Why Water is the Key to Detoxifying Your Body?

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Whenever you do research on the internet about remedies that would successfully help detox your body, you’ll discover that the most important item recommended is pure water. One can go without food for many days but depriving your body of water for even one day can be very dangerous.

Every critical bodily function requires fluids – all of which require water and when you drink enough water, the positive impacts are reflected in every organ in your body, from the skin to the stomach.

It is the primary agent through which important nutrients and electrolytes reach the cells of our stomach, digestive tract, kidneys, liver, etc. and it also facilitates the elimination of waste and toxic compounds.

In the following paragraphs, we will be detailing the main reasons why water is the key ingredient for detoxifying the body and the reasons that should compel one to drink clean and pure water.

Nowadays, All Water is Not Created Equally

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Unfortunately, a great deal of our water supply is polluted and laden with chemicals and contaminants. We are responsible for this pollution, and now we are facing the consequences of dirty polluted water. Even our municipal water supply uses chlorine and/or chloramines to disinfect the water and in the US, and approx. 50-60% of the municipal water is fluoridated as well.

So, it is recommended that when detoxifying your body, you begin with purified water. And rather than spending money on bottled water which pollutes our environment even further, a water filter is the eco-friendliest method of attack. There are some basic filters like a Brita or a pure water filter, however, we would recommend something more powerful like a berkey water filter or a whole house water filtration system.

The systems will remove these chemicals and contaminants to a much higher degree than some of the more basic water filters on the market.

Hydrate the Body from Within

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Like we have already mentioned, water is needed to transport electrolytes throughout our bodies. These electrolytes are necessary for the electrical reactions taking place in the cells. In fact, one of the objectives of the kidneys is to create an electrolyte balance in the body and help with the replacement when needed.

When the body is not supplied with adequate quantities of these electrolytes, it starts drawing from the neighboring cells thus limiting the overall efficiency of cell function. Conversely, when the body is adequately hydrated, the system remains efficient and is able to detoxify effectively.

Remove Harmful Wastes

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Water are of extreme importance to the kidneys which are the catalyzer that removes the harmful toxins and wastes from the body. Every time the heartbeats, they are filled with 20% of the blood that first removes any unwanted substances and then produces urine which helps excrete them from the body.

The kidneys are assigned the role of maintaining a balance between fluids and electrolytes so that all other body systems can operate smoothly.

One of the first signs that signify that the kidneys are not receiving enough water is the color of the urine. If they are not provided with enough water, the urine will turn yellow in color and consequentially, the urinary tract can experience irritation and periodic pains.

The Chinese Say…

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If we trust the traditional Chinese medicine notion that the gall bladder and kidneys are the most important organs in the human body, then it makes sense that they make way for the “Water Element”. The kidneys top the list when it comes to eradicating common wastes and toxins such as lactic acid, urea, uric acid and everything else that can be termed as “excess” in the system.

Chinese medicine hails the kidneys as superior in their ability to distribute “qi”, a substance that qualifies as vivacious life energy across the body. Everything from excess vitamins, minerals, and foreign toxins, hormones to chemicals, drugs, and food additives are set up for excretion from the body through urine, again made up of water.

Fight Body Fat

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If you’re trying to lose those extra inches around the waistline, nothing can help suit the needs better than water. Firstly, when your body is fully hydrated, the temptation to binge eat is reduced. Secondly, the performance of the liver is accelerated when it finds a reliable source of water, helping it metabolize stored fat and turning it into usable energy.

With the transformation of these fats, the weight of the body is inevitably lowered. This is something we can all be happy with.

Of course, speaking of losing weight or body fat – your diet also needs to change. It goes without saying that the water intake will help with the digestion and processing of food. That is why it is important to intake food which is “easy for your stomach”.

Skin Is Much Healthier

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Nowadays, there are many products, crèmes and formulas for your skin, designed to protect you from anti-aging. Although that is merely an impossible task, there a lot you can achieve with water. Not only does it detoxifies your organism, but the water is also protecting your skin from premature wrinkling.

If exposed to dehydration, your skin will become more vulnerable to various skin disorders and that is why it is important to get your daily intake. If you want to look younger as age starts to pile up, don’t forget to drink water.

In a nutshell

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits of water intake, and we hope that you’ve learned something about water and detox in general. Of course, there’s much more to it than just “drink water regularly” but it is one aspect you fully control no matter what happens around you.

Last but not least, don’t forget that tap water is not ideal, especially in large cities around the world and it is important to purify it before consumption. A water purifier is definitely worthy to have at home as it is easy to use and give you clear water –combine it with the bottled water to get different minerals from each.