10 Best Wedding Watches for Men

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Wedding wristwatches for men isn’t just an accessory, but an adornment completes his looks. The watches for the groom is a timepiece, an experience that reaches deep in his soul as your wedding blessings quotes. According to weddingforward.com, this is because he would use it on your wedding day, knowing it’s your special gift to him. And he’d also sport it everywhere he longs, taking you along with him.

So you see, getting him a watch for a wedding gift must be done perfectly. The wedding gift must be something he loves and feels comfortable wearing. Hence, you must factor in his personality, budget, and sophistication. Who’s he, how much would he spend if he was the one buying, and how much sophistication does he possess?

Here, we have 10 types of wedding watches for men. Know your man and get him the best one.

1. The Runwell — Shinola Detroit made

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If your groom is a lover of vintage, wedding watches with mid-century modern tone is best. The Runwell comes with an old-world charm, and it features a tan strap and navy blue dial. The beautiful thing about this timepiece is that it is a perfect match for everything in his closet. It’s also very affordable. So if he’s one not to spend so much. This is a perfect balance between budget and class.

2. Rolex Datejust 41

Img source: monochrome-watches.com

This is the perfect watch for a wedding gift to a classic man. One who loves luxury and the more beautiful things of life. And he spares no expense to get them. This wristwatch is sophisticated and just right. A lot of people have their eyes on it, and we can say that it’s arguably the darling of everyone. Everybody loves it.

3. Baume and Mercier Classima

Img source: vintage-portfolio.com

The Baume and Mercier Classima is for the ever-confident man, bold enough to rock any color. It features a bright blue dial that gives it its ethereal beauty. The strap of the day is alligator skin. It’s sturdy, yet simple, beautiful yet subtle. The watch is all man, and it makes a statement.

4. Breitling premier BO1 chronograph 42

Img source: watchtime.com

Is your man is the adventurous type, one who loves the outdoors and maybe extreme sports? This rugged yet simple wedding wrist watch for men is perfect for his personality. It features a rotating bezel and is water-resistant up to 30 meters. It’s also a high premium, total luxury, and sports an automatic movement.

5. Patek Phillipe Calatrava

Img source: chrono24.com

This is for the all-round contemporary groom. It features a refreshing blend of traditional round shape face. This is then paired to an alligator band, all in a rose gold setting. Pure luxury, this one.

6. Emporio Armani chronograph mesh

Img source: shpock.com

This chain wristwatch for men strikes a perfect balance between bold and fragile. It has a large face with a prominent dial. It’s paired off with a slimline mesh bracelet. Perfect for the man who’s precise and straight to the point. No-fuss and frills to deal with.

7. Tissot tradition Powermatic 80

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This is an open heart automatic watch for the laid back man. It’s also perfect for the academic, nerdy, or very intellectual kind. It is simple yet valuable. A statement makes, yet not distracting. And even in its simplicity, it still has a complex tone to it, which the intellectuals will appreciate.

8. Heuer Carrera

Img source: tagheuer.com

If you’re on a budget, but want something like the Rolex watch, this is your option. It bears a heavy resemblance to the Rolex, but with a bigger face. It’s also much more affordable than the Rolex. Heuer Carrera is the ideal for the minimalist man. Not too flashy and not boring at all. Your minimalist groom will wear this one with pride.

9. Hamilton Intra-Matic wristwatch

Img source: fratellowatches.com

The Hamilton Intra-Matic auto thin wristwatch is an understated beauty with a retro vibe. A charming and impressive one for the laid back man, it screams classic without saying much. This is one that makes a statement even in its silence. And it’s quite affordable, so you don’t go broke, buying class.

10. Apple Watch 4

Img source: pocket-lint.com

Does your groom live an active life? Is he a fitness and health enthusiast? Then you can’t go wrong with the apple watch for. Subtle and lightweight, it’s more-or-less a mini-computer on the wrist. It’s subtle but contains so many sporting features to keep your man on his toes. This sporting one also doubles as a fashion accessory, hence it can go anywhere with him. Buying this for a sportsman is money well spent.