Winter-Friendly Flooring: Which Material to Choose?

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While winter comes with some drawbacks, it has its pros too. For example, this is the season when families spend a lot of time indoors and enjoy great indoor activities. However, the amount of fun you have will depend on how comfortable you are in your own home. Cold floors can keep you uncomfortable and cause you to overwork the HVAC.

This needn’t be the case. With winter-friendly flooring from a reputable floor supplier, you will be able to enjoy more comfort and keep the heating costs low. But which options should you use?

Luckily, the manufacture today is advanced, and we can choose from many types of materials that can provide homes with improved isolation. Therefore, you should choose some of these products if you live in areas with colder winters.


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Installing high-quality ceramic tiles in the bathroom is the dream of almost every homeowner. However, when the cold season comes, these tiles tend to become extremely uncomfortable to stand and walk on. Spending a little money on heated floors can solve this issue. Once installed, underfloor heating systems are very cost-efficient. You can start by installing underfloor heating in a small project like a bathroom renovation. If you love the results, you can install the system in other rooms.

The best way the installation of a floor heating system is during the construction process. In that matter, in case that you are planning to invest in the construction of the new house, you should pay attention to the floor heating. Also, it will save you a lot of money and effort when you deal with the implementation of heating under the tiles. Besides that, the great benefit of tiles is that they are simple for cleaning and more durable than some other options.


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Just like you will need to wear long sleeves and sweaters during winter, you should consider laying several decorative carpets or rugs across your wooden floors. Doing so will not only create a great visual texture and coziness, but your feet will also thank you more so when you are not wearing socks. You can contact or visit a local supplier to view your options.

It is especially common for older houses that have a poorly constructed base without proper isolation, which can lead to serious issues with heating over winter. On the other side, be sure that there is no moisture on the floor or in its corners since it could cause problems with mildew that can even create some health issues.

Vinyl Plank

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A wooden floor represents a bigger investment, and if you are looking for some more affordable solution that is still able to provide you with improved heating in your home, you should check vinyl plank as an option. Besides the cheap price, the great advantages are the convenience since you can install it by yourself, excellent appearance, and it is as simple for cleaning as tiles are. This option is even cheaper than laminate. When compared to hardwood, the main advantage is its water-resistance feature.

Hardwood Floor

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This is the most popular choice for many people since it provides you with a combination of design and effectiveness. It is especially good as part of homes with traditional design. On the other hand, it is very important to select the right type of wood and professionals with a lot of experience with floor installations. With a proper selection of these factors, the floor won’t require any maintenance for at least 15 years, or even more in some cases. Even though this solution is the most expensive one, the benefit is that you can choose from different colors and designs, which can be great for both modern and traditional design.

Perfect time for a new carpet

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The ideal time to buy a new carpet is during the winter months. A new carpet that is soft and cozy will offer a great way to make your room warmer and more inviting in the cold months. If you are buying a new carpet especially to improve the heating of the floor, pay attention to materials and thickness of it. In that matter, you should not waste your money on some cheap products since they won’t provide you with any results.

Winter wear & tear

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If you live in a region where snow and other winter debris are standard, investing in durable floors has to be a top priority. There are so many options when it comes to this. Durable luxury vinyl or laminate floors, for example, make a great fit for homes that experience lots of damp, dirty shoes marching about. Choose flooring that will not be hectic to maintain during winter.

On the other side, you should be aware of various factors that might affect the heating in your home, such as the isolation, quality of the base, quality of door and windows, and more. Buying a high-quality rug is the most convenient solution that will instantly show results. However, in case that it is not helping and you are still feeling cold under your legs, you should consider replacing your floor with some other material and installing the floor heating system.

From waterproof hardwood floors to luxury vinyl, there are so many winter-friendly flooring options to choose from. If you are seeking the best floor supplier in Canada, Hardwood Planet will be a perfect choice. Contact us today to find out more about our products and services.