10 Reasons Why Your Sports Betting Strategy is not Working

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When you place your bet, sometimes you will win and sometimes you will lose. An undeniable fact about sport betting is that you can do your research and analyze everything to an extreme level to make the ideal bet and still come up short. But as we all know, betting is like a toss of the dice where anything can occur.  Because of that the most significant thing is you must try not to diminish your shots at getting a winning bet by committing pointless errors.

In this article we will analyse what we believe are probably the most well-known betting missteps and mistakes that individuals make, and offer a solution that will help you avoid the avoidable mistakes when wagering a bet.

1. Having Unrealistic Expectations

As we already referenced in the start of the article, sports betting is fundamentally founded on possibility. You can go through hours investigating and attempting to figure the perfect bet, however in the end, not a single bet is without a doubt and things can go in many different ways

Try not to wrongly begin your betting adventure with ridiculous assumptions where you persuade yourself that this will be your big chance or that from this point forward you will make a great deal of easy income.

This perspective is dangerous and it could pressure you to continue to win which thus may prompt you to expand the sums that you are betting. Furthermore, having unreasonable expectations will in general trigger the unenjoyable betting experience – which no one needs.

Be practical with your expectations, put out objectives that are reachable, play with some restraint, and above all, appreciate the rush that sports betting has to bring to the table without having a mental breakdown everytime you lose. Before you start, you can compare betting sites on this link.

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2. Not Exploring Different Markets

While betting, a lot of individuals will in general stick to the one market that they found first and are alright with. While this isn’t such a bad thing, particularly if it’s working for you, we figure it very well may be a smart thought to be audacious and investigate playing on various markets.

It would be an error not to do this since you may very well discover that you really get better outcomes on specific betting markets contrasted with others. To get a better sense of what this actually means, you should take a look at BettingTop10.com and compare the different odds and games they offer. After a proper research better results are almost guaranteed .

3. Bankroll Management

Focus, since Bankroll Management is presumably the main point in this entire article.

We can’t say it enough times – You should only bet with money that you can bear to lose.

Many individuals continually haul money out of their bank and investment accounts and bet it away without thinking about how much it can cost them, acknowledging what they have done only when it is too late.

You can abstain from making this error by placing some money to the side, in a different bank account and utilizing only this money that you put aside for wagering bets. That way, regardless of whether everything goes south and you lose everything, it’s anything but a huge hit on your funds.

4. Placing Too Many Wagers

Another misstep we run over regularly is when individuals who follow a number of sports feel that they will be betting specialists for almost any sport.

The result of this will in general be a resultant betting slip that seems as a mixed drink of a wide range of sports and markets combined as one which, from what we’ve seen, scarcely at any point progresses to a win. While it’s anything but unprecedented to have a huge interest in different games, usually, there will consistently be that one game which you know and love better than the rest.

Since all sports are extraordinary and every one accompanies its own interesting betting alternatives, we think it is smarter to adhere to the one or two sports that you follow and know best.

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5. Always Backing Your Favourite Teams

You’ve been supporting them for as far back as you can recollect, and you plan your time around their matches – but remember that practically all teams go through a tough situation at some moment of the season and you have to figure out when it happens and stop waging unsafe bets.

This is particularly true for low grade local teams. When your Number 1 team is encountering a losing streak don’t put your money based on your emotions and love for the club. Feelings can easily and genuinely cloud your judgment. You don’t need to bet against your squad, just stay away from betting on that match at all.

6. Betting Blind

This point proceeds from the past one and is pointed more for the individuals who are new to betting or curious about betting cycles.

It is of most extreme significance while putting a bet that you generally research the clubs and matches you want to bet on so you can settle on the most reasonable choice possible. Despite the fact that there is always going to be an element of luck when it comes to sports betting and winning, you can increase your chances by just doing proper research.

We’re not looking at setting out on a thesis of your betting decisions obviously, however on the off chance that there are teams that you are not especially familiar with, informing yourself about their players, director, wounds, suspensions, home/away structure, competitions, and style of play can end up being important.

Quite possibly the most well-known mistake when betting is when countless individuals (particularly novices) basically decide to bet on whoever is the top pick. The ‘top choices’ are not continually going to win so backing them indiscriminately is definitely not a smart strategy and we urge you to abstain from doing this betting mix-up.

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7. Betting on anything just for the sake of betting

Let’s face it, we’ve all done this before. You had a great weekend, every bet went your way and you won some money. It’s a Monday now and you are feeling positive after winning last night so you want to continue. You look up today’s offer just to find out that there are no significant matches being played – so what occurs straightaway? You look through your favourite bookmaker’s homepage and begin glancing through other minor matches until you bet your money on teams that up to a couple of minutes ago you had never even heard of.

Incredibly, your bet comes up short, and the money you won on your last bet is gone in a moment.

It should not come as a suprise, this is something which happens much of the time where people who follow sports and like to bet, wind up playing only for the sake of betting or out of boredom. Remember that you are wagering genuine money, and regardless of whether that money is from a previous winning bet, it is still money and it should not be spent unnecessarily.

8. Not Considering Value Of The Bet

For the individuals who may not be acquainted with the term, ‘value betting’ includes making a bet where the likelihood of winning the bet is higher than what the bookmaker’s chances reflect.

Basically, this implies that you are putting down a bet which has a more noteworthy shot at winning.

Value betting can be hard to comprehend and are typically attempted by the more experienced bettors, but still it would be a slip-up to overlook value bets since they can increase your shot at winning.

9. Not Using a Betting Strategy

It’s implied that sports betting requires application of different strategies to get any opportunity of reliably ending up as the winner, more times than not.

You need to understand what markets to play on and which to stay away from, when to put down a bet and when to abstain from doing as such, regardless of whether you ought to go for a solitary bet or decide on an aggregator, or whether to play pre-match or in-play.

An adequate betting strategy is important, and you should set aside some time to develop your own particular manner of getting things done prior to fast-tracking the process to put wagers.

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10. Pursuing a Loss

Nobody likes to lose. We place down bets trusting this will be the one that gives us that extremely nice profit, however things don’t always turn out well for us and losing a few bets is truth be told, unavoidable.

At the point when you do lose a bet, it tends to be extremely alluring to attempt to vindicate yourself and win back the money you lost by putting down another bet. This is known as chasing a loss and can form into an incredibly faulty pattern, as losing the bets which ‘should’ win back your lost money, can bring you down the hole of ever increasing number of losses. It is significant that you realize when to acknowledge the loss and when is an ideal opportunity to stop.


This goes without saying. “ Don’t drinks and drive” can be used as an analogy to “Don’t drink and bet”

You should always be clear minded when wagering your hard earned money on a bet. Be responsible!