10 Best Dog Clothing Brands In 2024


Isn’t it great to make your dog dress up as you do?

Sure, some people love keeping their pets as they are naturally! Others like you want to explore and give your pet a different look.

In extreme conditions, when it’s very cold outside or your dog has anxiety, dog clothes is probably the best option you have.

You might not know, but there are tons of brands that specialize in making dresses for dogs. They come in all sorts of colors, sizes, and designs!

We will be uncovering some of the most loved dog cloth brands on the web right now!

There you go!

1. ThunderShirt

Thundershirt has to be your go-to brand when you are looking for a solution to calm your anxious dog! They make anxiety-relieving vests that you can put on your pup and see the magic happen.

The brand has an interesting story on their journey. Phil Blizzard is the founder of Thundershirt, and his Dog Dosi is the inspiration behind the brand.

Dosi became anxious every time he heard thunderstorms. And the only way to keep him calm was to wrap him around a cloth. Phil got the idea, and now his vests provide peace to millions of dogs around the world.

2. Wagwear

Wanna walk the ramp with your dog? Amy Harlow is the woman behind Wagwear. The brand is 20+ years old and has been making stylish clothes for dogs since!

Amy put in her knowledge in fashion and modeling into Wagwear, and her brand is just a reflection of that. You can find coats and leashes in all kinds of fancy materials like climbing, rope, and oilcloth.

If you are living in NYC, you can head over to Greenwich Village and buy in person. Too busy? Or away? You can always buy it from their online store.

3. Fetch & Follow

Fetch & Follow is a Uk based dog brand that makes everything that’s related to dogs. You can find everything from coats, jackets, bandanas and what not.

The products from this brand are more classy and simplistic rather than fancy. But they put in a lot of work to make functional dog clothes that make your pets look adorable.

The brand is also conscious of the environment and uses recycled and biodegradable materials for packaging. You wouldn’t expect a dog company to care for nature? Do you?

4. Rororiri

Does it have to be always cheap when dressing your furry babies? Rororiri is certainly the most expensive brand, but it does use high-quality fabric to make dog clothes.

When you see their collection, the first thing that comes into your mind is elegance! They probably make the best bandanas for dogs right now. There are lots of designs, colors, and patterns to choose from.

And even the sweaters look more like human quality. That’s true commitment and love for dogs.

5. Moshiqa

Moshiqa is a luxury pet brand started by Meryem Birsoz! One jacket designed for her dog Moshi and now the brand has outlets in 25 countries around the world.

That’s a heck of a success story and couldn’t have been possible without high quality and long-lasting products.

This is the same brand that Leonardo Dicaprio and Lady Gaga chose to make their dogs look cool and gorgeous. Have an event or a party? Moshiqa would be a great option to make your dog stand out in the crowd.

6. Max-bone

Max-Bone is yet another dog brand that celebrities love. And we can see every reason why people love it.

The designs are subtle, simple, and elegant. The founder Parisa Fawles-Pazdra takes inspiration from Scandinavian art and design and puts it into the dog world with utmost love.

If Kylie Jenner adores the brand and buys stuff for her pup, the products have to be trendy and stylish. Add this brand to your furry baby’s wardrobe, and he will become the best-dressed dog in your neighborhood.

7. Bauhound

Get the worst and the most colorful sweaters from Bauhond. These hand-knitted dog products are super comfy and great for winter months.

The brand also makes t-shirts and bandanas that can compliment your dog’s personality. They might be a bit expensive but well worth investing. After all, you don’t want your pet to have a rash wearing cheap and rough clothes.

Oh! Don’t forget that Bauhond donates a portion of their profit to Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue. One purchase=one more life saved!

8. Ruffwear

Ruffwear is probably the best brand to produce practical outdoor dog gears. The brand has a customer-driven approach and puts in need of its customers first, rather than their own lust for perfection.

Patrick is the man behind the origin and success of this brand since 1997, when he first started doing research and listening to potential customers.

If you are an outdoor freak with a dog that equally loves traveling with you, Ruffwear is your best option.

9. Vanderpump Pets

Vanderpump is one of the most loved dog brands out there. They don’t just produce high-quality products; they also contribute to rescuing dogs from around the world!

Leashes and collars are their top-selling product categories. But you can also find hoodies and toys for your pets at Vanderpump.

10. Canine Styles

Canine Style is an age-old brand established back in 1959! The products are simply world-class and have been featured in major fashion magazines like In Style, NY Times, and Vogue.

The brand mainly focuses on urban and modern design. They are more like a designer brand for dogs as their products follow human fashion trends and release two collections every year.

If you want to check all the above-mentioned brands in one place, we suggest you visit this site – yourdogcares.com.