5 Things That Adversely Affect Your Studies

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How many times have you asked yourself a question of how could you improve your study results? How many hours, days, weeks have you spent pondering over what stood in the way of you becoming a decent student? Modern scientists would tell you that this is the lack of motivation that drives you far away from the learning process, and they could not stand farther from the truth. The truth is that every person is motivated while this is the dispersion of people’s attention that leads them towards failed grades. So, how this attention is being dispersed? This article talks about five pivotal things that adversely affect your studies.


1. Social Media: The Greatest Thief of Them All

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Regardless of how hackneyed and mundane it may sound but, namely, social media is the first among the factors affecting learning that prevents you from reaching the glass ceiling in learning, that is passing your exams with flying colors. How can you become an active learner if you spend most of your time scrolling through the feed hoping that essays and assignments will somehow write themselves down if you get more likes? Nobody is trying to say that social media is bad, but it should be acknowledged that it steals your time ruthlessly and guess what – you are the one giving your most precious commodity away showing no resistance.

An average social media user spends at least four hours a day looking at the screen of his or her phone pursuing no other purpose but to look through the latest photos and videos. However, this will not polish your essays, and social media cannot become a checker that you may use to check your papers for plagiarism. Remember, the world of online is full of tools and platforms that can help you become a better learner.

2. Oh, My Love Is Like a Big, Big Distraction

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The state of being in relationships with your partner and the feeling of love that blesses your heart, making your soul sing the songs of vernal bliss is without a single shade of doubt one of the best things that can happen to a person. However, the learning process, if you want it to be efficient, of course, envisages a lot of your attention to be paid. You and your partner should plan your dates in such a manner that they will not interfere with your studies. Believe me, having a girlfriend or a boyfriend who understands your educational needs is much better than dating a selfish egomaniac who only craves for your attention and disregards your future.

3. What Is Check? Plagiarism Don’t Hurt Me

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One of the most burgeoning problems that the majority of students face when it comes to studying is the inability to detect plagiarism. As a matter of fact, check for plagiarism is one of the essential phases of working on any kind of assignment. As it has been already mentioned, instead of surfing the net in a search of a powerful tool that might help you study, you keep on scrolling the social media feed, thinking that following bloggers can help you become a professional. You can always use plagiarism checker online on sites such as PhDEssay.com, so do it instead of like thousands of pictures. Think of the hidden benefit of devoting more time to check essays for plagiarism rather than liking people’s posts: it’s another way to prevent your relationship from falling apart.


4. A Little Less Talk A Little More Librarization

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If you are a student, you simply have to visit the university’s library. Those who state that all the information is nowadays available online and that there is no need for visiting libraries may be right. However, this is the spirit of knowledge that brooms over you when you sit in the silence of minds that long for knowledge just as you do. There is no such feeling in the world as reading information from a book that is, for example, more than one hundred years old. Residing among those who strive for knowledge shall charge you with all the motivation that you need to prove those who state that modern students lack motivation wrong.

5. When There’s No Time, Who Do You Call?

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Let’s bet that there was a moment in your student life that you wished there were 48 hours in your day. I know there was one. However, this is not the number of hours that you need to boost but your time management skills. Namely, the lack of wise time management prevents you from becoming a superb learner. If you know what it means to pull an all-nighter right before the exam, it means that this article has been written for you. You need to start planning your learning activities. Following a planned in advance, the learning agenda is much easier than trying the loopholes in a learning process because there are none. As it has been stated already, living in the world of technological sophistication shall make it easy for you to plan your weekly studies. There are personal assistants, calendars, and organizers on your phone or laptop. Use them and use them to their fullest potential.

Being a student in the 21st century is a perplexing task. On the one hand, the number of information resources and technology solutions that are on your side is incredible. On the other hand, the number of distractions that might prevent you from attaining your maximum is almost the same. So, keep your time planned, your papers checked, your relationships organized, and scroll your social media time down to the minimum. There is a beautiful out there to explore, make sure your eyes are set higher than the screen of your smartphone.