These Are Some Of The Most Interesting Wedding Cards

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Wedding cards have moved aside from the traditional design and people have started experimenting with new ones that are brilliant to watch. Every couple who’s getting married deserves a card design that will show the guests how much they mean to them.

But choosing the best wedding card can be a rather challenging task. With so many choices out there, you easily get lost in the process. Luckily for you, we’ve done our research and we’re going to present you a list of the most interesting designs.

1. Floral Cards

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Every wedding deserves lots of flowers, and what better way to get even more flowers than to have them displayed on the wedding car design. With so many floral wedding invitation designs out there, decorating will be a piece of cake for the person who truly adores flowers. As a matter of fact, floral wedding invitation cards are some of the trendiest and stunning designs a couple can choose.

2. Chalkboard

A recent trend with young couples, the chalkboard design is a stunning one that needs few words describing. Chalkboard wedding car designs are very refreshing since they are very modern and simplistic. A black solid background paired with stunning white font is the perfect design for those who are looking to preserve the minimalistic look.

3. Watercolor

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As you can see on TheWeddingCardsOnline, which makes this design attractive is that it gives authenticity to the entire wedding card. Watercolor card designs are perfect for wedding invitations because they portray everything beautiful about weddings. The amazing overlay of bright red shades and white background make this design a must-have. Watercolor designs also have a special minimalistic feel to it that allows you to highlight the most important words on the cards.

4. Letterpress

Although we’ve ranked it on 4th place, a letterpress design is by far the most authentic and popular trend we’ve come across. A letterpress wedding card is made with a printing technique that uses an inked printing plate to create the letterpress effect of any text or image on it. The result of this technique is a unique card that screams quality and perfection in the classiest of ways. Furthermore, this type of design is so good that it will most certainly impress your guests.

5. Vintage Typography

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If the letterpress is a design for authenticity and style, then the vintage typography design is a timeless one that uses typographic treatment as the primary design feature. The vintage typography mixes several old fonts in a single color background, mostly shades of white or black. There is certainly an eye-catching feel to it as the vintage style is definitely an unusual one.

6. Custom Illustrations

A custom illustrations wedding card design is one for those who are good with a pencil in their hand. This design taps into your artistic genius by personalizing each invitation with a different custom illustration. It is certainly not easy creating this type of wedding card, but it is one that your guests will definitely appreciate it and keep it forever.