WinZEC Wallet Tips and Troubleshoot Explained 2024

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Hello everyone who wants to be aware of the latest technologies in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency! Today we have a review of the WinZEC wallet for storing cryptocurrency – a program solution for traders to store their digital currency and not worrying about its safety. We know very well what cryptocurrency is and where it can be used.

If you need more information about this point you can just visit the official website of Coin crypto portal where true experts in the field of crypto and blockchain post the latest news on the topic. Now let us review the case about the solution called WinZEC wallet deeper and get to know all the sides of this crypto software. Have a nice read!

WinZEC wallet review

When we talk about cryptocurrency mining or trading we need to estimate the probability of digital currency to be tracked and hacked by intruders and fraudsters. Digital wallet gives you the feeling of safety and security for your cryptocurrency. It’s being stored under the unique key that only you know the access to.

WinZEC wallet is a program-heir from zcash4win – they have the same developer. Moreover, Winzec is a full client with support for hidden payments and hidden payment notes. In fact, not all wallets support transactions at hidden addresses. The only program that supports is WinZec, but its interface is, to be frank, not for the ordinary user.

To create an anonymous Z wallet you need to download WinZec program on the PC to install and wait for the download of the full note (about 10 GB).

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It goes without saying that when you make a decision to install any software on your PC you learn something about the developers. Nobody wants to give away money to scammers. In this case, let’s get some useful information about people who created this solution. Developers from this team already had experience of establishing digital repositories.

Many useful programs can be found on their account and Zcash is not the exception. All these facts let us know that this software developer knows exactly how to operate the main tool. But we should understand that life’s a little bit different from laboratory conditions, literally, so as a result, we haven’t got a perfectly functioning tool. When WinZEC appeared in the hands of real users they noticed that to work properly you need to reinstall the solution several times.

People who read our crypto portal on the regular already learned that the crypto transferring process requires having two private keys. Technically, it’s the sequence of “digits”, where one is always in secret and another one is a transitioning one. The term “private key” is actually referred to as the first key. The WinZEC wallet has a special configuration for this case: the combination itself is hidden by default, but you’re able to get it by demand.

WinZEC errors

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Every program solution has some troubles and errors. We reviewed some of them for you to be prepared if something goes wrong.

  • Some WinZEC users can get errors while the process of importing a private key. This problem can usually be solved by reinstalling the software and changing some values and filenames.
  • The next problem to review is “Daemon is taking longer than expected to start”. What to do if you encounter a similar error in the winzec wallet, how much to wait or is it worth waiting? Specialists found the solution of this trouble, you just need to follow these steps:
  1. Hard close the wallet through the task manager;
  2. Go to C:\Users\your User\AppData\Roaming\Zcash. From this folder we will delete everything except for the file wallet.dat, if there is no copy of the file wallet.dat, we do it and keep it in a safe place.
  3. Go to the folder C:\Users\semen\AppData\Roaming\ZcasParams. From this folder, we will delete all files.
  4. Launching the winzec wallet – error “Daemon is taking longer than expected to start” should not appear, after downloading the keys the wallet interface is started and synchronization is in progress.

WinZEC synchronization error

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If WinZEC wallet generates an error during synchronization, just follow some easy steps:

Enter C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Zcash where we open a file in the notebook.

  • rpcuser=username
  • rpcpassword=password**********
  • daemon=1
  • showmetrics=0
  • disabledeprecation=1.0.12 (needs to be added)
  • gen=0


  • Winzec not opening

A common mistake that most often users cannot deal with. The problem occurs after long breaks between starts. It is noteworthy that Linux users are not affected by such a problem, unlike owners of Windows computers. The easiest and most effective option is to reinstall the app. First, copy the «wallet.dat» file to a safe place, then restore access to the tools. Remove and then reinstall the wallet.

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  • Winzec unexpected error GUI wallet

In conclusion, we will touch upon this error. To solve the problem, close the Winzec process through the task manager. Now restart the application. If the error persists, reinstall the program.

How to update WinZEC wallet on your PC

Upgrading WinZEC is a very necessary step if you want to ensure the privacy and security of your cryptocurrency. Updates are required to complete any Zcash network upgrades, for example, the Sapling upgrade.

To update WinZEC, just uninstall the existing version in your system and then install the new one that you can easily download from the official website. An important thing to notice is that your data directory won’t be changed. Be sure that you have a backup.

As we can see, Winzec is really associated with many errors, but as we can see, some of them can be solved. Follow all the news of the crypto industry with us, we publish only high-quality and interesting material. Thanks for attention. Good luck!