10 Words Every Traveler Should Know

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Every one of us is born free, but as we grow up, we realize that our soul is no longer free We feel gripped, and the world seems to be too limited to experience something new and different. This feeling of being gripped to everything life throws at us makes us wonder about the souls roaming around in the world as it belongs to them. We call them globetrotters, and it becomes easy to recognize them. 

The best thing about these globetrotters or avid travelers is their urge to explore something new every day. They never settle in one place, and hold a vast knowledge about different places, their culture, and people. But one thing they might be lacking in is a word list that describes their feelings well. Yes!! You read it right. With everything else, there are perfect and unusual words that most of the travelers are not aware of. 

If you are an avid traveler and love to learn about new places, things, people, etc., then this article might serve you well. 

Here, I am going to tell you about the words that you should know. 

So, let’s roll. 

1. Resfeber 

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Origin- Swedish

A mixed feeling of fear and excitement before a journey begins

This word falls in the first place in my list because this is the first feeling we all get before boarding on a trip to someplace new. The jolt you feel in your heart before booking flight tickets and packing bags to embark on a journey. Yes!! Resfeber is the word to define that feeling. 

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2. Fernweh

Origin- German

The strong urge to travel 

I am keeping this word second in the list because even after you have explored a new place recently, you never get over the urge to plan a trip to someplace else, anytime soon. Also, this would be the right word to define how an avid traveler feels every day in his/her life. Sometimes you know where you want to go next, and the other time, you don’t know. This word fits well in both cases. 

3. Numinous 

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Origin- Latin

A feeling of both fear and awe after seeing what is before you

Divinity – This is how most of us feel after seeing something mesmerizing. I would relate that feeling to serenity. Yes!! When you are left awestruck and yet fearful after seeing something awe-inspiring, be it scenery or a waterfall, Numinous is the word to describe your feelings right. 

4. Vagary

Origin- Latin 

A roaming journey

The best thing about avid travelers is that they love to travel even when they do not know where they are heading. Completely lost, they enjoy the journey without worrying about what is going to come next. So, the next time you get lost on a trip or are already wandering unaware, Vagary would define you well. 

5. Eleutheromania 

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Origin- Greek 

The intense desire for freedom 

One thing that every globetrotter can relate to is their intense desire to live free. They seek a world of no restrictions and thus wander around the globe to experience life at its best. If it comes to the never-ending desire to live free, Eleutheromania is the right word to describe the feeling. 

6. Livsnjutare 

Origin- Swedish

Someone in deep love with life and living it extremely

Something everyone tries to become and generally every globetrotter is. They do not wait for chances to happen, choose adventure, and indulge in risk. This word can be used in place of traveler, nomad, or wanderlust. 

7. Sturmfrei 

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Origin- German

The freedom of being alone and being able to do anything you want 

Traveling becomes more rewarding because despite offering a lot of adventure, fun, and soul-soothing experiences, it enables one to live free. Globetrotters do everything as they like, without worrying about pleasing anyone else. They live life to their heart’s extent. This word is for everyone who loves to travel solo and live life on the edge. 

8. Yūgen 

Origin- Japanese

Awareness of the universe triggering emotional response too deep to explain through words

Imagine lying down on land, mountain, or beachside, and looking at the stars in the dark night. How would you feel? Well, if I were under such a situation, I would probably think about everything in the world that dwells inside me. There are times when we fall short of words to describe such feelings, and Yūgen is the word that fits well here. 

9. Novaturient

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Origin- Latin

A feeling that pushes you to travel and alter your life

Do you ever feel stuck in life? Or have you ever felt like leaving everything behind and change your life by traveling? I believe we all at some point might have felt that we are not living the life we can. This desire of changing life and start exploring the world is best described as Novaturient. 

10. Eudaimonia

Origin- Greek

The contented, happy state

That feeling in your chest when you travel and everything seems & feels right. I am sharing this word in the last because every travel sums up to this- The contented, happy state, making it the favorite word of travelers. 

Over to you 

Just like the world is big, the dictionary for travelers is vast, and I tried to sum up the most common feelings of every traveler in these ten words. Yes, there are many other words on which I want to throw light, but I believe, these ten are good to go with, for a start. Also, if you are a frequent traveler, then these amazing flying tips might help you at best. 

Have you ever heard of any of the words I have mentioned above? If yes, let me know. 

Also, if you know any other words which can describe a globetrotter and his/her feelings, do not forget to mention about them in the comment section below.