Top 5 Australian Destinations to Explore by a Campervan in 2024

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Aussie residents are fortunate to have such a beautiful country. The rainforests that block out the sky, the endless white-sandy beaches, the arid outback, and lush rolling hills, Australia is indeed a diverse landscape waiting to be explored. So, how do you explore this magical country? By bus? Sure, but tiresome. Flying? Sure, but expensive. Train? Sure, but too rigid. A Campervan is perhaps the easiest, cheapest, and most flexible way for you to explore Australia intimately.

These unique vehicles are essentially a van (think Mercedes Sprinter or Toyota Hiace) that has had its inside reconditioned into a tiny apartment. This means they have a small kitchen, beddings, and storage—all in the back of a van.

With not everyone interested or capable of purchasing a campervan, the number of motorhome rental companies in Australia is increasing every day. For example, you can visit brands such as HitTheRoad.Rentals and access campervans and motorhomes from over 450 campervan suppliers. All with real customer reviews to help you make informed decisions. Eliminating the cost of maintenance and storage, hiring a camper vehicle provides all the benefits with minimal drawbacks.

If you’ve got the itch for a real Australian adventure and you certainly love or crave the freedom of the open road, here are some of the best Australian destinations to explore by a campervan:

1. Tasmania

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This may be the tiniest state in Australia, but it’s a territory that’s perfectly shrouded in mystique. It’s the most far-flung location in the country, some 300 kilometers south across the stormy Bass Strait. Perhaps it’s the vast expanses of the windswept wilderness, or it’s the sheer availability of attraction sites that makes it perfect for a self-contained caravan trip. Almost half of Tasmania or ‘Tassie’ landmass lies in the national parks and world heritage areas, featuring mist-cloaked peaks, wild rivers, and sparkling alpine lakes. Perhaps it’s the haunting convict antiquity and exquisitely preserved heritage towns, which appear frozen in time.

Perhaps it’s the bizarre wildlife, ranging from the endangered Tasmanian tiger to real-life Tasmanian devils! One thing for sure is that this mystical destination continues to lure more and more tourists who intend to discover the areas numerous hidden gems. You can tour this magnificent island in about 10 days, and see something new and amazing every day. Hobart is a good place as any to start. Don’t miss St. Helen or the Cradle Mountain in your itinerary; both are awe-inspiring camping spots.

2. The Great Ocean Road

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Your tour of Australia by a campervan takes your adventure to the next level on this road. As one of the most spectacular road trips, the Great Ocean Road hugs more than 300 kilometers of Victoria’s melodramatic coastline from Torquay to Allansford. This splendid stretch is dotted with towering rock spires, complemented surf beaches beautifully, and sheer cliffs. The elegant Australian villages reflect the cultural history of the area, while the forest line that embellishes the great road presents a perfect opportunity for campers.

Built-in the early 1930s, the Great Ocean Road was an opportunity to provide the returning servicemen with employment after the Depression. Today, the road not only serves as a tourist destination and an excellent engineering chef-d’oeuvre but also as a memorial site for the folks who lost their lives during WWI. Bing only about 100km from Melbourne City, travelers can explore various attractions in just a single day itinerary. However, campervan travelers can spend several days to really appreciate all the attractions and sceneries along the stunning coast.

3. Queensland

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Of course, the ‘Sunshine State’ must make our list of top destinations for campervan tourists, especially because of its tropical north. As Australia’s most popular destination, attraction, and camping sites are swarming—mystical waterfalls, river reefs, world heritage rainforests, fantastic surf breaks, idyllic tropical islands, and golden beaches are some of the state’s spectacular spots. The ever-astounding Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday Islands make perfect stops for motorhome nomads if they have an itch for snorkeling or scuba diving.

Fraser Island is also perfect, especially if you go for a 4 x 4 campervan hire; the wilderness and coastal areas on this island are ideal for biking, hiking, fishing, and boat rides. For a change of pace, you can head towards Brisbane, Queensland capital, a city that delivers massive attractions with a small-town touch. The northern side rainforest villages and sleepy beach towns, while the south lies the scintillating Gold Cost with its high rises and self-indulgence. A 12-day itinerary can take you around 2000km between Townsville and Cairns, where you can experience iconic attractions such as Cape Tribulation, The Daintree Rainforest, and The Great Barrier Reef.

4. The Gibb River Road

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The Gibb River Road is widely described as the ‘real journey for real travelers‘ or the ‘last real adventure in AUS.’ Rightly so, turning off the bitumen and experiencing this road is a truly unique Aussie adventure where you can experience untouched wilderness, epic cattle stations, and ancient gorges. The Gibb River Road will take campervan adventurers into some of the most remote areas of Western Australia, starting with the west in Derby through to the Windjana Gorge, Mount Hart Homestead, El Questro Wilderness Park, all the way to Kununurra or Wyndham where the journey ends.

The 660-kilometers long route will be the best way for campers to experience the true natural treasures of Kimberley’s wild heartlands. Ensure your stay is long enough for you to immerse yourself in the adventure of the gorges, Tunnel Creek, and the wilderness. But it’s always advisable to make a list of must-see attractions to avoid getting overwhelmed. The Gibb River Road has often been deemed the most awesome journey for 4 x 4 campervans, but, truth be told, the route today is nowhere near as difficult as it used to be. Any motorhome driver with the right attitude can give it a go.

5. Esperance

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Last but definitely not least, Esperance. This gorgeous stretch of coast is rimmed with some of Aussie’s most ravishing beaches; a 720km campervan trip from southeast of Perth to this little town will be life-changing. Nature is the top attraction in Esperance, with tourists stopping to soak in the glitzy white-sand beaches with surreal turquoise water. Three national parks are also positioned along this stretch, including the legendary Cape Le Grand. If you’re a swimming, scuba diving, surfing, or fishing aficionado, this is a photo-worthy coastal destination that should unquestionably feature in your next campervan adventure in Australia. Good Luck!