very easy to keep clean and maintain in comparison, with no machine or electricity needed. Secondly, any style of window shutter will allow in a lot more natural light, meaning that less artificial light is needed throughout the day. Although the difference may not seem huge, it is a step in the right direction to making your home a little bit more eco-friendly.

Affordable luxury

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Beautiful in appearance, these are commonly expected to be an expensive window treatment. This isn’t necessarily always the case though. As a smart consumer, search around and you will be able to find the retailers that are more affordable. However, make sure that the cost reduction doesn’t cut the quality of the product. Using a reliable and honest service, where you can speak to a consultant who is happy to discuss your budget and find a realistic solution, is the best option.


For those who have an older home, it can be difficult matching furnishings with the period of your property. These types of blinds come in all shapes and sizes, fitting the most awkward of window shapes with ease. As a traditional window treatment already, they work perfectly in a more classic home – especially a natural wooden finish or a solid panel. However, they blend well in more modern homes. A clean white finish is adaptable to any style of home décor, looking fabulous while still providing you with all the benefits we have listed. They also come in a variety of colours. Using standout colours to grab people’s attention is a great way of making your windows a bit more of a feature.

Premium quality

You can choose to purchase your shutters from either a retailer or a chain store. Whichever you choose, make sure that your retailer prides itself on using quality materials in its craftsmanship – a prime example of this would be  theshutterstore.com. When you are ordering wooden type of blinds, look to see if the timber is FS Ccertified. This premium-quality, sustainable material allows shutters to really stand the test of time without any worry of warping or easy breakage. Interior wood shutters, natural in appearance, are unlikely to ever go out of style, making them an optimum choice for your home.

Waterproof shutters

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If you are thinking about shutters for your bathroom or kitchen, then you may be better off opting for either a faux wood or polyvinyl one. These are not only a great choice for practical reasons, but you may also find more affordable options with these ranges. Polyvinyl and faux wood type are a great option when you’re fitting them in humid rooms – a set of waterproof shutters will withstand the damp and won’t inherit the mouldy residue, and because they aren’t made of wood, there is no worry of any form of water damage!

There are a variety of reasons why shutters make the best window treatment. They will not only look stunning, but they will also be a breeze to maintain and will make your home feel more as it should across the seasons. If you are thinking of changing your existing window treatment, then it is time to start thinking about getting shutters for your home!