4 Smart Ideas to Design Your Stylish Kitchen 2024

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The kitchen is the soul of every house. Designing a stylish one is every home owner’s dream. However, to realize this dream within a specific budget is the real challenge.

Over time, numerous ideas of modeling and remodeling are surfacing. Dozens of newer ideas are replacing the old ones. In fact, it’s become tough even to select the point where to start.

1. Basic Questions to Consider

Let’s first consider some questions that would directly help us decide what to do.

Did You Plan in Accordance with Your Space?

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You just can’t go to the market and buy whatever you find smart, handy, and within your budget. Your kitchen space should also allow for it.

The consideration of placement is another important aspect. Think about a messy versus a neat kitchen. What are the differences? Is everything that you regularly need in the proper place?

All the items should be kept or preserved in a ‘convenient’ place. Cereals for breakfast and the bowls, for example, may be placed on the kitchen island. The same applies to cups for tea or glasses for drinking water. Plate storage should be near the sink and the cutting board while the bread container should be near the toaster.

Thus, arranging everything accordingly and placing them in the smartest way adds a lot to the look and design of your kitchen.

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Gaps in Between Cabinets

There should be at least 1metre space so that you can move about quickly and don’t have to hit any corner with your precious porcelain cup only to have it broken. You can upgrade your kitchen with under cabinet lighting.

Direction of Traffic

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It’s better to design your kitchen in a way that it leads off other rooms. But you’d not like to use it as a thoroughfare.

Did you Choose the Right Color for Your Cabinetry?

Depending on the overall ventilation system of your kitchen and wherein the house it is placed, you need to select the right color that makes you feel comfortable.

Also, the color should not be deep and dark unless you want to allow for excess electricity usage to provide brighter light. The glossy surface of your cabinets, however, would make the consideration easy as they reflect enough light whatever the color is and however deep it is.

Is the Design of the Cabinetry Right?

There are a wide variety of designs of kitchen cabinets to choose from. According to your space and budget, you can also replace, remodel, recolor, or resize them.

2. Types of Layout

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There are so many types of layout in vogue around the world. You can choose any of them and plan in detail afterward.

  • Minimalist

These are small kitchens, and they are kept as simple as possible. It’s easy to maneuver and keep it neat, clean, and tidy.

  • Concealed

These types of the kitchen are generally small but packed with cabinets, in which all the utensils are kept, and the outer scene is quite clean.

No doubt it’s a brilliant idea, but the main disadvantage is that you need to make a lot of get-it-out and get-it-in, which feels much of a problem when you are in a  rush.

  • Gallery

With minimum cabinets and lots of space, this type of kitchen needs much planning on how to arrange the utensils and other appliances neatly.

The advantage is, however, that you get the right thing ready within your reach, and it speeds up kitchen work.

Some more types are listed here.

3. Some Tips on designing Your Kitchen

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Listing the Elements

The best thing to start with is always listing the essentials. There are so many things that you could list. Here are the first few of them:

  • Base Units
  • Wall Units
  • Display Units
  • Breakfast Bar
  • The Island

Drawing up Detailed Floor Plan

You can take help from a kitchen company or do it yourself to carefully design the blueprint. Having the blueprint done, you concentrate on the next item: the layout.

Some Best Kitchen Layouts

This plan involves shapes and other things. It may be U-shaped or L-shaped.

4. The Mistakes we Generally Make

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There are some common mistakes that we frequently make. They are as follows:

About The Kitchen Triangle

Your business is centered mainly on the main three things- the refrigerator, the sink, and the stove.

You need, therefore, to give the most of your planning thoughts over these three things.

The sink, for example, should be near the plumbing.

Storage Space

There are so many kitchens, even smaller ones, where space is wasted. A well-planned kitchen should utilize as much of the area as possible.

You can even use your overhead space and make some hanging cabinets, which would efficiently house many of your utensils.

Counter Space

That’s another stumbling factor. Most of your kitchen activities occur there. Also, some of the appliances like juicer and mixer are permanently kept on the counter. Therefore, the countertop must be kept free.

One very smart idea to free up your countertop is to make an island or breakfast bar, especially if it is an L-shaped kitchen.

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As we’ve discussed above, your kitchen is a place where you spend hours, and if that place has little light, you should fear that within a few years, you are going to suffer an eyesight problem.

If the cabinetry and walls are non-glossy, you’ll need brighter lights than that you’d need for glossy surfaces.


Don’t keep this out of your consideration while planning a smart kitchen. Leave them as they are, and your kitchen will partially look bleak.

Instead, decorate it with metal tile, thermoplastic, or manufactured stone veneer, and the kitchen will get a whole new look.

Kitchen Island

‘The bigger, the better’ doesn’t make any sense here as a big island could obstruct you from moving about freely. So, keep a sharp eye on the placement and size of your island.

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The Bottom Line

Planning and designing a smart kitchen is no mean feat. Yet many people do this efficiently without much professional help. We’ve tried our best to provide you with as many essential tips and ideas as possible.