4 Reasons to Travel to Sicily in 2024

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The reasons for travel to Sicily are not limited to a few. There are so many reasons to visit this Mediterranean paradise. However, if we consider this traveling option for summer or autumn, perhaps with these ideas we can encourage you to know one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean.

Why travel to Sicily? Here are the reasons!

1. If you are a Lover of Art and History

If you like history and are looking for archaeological sites, Sicily is your destination. This Mediterranean island was part of Magna Grecia and they, the Greeks, left their mark on a whole collection of buildings that must be visited. Here are some places to visit:

Taormina: Before Etna’s attentive gaze, Taormina emerges splendidly to delight the traveler who visits her. It is not for less: its Greek theater is a real pleasure for the senses when contemplating the bay of Naxos from its stands.

Its colorful streets are dotted with traces of the Norman footprint, stately palaces, plazas, churches, restaurants or gift shops and typical products. No wonder it is one of the main dishes of tourism in Sicily. Despite being so crowded, a tour of the island would not be complete without dropping by and enjoying a good coffee in any of its corners.

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Cefalù: As if it were a story, this village bathed by the Tyrrhenian Sea has the ability to stop time and give away one of the most intoxicating prints when watching the sunset from its beaches. Closely linked to the Norman civilization for the important vestiges that it retains, especially the Duomo, it is one of the most visited points of Sicilian geography. To squeeze its benefits, it is best to get lost in its narrow streets, reach its medieval laundry, admire its historic center, full of baroque palaces and temples, and breathe its Mediterranean perfume.

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Syracuse: An open-air archeological museum. Among its heritage stands out its Roman amphitheater, an impressive construction that has reached our days in a great state of conservation. Stresses the church of Santa Madonna de las Tears, a somewhat bizarre building, which balances others such as its cathedral, the church of Santa Lucia alla Badia and the interior of the Regional Archaeological Museum. The Dei Cordari cave, the San Giovanni catacombs and the Ear of Dionysus are also essential.

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Anyway, you need more than 1-2 days to explore the region. It is recommended to visit selectsicilyvillas.com. You really need a good accommodation!

2. If Nature is Your Thing

Lovers of unique landscapes will also find their ideal destination in Sicily. On the one hand there are its rocky coasts battle for the erosion of the sea and the winds. On the other, Etna dominates much of the island offering excursions for intrepid hikers.

Etna is stately, haughty and still active, the largest volcano on the old continent stands between the provinces of Catania and Messina to strategically dominate the area. With more than 3,300 meters of altitude, it is one of the contrasts of the island, especially when the snow on its slopes, so close to the coast, coexists with the sunny weather. To visit it, it is advisable to stick to the guided tours available, since the risk of climbing free is as great as its beauty.

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And if you still want to enjoy little-traveled islands by tourists, escape to the Eolicos that are part of the Unesco Heritage with its volcanic landscape. When you get tired of touring its innumerable attractions; I recommend you rest by the sea or looking at it from a cliff.

That rest of the traveler already understood it in the 19th century when the Grand Tour travelers made a stopover in Taormina. If you like to eat well, Sicily is an indispensable destination. If in all of Italy you eat luxury, here this maximum reaches the highest. Fish is present in a thousand ways: in pasta, in delicious fried foods, in vegetable cakes; but you will also enjoy their “arancini” or desserts as rich as “cannoli” or “cassata”. 

3. If you are a Foodie and Love Urban Destinations

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If you like urban tourism, in Sicily you will find unique examples. In Palermo, the capital, the bustle goes through neighborhoods and the treasures hidden around the corner. In Syracuse, on the other hand, Ortigia Island stands out for its baroque beauty open to the sea.

Taormina is a small place, which is covered in a day, but that leaves breathless because of the views that travelers fell in love centuries ago. You already know how we like to select accommodations. Well, in Sicily you can find a bit of everything: from old restored palaces in the center of the most important cities, through charming little hotels and villas to rent with infarct views.

Anyway, lately, the hospitality business overturns with this island of the gods. If we look back in history, a unique artistic style is Arab-Norman. In a place so traveled by different towns such as Sicily, we cannot be surprised to find significant examples such as the Monreale Cathedral or the Palatine Chapel of Palermo.

The sea always accompanies us on our tours of the island of Sicily. You will have it as a backdrop in the Kalsa palermitana, it will lull you next to Etna in Taormina and you will peek at it from the Ortigia viewpoints. There is always this Mediterranean of light that changes its name to Tyrrhenian and Ionian according to the coasts of the island.

4. If you are a Literature Lover

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If you are a reader, Sicily is for you. The works of the incombustible Andrea Camilleri take place in fictional locations in the south of the island that you can travel along the Montalbano route. Sicily is an evocative and inspiring island and a part of Italy not so well known. Ideal to relax by the hand of Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Normans.

You see? There are many things to do and places to visits in Sicily. They are the reasons why you need to go to Sicily, at least once in a lifetime.