5 Unexpected Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

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Contrary to popular belief, large-breasted women are not happier than those who have naturally smaller breasts. Larger boobs can lead to a number of physical discomforts, and many women may not even realize that it’s their breasts that are at the very root of their misery.

Just how can breasts lead to discomfort? Boobs that are large can heavy can lead to the shoulders rolling forward, which can lead to the compression of nerves across your shoulders and neck. The pain may be sporadic at first but may eventually become near-constant for some women.

This is often why women start to search for a solution to help end their discomfort. Making the decision to undergo a reduction surgery can be a difficult one to face. Surgery can be overwhelming to consider. There are, however, several benefits to a boob reduction that you may not have considered.

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Signs that your breasts are too large for your frame

According to the experts at PlasticSurgeryBrisbane.com.au, there are a number of symptoms that women may be living with for years before they recognize that their breasts are to blame. Some of these include the following.

  • Pressure indentations on the shoulders, as a result of bra straps needing to support heavy breasts
  • Constant and severe pain in the neck, shoulders, and back
  • Headaches without any other apparent cause
  • Numbness felt in the fingers and hands
  • Shortness of breath

1. A well-balanced figure


Many women with larger breasts find that their boobs are disproportionate to the size of their body frame. Reducing the boobs size results in a well-balanced figure will have the curves and youthful silhouette you’ve been longing for.

2. The alleviation of back pain

Heavy breasts can lead to strain and discomfort felt in your neck, shoulders, and back. Some women may find that the discomfort interferes with their quality of life. By reducing the size of the boobs, the tension and strain can be alleviated. The relief on the neck and shoulders, along with the reduction of pain, is often felt immediately after surgery.

3. A healthier lifestyle is easier

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Heavy breasts may lead to discomfort during exercise. If you feel discomfort, neck, shoulders, or back when you are working out, it might discourage you from enjoying activities like running or weight lifting. Smaller boobs can ultimately lead to a much more enjoyable workout.

4. Better shopping experiences

Finding clothes that look and feel comfortable when your breasts are larger than the rest of your body frame can be a challenge. Most women find that they have to buy tops and dresses a few sizes larger than their body frame, just so that they can be fastened and fit properly.

When your breasts are well-proportioned to the rest of your body frame, you’ll find that you’ll be able to purchase clothing that simply fits and looks better on you.

5. No more rashes and skin infections

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According to Ecellulitis.com,  the area under your boobs is prone to rashes and infections due to the increased potential of moisture under the breasts. Using powder under the boobs can help during the warmer months of the year, and when you’re working out. But it’s still possible to see these rashes crop up and often lead to painful skin infections.

You don’t need to live with the pain and discomfort that can accompany large boobs. The vast majority of reduction surgery patients find that they are thrilled with the results of their surgery. They go on to enjoy the relief that comes from having well-proportioned boobs.

Are you looking to move forward with a reduction surgery? Don’t allow your breasts to continue to hinder your life. Take proactive steps and make the right decision for you and your health. Schedule your consultation and learn more about how this procedure can improve your health and your quality of life.