How to Make Money Travel Blogging & Have Fun Doing It


Content creation for travel blogs and brands can pay well; typically this involves creating photos, videos or articles in exchange for an increase in traffic, engagement or sales. Be mindful that in order to reap maximum results from this effort, posting at least three to five times weekly is required – though this might prove more challenging when traveling, it’s still doable!

However, if that seems like a lot to you, consider the following options:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective strategies for travel bloggers looking to monetize their websites and generate income, as it involves promoting products or services on your website and earning a commission for every sale that results from this promotion.

Important to remember when using affiliate links is to always disclose them, and to optimize content for buyer intent (for instance by including relevant affiliate tables). YouTube can also help monetize your blog if enough views can be generated by growing it to generate income.

2. Sponsored Posts


Sponsored posts can be an excellent way for travel bloggers to monetize their blog (source: Companies in the travel space will often offer flights, accommodations and gear in exchange for mentions in your blog and social media channels.

However, it’s crucial that you only work with brands you trust and would recommend to your audience. People can easily spot sponsored content online and will less likely visit your site if they suspect this might be sponsored content written by someone else.

3. Contextual Ads

Travel bloggers typically monetize their sites via contextual advertising, or “display advertising”, such as contextually placing advertisements. This may involve either directly approaching brands and striking up sponsorship agreements or joining display ad networks aimed specifically at bloggers.

Some blogs earn six figures from this revenue source, providing an ideal way to support oneself while traveling and discovering the world. Blogging is also flexible and doesn’t require special equipment or skills – making it a good option for people looking to turn their passions into sustainable incomes.

As with affiliate marketing, it’s crucial that your readers are informed of any sponsored content you create – this will build trust between yourself and them and won’t damage credibility by misleading them.

4. Digital marketing


Successful travel blogs require regular content updates; most publications expect between three and five posts every week from their authors, which can be challenging while traveling; however, like I said above, it’s definitely doable.

5. Sponsored Instagram Posts

One of the best ways to monetize travel blogging is through sponsored posts and collaborations, as this blog suggests that these opportunities allow you to monetize it while still remaining authentic and providing value to your readers.

One great way to monetize your blog is through selling digital products such as guides or ebooks via sponsored Instagram posts. Selling these can help generate passive income while also positioning you as an authority on the subject matter.

Finally, these IG posts can also become a source of income by offering services like photography, writing or travel planning. This can help to monetize it while simultaneously growing a loyal following for you.

Sponsored Instagram stories are another effective way of monetizing a travel blog, by teaming up with an interesting brand and telling their story through your account. Make sure that any sponsored content on your blog is disclosed, to avoid offending readers and giving an appearance of dishonesty online. People appreciate honesty!

6. Sponsored YouTube Videos

Video can tell a much richer narrative than photos can, which is why travel bloggers have turned their YouTube videos into money making vehicles by partnering with brands or placing advertisements.

Blogging can be an incredibly competitive field. To stay ahead of your competition, it’s essential that you find ways to differentiate yourself by producing engaging, unique content that keeps readers coming back for more.

Some bloggers create content based on other people’s experiences, but Google prefers original posts more. You should focus on SEO to ensure that your blog loads quickly and has a high DA (Domain Authority) rating.

7. Sponsored Facebook Posts


Travel bloggers can bolster their earnings from Facebook by writing sponsored social media posts for profit. This provides an easy and passive means of creating passive income that supplements blogging earnings.

Blogs can become highly successful by securing long-term sponsors. In exchange, sponsors on FB typically pay the blogger a monthly retainer payment in return for them continuing to promote their products or services through the blog.

This method of making money blogging is one of the most widely-used, though it takes time and effort to develop your readership. Regular content production will attract more readers while helping increase affiliate sales. Checking over old posts for any expired links, hotels or tour companies is crucial as this will save time while increasing revenue.

8. Sponsored X Posts

Social media can be a powerful tool, even on the lesser X platform. If your travel blog has a strong social media presence and engaged audience, posting sponsored tweets can help monetize it while maintaining authentic and informative content. This method is an ideal way of increasing income while still staying true to yourself and providing your followers with relevant travel updates.

Make money while traveling by writing freelance articles for sites like Upwork or Fiverr. Writing freelance can be an excellent and flexible way of earning extra income while traveling; all you need is the dedication and energy to sit down regularly and write high-quality posts that show up in search results.