10 Tips For Successful Weight Loss

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One of our favorite New Year resolutions is to lose some weight in the upcoming months. We are carefully preparing our diet and exercise plan. However, as the days are passing by – we are going back to old bad habits and way of living which means that our plan just got discarded.

We would like to touch on some topics which will definitely contribute to your weight loss. Before starting with any of the below suggestions, we would definitely recommend you to consult your medical practitioner and determine if any of the below mentioned is going to have any impact on your health.

1. Diet plan

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There are hundreds of diets available and ready to be researched. The thing is to choose the one that works best for us. From vegan to a meat diet, every single one of them has pros and cons; something that is good and beneficial and something that is missing. Do research or take some of our suggestions below into consideration.

2. Atkins diet

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This diet is also known as a “meat diet”. Diet is based on meat as the primary source of nutrients, while carbs are taken out. Fat intake is part of this diet. Basically, according to Atkins, fat is not going to be a problem, since the body is going to burn the fat as the primary source of energy. However, if we don’t see the best results or if we really want to go with this diet a hundred percent – the suggestion is to lower fat intake.

Overall, each of our meals should be based around protein, some source of fat and vegetables (low-carb). Low carb – high protein diet allows us to take 20 to 50 grams of carbs per day. Research which type of carbs has the most fiber in them. Fiber does help lose some inches of fat, especially in the belly area where usually sticks right at the beginning. If you are really looking for more ways that your working diet is the best it can be, you can try to add microgreens to your daily nutrition. It may come up to be 40 times more nutritious than regular greens. Read more here about microgreens, health benefits, and recipes.

3. Exercise according to your plan

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It is very important to keep up with your plan every single day. If you are overweight, go slow with cardio and fat burn running track programs. Our look is less important than our health. Excessive gym usage might be counterproductive and can bring more damage than benefits to us.

Going to the gym 3-4 times per week should be good enough for us to have visible results after six months. Getting a personal trainer for at least the first couple of months would be an awesome step in the right direction. All of them have a good knowledge of diet plans that come with an exercise program that you are involved in.

If you don’t have time to go to the gym, try at least some type of exercises such as jogging, or swimming. This might work better for you and you are going to notice the difference in energy increase very soon. Evening walks right after the dinner will help us slightly speed up metabolism and burn some calories without sweating.

4. Stay away from the refrigerator at night

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Going to your fridge at night is a really bad habit. Try not to eat after 7 pm. At night, as we sleep, our metabolism slows down and calories burn much slower than during the day. So, the food stays inside the whole night and very often we feel that acid coming up in the early morning. The majority of calories taken after 7 pm will remain untouched.

5. Eat only good fat

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Since we are not going to take the fat out of our diet, let’s try to stay with healthy fat sources. Olive oil, avocado oil, butter, coconut oil are all on the list of healthy fats. Avocado is sticking out on the top of the list with prolonged data of nutrients as well as health benefits of usage.

6. We know that water is the source of life on this planet

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Even the human body contains over 80% of water. So, the difference between all of us, even animals and humans is nowhere near to a degree that we might believe it is. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will keep us hydrated and healthy.

This is especially important during the winter when we spend a lot of time inside of heated offices and homes. Air becomes so dry and that takes water from our system. We have to be considering electrolytes, which usually get diluted with plenty of water intake.

7. Starving is not the answer

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Reducing calorie intake is a good diet plan, which is going to lower insulin levels and will place your bruin in the state of losing weight type of program. Some people split their daily food intake into 5 small meals. Eating more frequently, but smaller proportions will boost our metabolism.

8. Taking supplements while exercising will definitely help

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We should consult our medical practitioner before we start taking any supplements. Thousands of different supplements that support weight loss are available in-store and online. We have found a great source of supplements for men and women that you can check out oxfordonlinepharmacy.co.uk. Also, medications like Saxenda can be really useful. These supplements help you regulate your appetite and reduce your body weight. To learn more about this, visit this site.

9. Get enough sleep

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Sleeping 8 hours per day would help us recover all the damage made to our body and our mind at work and even while we were exercising in the gym. Muscles need about two days to recover after heavy lifting and the best time for them to recover is the time when we sleep.

10. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol

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Alcohol reduces the fat burning process. Our body will see alcohol as the primary source of energy. No fat will be burned until we burn the alcohol first. Cigarettes so as alcohol will reduce our ability to exercise by killing oxygen intake. We all remember getting drunk that night and days after that we were not able to go to the gym.