Why PhDs are Assets for an Organization, Not a Liability?

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What is a PhD Degree?

A PhD or Doctorate of Philosophy is a postgraduate degree awarded to a student who has accomplished the highest level of university education by completing a thesis or dissertation based on original research. Doctoral programs are offered globally in a diverse array of 100+ subjects ranging from mathematics to education.

This research-based program not only improves your understanding of the subject area but also contributes wholly to your field of study. It opens doors and expands the horizon for further academic research leading to creative innovation.

Can You Only Pursue an Academic Career with a PhD?

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As most post-secondary academic institutes require their instructors to hold a PhD, the qualification is primarily linked with a teaching career. While it can play an instrumental role in securing a full-time, tenured university professor role for you, a PhD can also pave the way for other high-paying, fulfilling jobs.

One of the most valuable degrees in the world, the journey to acquiring a PhD hones the individual’s personal and professional skills to the highest. It builds multiple, transferrable skillsets that empower the degree-holder to attain success in any job field. PhDs add immense value to their parent organizations with their advanced problem-solving, analysis, communication, critical thinking skills.

Earning a PhD in today’s fast-paced work environment will give you an added advantage as compared to your competitors. It will not only equip you with highly sought-after skills recruiters are looking for, but also provide you with the perspective to start and grow your own business.

How to Successfully Complete your Independent Research

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The most daunting aspect of starting a postgraduate degree for any student is the stark difference from the graduate and undergraduate framework. Since there is no coursework involved in this self-paced degree, students often fail to find the motivation to begin their research in the first place.

Luckily, the process has become much more comfortable in the coming years with the availability of exceptional resources such as researchprospect.com. Such databanks allow students to brainstorm ideas and browse through various dissertation topics before finalizing the area of their interest.

A PhD degree, without any doubt, requires a lot of hard work and effort; however, once completed, it pays off the blood, sweat, and tears by opening several pathways for success. Your distinct research leads to peer recognition, published papers, individual grants, and fellowship awards.

This qualification sets you apart from the pool of candidates by highlighting your level of commitment and dedication. Your ability to work tirelessly and purposefully towards your goal makes you a worthy candidate to be a part of any high-functioning organization. However, one cannot function alone to reach this milestone as you need support to remain consistent and authentic to your work. It is essential to divide your workload and approach it in a step-by-step method to maximize your productivity.

Choosing the right resource to stay focused is also an arduous task, as you want to invest in a service that will move you closer to your goal of obtaining a PhD instead of setting you back. It is a good idea to take a look at research prospect reviews before choosing a service to help you through your postgraduate success journey.

How Can PhDs Add Value to their Parent Organizations?

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With an increasing shift towards knowledge-based economies, the power of skilled workers is becoming more and more transformational. In this technology-driven age, a lot of emphasis is placed on the non-finite intellectual capital resources that allow information to be passed on boundlessly. In this time and space, PhDs, the people owning the highest level of education in any discipline, are extremely valuable and indispensable assets for any organization.

Doctorate holders not only drive business value by making data-driven decisions themselves but also help their companies grow by participating in knowledge-spillover activities. They possess the ability to disseminate their knowledge to other employees by conducting training sessions, workshops, and seminars.

They are also outsourced by other companies to facilitate human capital transformation through awareness-building exercises. Such initiatives, in turn, promote the parent company’s brand image and market visibility. Thus, PhDs contribute to all spheres of the enterprise by spreading information and improving market penetration.

Employees with a doctoral education distinguish themselves from colleagues by promoting lateral thinking across the organization. They approach a problem from all directions instead of merely digging deeper to come to a conclusion. In non-academic work settings, PhD holders also enhance the reputation of the company, along with contributing to workplace diversity.

Moreover, the level of research and communication required to complete a PhD degree enables the individual to achieve highly commendable interpersonal skills. These skills attained by presenting the thesis repeatedly in front of an extremely knowledgeable audience, help the individuals greatly in their professional lives. This exercise also does wonders for their confidence and enables them to cultivate long-lasting, trust-based relationships with industry stakeholders in their careers. PhD holders also promote cross-functional collaboration and interdepartmental coordination.

Other Valuable Skills of Doctoral Graduates

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PhDs also prove to be an asset for their organization by being independent go-getters who do not need constant supervision to provide results. Used to of working long hours on their own without being prompted, these individuals have levels of productivity as employees. While other, non-PhD employees are busy procrastinating, doctorate holders fully utilize their time to meet evolving business needs.

As postgraduate education is highly expensive, a lot of people are discouraged from pursuing it due to fear of low return on investment. However, with the changing trends in information and technology, PhDs are considered an asset, not a liability for any organization.

Research from the early career trajectories of Greek and British PhD holders also backs up the exceptional value added to a company by hiring a highly qualified employee. The research-oriented, analytical minds of these individuals enable them to opt for a plethora of professional opportunities in diverse fields of work. PhD holders are ideal candidates for job positions such as professors, consultants, analysts, innovators, start-up founders, trainers, and business leaders. PhD scholars can drive profitability in any field of work since they are knowledge-hungry, resilient, and adaptable. They are not afraid of failure, and that’s what sets them apart!