Sicily: The Magic Island 

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Architecture, gastronomy, art, history, a sea of turquoise waters, mud baths, and afternoons spent in the sun, this is what Sicily is. In Sicily, there’s nothing missing, not even the grandeur of volcanoes. And if you’re planning a romantic escape with your beloved one and can’t stop thinking about your dreamy Sicily villa with beachfront with Wishsicily well, keep reading and find out more about it!

Stigmatized by its mafia connections, Sicily is a misunderstood jewel of Italy. Many civilizations have captured the magic of this island and made it what it is like today. A mixture of greek, roman, Arabs, Spaniard influences gave a significant result that we can admire today with our own eyes. 

Sicily, the Place to Be Fascinated by

This heritage is present beyond the beautiful vestiges of the temple valley, the Norman mosaics of Monreale Cathedral, or the exciting cities shaped by the Sicilian Baroque. The heritage of a thousand peoples and cultures can be seen in the indomitable character of each Sicilian and individualism that makes them deny their neighbors in the North. On the largest island in the Mediterranean, the offer is in keeping with its size: historic cities, romantic beaches, unique cuisine, sleeping archaeology, and awakened volcanoes await guests.

Mondello: Palermo’s Oasis

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From the enormous stretches of sand to the rocky promontories from where you dive into the clear waters of the sea, to the zeal of the bathing area around Palermo and the authenticity of its small coastal towns, Sicily is a paradise for beach lovers. When in summer the heat melts the thermometers with temperatures of 40 degrees, the palermitans escape en masse from the madness of their city’s traffic to the beaches of Mondello, a few kilometers from Palermo.

San Vito Lo Capo, a Guarantee Since the Roman Empire

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Unless your idea of a day at the beach is to slalom between the sun loungers, umbrellas and thousands of bathers, the best thing to do is to sail away and continue a couple of hours further west, until you reach the Gulf of Castellammare and the small town of San Vito lo Capo.

Famous in Roman times for its changing rooms and huge beach, the shallow depth of the bay allows you to submerge centimeter by centimeter while you walk observing the seabed through the turquoise waters of intense color. Too much beauty to pass unnoticed. Therefore, in the high season, without reaching the crowds of Mondello, its sands fill with thousands of bodies competing for the attention of the sun. If anyone approaches here in June or September, they have to be honored.

Cefalù: a Picturesque Fish Village

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If you choose to go east from Palermo instead of west, you arrive in Cefalù. As we get closer, the city faces the sea. It is protected by a large stone slope that rises as if it were an artificially constructed scenery, to add drama to the postcard photographs that are inevitably taken from this angle.

Despite the souvenir shops and dozens of restaurants with tourist menus, Cefalù has managed to maintain a certain kind of fishermen’s village air. It’s worth spending the night here, even if only to contemplate the sunset from the small shore by the sea, with the sun unleashing the last vigor of the day on the houses in front of the beach.

Beautiful Island, Pardon, Isola Bella

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Isola Bella, Taormina, a small mountain separated from the beach by a narrow, shallow waterway, is a must for lovers. Waking up in the morning, a cup of coffee in your hand and admiring the breath-taking view.

The promontories of volcanic rock coming out of the sea which, according to legend, were built by the Cyclops, who inhabited the guts of the Etna volcano, against Ulysses as he fled by sea, serve as the backdrop for less epic adventures than every end of the day take place on natural terraces filled with young people facing the sea.

Agrigento and its Penguins!

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In Agrigento, with the light of the oblique rays of dusk bouncing off the pristine surface, it would be possible to think that, convinced by a mirage, the very white-colored terrace that enters the sea is, in fact, an iceberg on which a group of penguins sits. As we get closer, walking along the beach, we realize that the white surface of the Scala Dei Turchi is not ice, but a geological sculpture of lime and clay, worn out by thousands of years of erosion.

The natural terraces of the Agrigento region are sought by tourists in search of the perfect tan. The path can be tortuous, but the reward makes you forget everything.

The penguins we believed we could guess from a distance are just bathers attracted by the beauty of this natural prodigy on the southern coast of Sicily. Up there, at the mercy of the erosion of the sea and the wind, the landscape is even more extraordinary, forming a succession of natural platforms and terraces carved into the rock, an earthly paradise for lovers of the perfect tan.

So, now is the time to get your tickets and explore these beautiful places, book a fantastic Sicilian villa with the beachfront, and immerse your senses in all the Sicilian culture!