20 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Las Vegas 2024

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There is no doubt that Las Vegas is one of the most popular cities in the United States. Every year, tens of millions of people visit this city. According to the latest statistics, there was a whopping 42.52 million visitors in 2019. But what attracts people to Vegas? Quite simply, fantastic entertainment and tourist attractions. If you want to visit Sin City, this is a great opportunity for you to find out what Entertainment Capital of the World has to offer.

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  1. The Strip

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Well, we mentioned The Strip a little earlier. It is a famous part of the popular South Las Vegas Boulevard. It’s 2.5 miles long and offers fantastic entertainment for all tourists. There are many luxury hotels, casinos, including Mandalay Bay, Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, etc.

  1. Helicopter Rides

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Another fantastic thing about Las Vegas is the helicopter rides. For a few hundred dollars, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon but also Sin City and the surrounding area.

  1. Eiffel Tower

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Do you think we’re talking nonsense? Of course not, the Eiffel Tower is located in Las Vegas. Admittedly, this is not a genuine one, but who cares. It is located on The Strip and is an integral part of the Paris Las Vegas resort. In fact, an unforgettable experience and a great time are guaranteed.

  1. Bellagio Resort

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Another resort that is well known to everyone is Bellagio. You probably once saw the famous fountain show on the Internet or TV. Remember the popular ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ movie, which was shot right at Bellagio Resort. So, this might be another reason why you should visit this hotel & casino.

  1. Caesar’s Palace with The Colosseum

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If you love ancient Rome and gambling, then Caesar’s Palace is the right place to come when you’re in Las Vegas. This resort is one of the most famous and most luxurious in the city. Caesar’s Palace is a really massive complex, but even more interesting is that it continues to grow.

  1. Fremont Street

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When you say ‘Las Vegas’, most people think of gambling, casinos, nightlife, etc. However, Sin City has much more to offer. For example, if you like to walk, the great deal is Fremont Street. This street is for pedestrians only. So, you can enjoy street performers, neon light and have a fantastic experience.

  1. Neon Museum

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Speaking of neon lights, these are one of the symbols of Vegas. Wherever you turn, you can see neon advertisements, billboards, all creating an incredible light spectacle. Therefore, the Neon Museum is a great place to see some unique ones that have become part of Vegas history.

  1. Luxor Hotel

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Well, if you thought there were no more luxury hotels, you were wrong. Luxor Resort is just another in a series of incredible high-end casinos and hotels in Vegas. Of course, it is located on The Strip.

  1. Madame Tussaud’s

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How about seeing a lot of celebrities like Sofia Vergara, Lady Gaga, Muhammad Ali or Leonardo DiCaprio? Unfortunately, not for real, but they are all in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. And not just these celebrities, but many others.

  1. Excalibur Hotel

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Back to the hotel. Unlike previous hotels, this one may be of interest to children as it looks like Disneyland. Indeed, the Excalibur hotel is a fantastic complex with high-end entertainment facilities.

  1. Stratosphere Tower

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If you want to check Las Vegas’ heights, at an altitude of over 350 meters, then our recommendation is Stratosphere Tower. This tower offers you an amazing, breathtaking view of the Las Vegas skyline. There are different options for specific locations on the tower so there is no doubt you can find the right one for yourself.

  1. MGM Grand Hotel

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MGM Grand Hotel is located in a prime location on the Las Vegas Strip. In addition to the hotel offering luxury, first-class service, there is a casino, but also lots of entertainment all around.

  1. Vegas Indoor Skydiving

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Ever dreamed you could fly? We can bet you did. Well, Las Vegas has a solution for you. There is indoor skydiving at very good prices, of course, depending on the package you choose. But what is important is that you’ll get an amazing experience.

  1. M&M World

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We don’t think there is a person who doesn’t like M&M. You probably once thought about having your own customized M&M with your initials. Well, what if we told you this is possible at M&M World in Las Vegas. Cool, right?

  1. Las Vegas Motor Speedway

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If you’re a fan of racing, then Las Vegas Motor Speedway is right for you. In addition, here you have the possibility of camping, but also quite decent hotels and restaurants.

  1. Mandalay Bay’s Shark Reef Aquarium

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There is no need to talk about Mandalay Bay, as this is a luxury and high-end hotel. However, the Shark Reef Aquarium is something that is truly unique among many resorts in Vegas. Here you can see many fish, sharks, and other sea inhabitants.

  1. The ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign

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If you want to take a selfie in Vegas, then the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign is the perfect place. It has been there since 1959.

  1. Mob Museum

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What about the Vegas mafia? There is no dilemma that this city used to be one of the favorite gang sites. Now, the Mob Museum offers visitors a story of times gone by.

  1. Mystère

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One of the most famous performances of the Cirque du Soleil is definitely Mystère. This performance is live for 27 years which is impressive. Its home is Treasure Island Hotel.

  1. Mirage’s The Secret Garden

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The last but not least tourist attraction in Vegas is The Secret Garden. For all animal lovers, this is a great opportunity to see lots of exotic and beautiful species.