5 Things You Can Do With Weed That’s Not Smoking 2021


When most people think about weed, they think about using it for smoking. In reality, there are many other things you can do with weed that doesn’t involve smoking. It is versatile and has many uses. Not everything you can do with marijuana has to do with getting high. Weed has been known to help with anxiety, fatigue, pain, and more. Having more options allows more users to get those benefits. Take a look at some of the alternative things you can do with weed.

1. Edibles

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Edibles are food items that contain cannabis. There is a wide range of different food items that can be made with cannabis. They provide the right amount of Pot brownies are a common type of edible. Other popular edibles include other baked goods and candy. With the legalization of recreational use marijuana in multiple states, more people have been exposed to edibles than before. Websites like this have seen an increase in edible sales across Los Angeles as they are growing in popularity.

These food items may be store-bought or homemade. Instead of smoking weed, eating edibles can give you a similar effect. It’s important to note that this can affect each person differently. How the weed in the edibles affects you has to do with your metabolism. You should also know that edibles may cause a more durable and longer-lasting high than other ways you might use weed.

Edibles are a standard route for new weed users to take. This is because things like cookies and brownies are familiar. They may seem less scary than smoking weed or using another method. The user can eat them instead of trying to smoke, which is unfamiliar to most people.

You can also easily make your own cannabis edibles just by adding a few drops of cannabis oil to salads, soups, and cooked meals to benefit from the extracts. Start with a small amount to avoid overdoing it, and avoid using it while cooking because high heat can destroy the cannabinoid compounds.

2. Topicals

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Topicals refer to things like lotions, oils, and balms that you can apply to your skin. They are infused with cannabis. Cannabis topicals are getting easier to find because of their reputation. Many users have found success with them.

Often, people use topicals for pain relief and to reduce inflammation. Topicals are a great way to relieve sore muscles. They may be used for other pain throughout the body too. The purpose of topicals is not to make the user get high. People who use topicals are looking for the therapeutic effects of marijuana. Topicals can be used for both medical and recreational purposes.

Cannabis topicals work by binding to the cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are located throughout the body. When the topical is applied, it provides localized relief. The topicals cannot reach your bloodstream, which means you don’t have to worry about getting high by using them.

Keep in mind that there is an exception with transdermal patches. These patches do penetrate the bloodstream. They may contain enough THC to produce a high. With other topicals, this is not a concern.

Cannabis-infused topical products are also useful in skincare, first aid, and even in cosmetics. Aside from the cannabinoids, which have antiseptic properties, cannabis also contains terpenes such as linalool, whose cooling properties are beneficial in treating minor burns.

If you’d like to sample premium CBD products, try getting a subscription of curated CBD product boxes online, such as the ones from nuggclub.com.

3. Drinks

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Similar to edibles, you can get high from drinks with weed in them. The most common way to “drink” pot is by using cannabis oil. Cannabis oil can be added to beer, soda, and more. The leaves can also be used in tea. Some tea with weed can be very potent and create a strong high. The possibilities for cannabis-infused drinks are endless.

When you drink a beverage with THC, it takes effect quickly. Some users even found that they felt the effects within 15 minutes.

Some drinks are already made with weed and are available for purchase. If you buy cannabis oil, you can put it in the beverage of your choice at home. For instance, you can add a few drops of the oil to your coffee, tea, shake, smoothie, or juice. The oil won’t affect the flavor of your drinks because it’s generally tasteless and odorless. As previously advised, start with a small amount and adjust from there.

Cannabis drinks can be a good option for anyone nauseous from drinking too much alcohol. THC and CBD both have the power to reduce nausea. This is a good way to reverse some of the effects of alcohol.

4. Clothing

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You might have seen clothing made of hemp. Hemp is the plant that marijuana comes from. Now, it’s got a new use. Hemp is useful in making sturdy, long-lasting clothing. It’s a natural material, which is ideal for creating high-quality clothing items.

Hemp has many benefits over other materials. It doesn’t wear out, and it gets softer over time. It’s also antibacterial and fire-resistant.

Hemp is a material that companies prefer to work with over other materials. It’s easy to work with, and it can be used in a variety of ways. Hemp can be used as a substitute for linen. It can also be used to make a suede-like material.

Several companies, including Nike, Hermès, and H&M, have been using hemp in their products for years. Not all of their products are made from hemp, but they are working on using high-quality fabric in more ways. Other companies may begin to use hemp in their clothing production.

5. Capsules

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Cannabis capsules are a relatively new addition to the world of weed. Like the oils, they come in different types, as different forms of cannabis can be used to make them. They’re typically labeled according to their cannabinoid content, which you can use to get the ones that’ll give you the effect you want, whether you need it for medical purposes or just for the high.

Companies are just beginning to make these capsules, but they are growing in popularity already. More and more companies are beginning to explore the possibilities with cannabis capsules. There are even ways to make cannabis capsules at home, which gives users even more options.

Cannabis capsules help to lessen the stigma associated with weed. They are a great option because they are already pre-measured. This helps users to predict the effects of cannabis. Other methods of using marijuana are less precise so that results can vary.

They’re much more discreet than smoking weed too. It’s easier to take a pill in public than it is to smoke weed. They don’t have the same strong smell that weed does when smoked.

Cannabis capsules can be used for the same purposes as weed is typically used. The convenience of the pills makes capsules a good option for everyday use if needed.


Smoking weed is prevalent, but there are plenty of other things to do with it. It can be used for both recreational and medicinal purposes. No matter how someone chooses to use it, they have many different options to choose from. There are even more uses growing in popularity too. Keep in mind that some of the different uses for weed may be safer than others.