How Much Does an Electric Guitar Costs in 2024

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How much does an electric guitar cost? That is the first question that comes to mind when you are thinking about buying the very first electric guitar of your life! The answer is a little complicated, we can’t answer within a few words, to be honest. We have to explain it broadly so that you understand better.

There are electric guitars of different price ranges. From 100 dollars to more than 10000 dollars. Some professionals customize their own guitar which costs even more.


Don’t get intimidated by the price. If you are a beginner, you wouldn’t want to spend that much money on your very first electric guitar, that doesn’t make sense. You should invest according to your capability.

However, there are different brands and each comes with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Take a look below, you will learn how much and where to spend.

Let’s get started!

Low End or Beginner Guitars

Low-end guitars come at a very affordable price, that’s obvious since they are very basic. A beginner low-end guitar might cost you around 100 to 400 dollars, price varies brand to brand. Most top-rated brands have their low-budget guitar series but you shouldn’t expect much from them. When you are willing to spend a very low amount of money then you have to compromise a bunch of things as well such as hardware, pickups, etc. That being said, if you have good knowledge of different guitar parts such as woods, strings, cosmetics, hardware, electronics, etc. you can make a balance.

Below we have mentioned a bunch of top-rated guitar brands that have low-budget guitars, we have discussed their quality as well. Take a look.


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For affordable guitars, Squier is the brand where most people stop. This very brand has several series of budget-friendly guitars. Having that said, you wouldn’t miss any essential features in this Squier guitars. It doesn’t matter how cheap they are, all of their guitars come with HSS (humbucker pickup in the bridge position) and SSS (3 single-coil pickups). One thing you should know, all of their guitars come with a tremolo bridge.

• Their guitars come with a solid body.
• You get both HSS and SSS pickups in all guitars.
• Mostly uses basswood.
• Their guitars offer tremolo Bridge.
• The neck is mostly maple rosewood.


This is a sub-company of the oldest brand Gibson. And Gibson is a world-famous brand for their music equipment. Compared to the Squire their guitar prices are a little higher and so is the quality. But still, the prices are affordable and suitable for beginner guitarists. With their guitars, you will get a top-notch body, pickups, fixed fridge, good neck, etc. These are the main parts of the guitar that needs to be top-quality for better sound.


• You get a top-notch body.
• It comes with humbucker pickups.
• It has a fixed bridge.
• The neck is constructed with a Mahogany neck.
• Body also made of Mahogany.


Who didn’t hear of this brand? Anyone who has been into the guitar industry for any length of time must have heard this might name! Not only the top-notch quality, but their stunning design also has a separate fan base. Musicians who are into the metal genre, most of them go for the Jackson, and same goes for Ibanez as well, Ibanez is another popular guitar brand.

• You get both HSH and HH pickups.
• Features Rosewood fretboard.
• They have both Floyd rose and fixed bridge.
• It comes with bolt-on the maple neck.

If you are looking for affordable guitars, you can read Musical Instru’s article about inexpensive electric guitars. They got a good list there, give a visit.

High-end Electric Guitars

Now, these are expensive, a high-end guitar can cost you around 1000 dollars to 5000 dollars, depending on the brand and features. Only guitarists with good skills should go for this expensive stuff, otherwise, it would be a waste of money. If you want few names we would say, Fender American Original, Gibson flying V, Fender Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul, Ibanez road core, ESP LTD, Steve Vai’s Signature guitars, Ibanez Jem7V, etc.

And if you go towards the customized models, they could be more expensive. Take a look below we have suggest some top-notch brands for big buck electric guitars.


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Among the greatest Guitar manufacturers, Fender is one. They have different varieties of guitars but the best two of them are Fender telecaster and the Stratocaster. These two models are the most popular over the world and they are expensive too. All the materials used in these two models are the best and they cost over 1500 dollars. Most well-known guitarists have used these models at least once in life.


• They come with Alder Body.
• Completely maple neck construction.
• The fretboard is either maple or rosewood.
• Features tremolo bridge.
• You get the pickup combination of SSS, HHS, HSH.
• It comes with a bolt-on neck.


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We have mentioned this name before, and it comes again. From low cost to high cost, this very brand has guitars of all ranges. This very brand is serving the market with pride for more than 10-years now, so you can guess their quality. Whether it is Les Paul, ES-335, SG, etc. these are the top of the shelf models of Gibson. They cost big buck but they worth the money.


• Body constructed with Mahogany woods.
• Neck got maple wood construction.
• Features Ebony fretboard.
• Humbuckers pickups (2).
• Tremolo or Fixed bridge system.

How Much to Invest in an Electric Guitar?

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We have broken down electric guitars into two categories which are low-end electric guitars and high-end guitars. Go through all the sections, that should be enough to help you decide which one should you go with or how much money should you invest. Not only that, but we have also mentioned some brands as well that are serving the music market with worthy instruments for very long.

If you’re looking for an electric guitar, look no further than Its website offers a wide selection of low-end and high-end guitars and information on top brands that have been serving the music industry for years. With their detailed breakdown and brand recommendations, you’ll have all the necessary resources to decide your next electric guitar purchase.


Well, wrapping it up for now! The brands mentioned in the article are the leading brands of the market, with them you shouldn’t be afraid to invest. That being said, you should not go for an expensive professional electric guitar if you don’t have that skill. For beginners, we would say go for mid-range guitars since you will keep learning and growing, that would be useful.