Top 7 Ways To Use Social Proofing In Your Marketing

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Social proofing plays an important role in building a strong marketing strategy because it perfectly captures human psychology, and everyone’s need to do what others are doing. When used creatively, social proofing can help your social media marketing strategy, attracting new customers and help take your business to the next level.

So, how do you use it the right way? How can social proofing tools help your customers trust you more?

The 7 Things You Can Do With Social Proofing to Make Your Marketing Better

Here are seven ways you can use social proofing in your company’s marketing strategies:

  1. Invite experts from the industry to host Instagram live on your account

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Experts and influencers will help your potential buyers to associate with your products positively. They have a halo effect, a tendency to follow in the footsteps of a person in authority. For example, ask an expert to celebrity to host a live educational session of your Instagram and mention how your products will help them. It not only creates a positive influence but also helps you effectively reach your target audience.

  1. Invite experts and influencers to attend launch parties

Host an online or offline launch party and include influencers and experts in the list. If it is an online launch, you can send them the products in advance, so they can create hype and stir their followers in your direction. An offline launch party is much more influential because they can upload more stories and posts of the party and the fun they had there. You can also collaborate with experts for a panel discussion.

Furthermore, you can agree to let someone use your account for a while. Instasize shares a great guide to Instagram takeovers here.

  1. Appreciate customers who review your products and upload photos on social media

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Whether you are a big enterprise or a young startup, appreciate the reviews and photos your customers upload on different social media platforms. You can say something like — thanks for the appreciation or grateful for the mention. Don’t boast about how good your products are because it shows that you are too overconfident. Show gratitude, and the customer will be back for more purchases soon. When Tesla won Best Car of the Year award for the third time consecutively, they tweeted about it and even thanked the 124,000 people who voted for it.

  1. Use brand ambassadors for social proofing

A brand ambassador is someone who represents your company to boost the awareness and sales of your products. Hire a mix of people to build brand awareness, which includes social media influencers, experts, and regular customers. They have to use your brand’s hashtag every time they post an image or video on social media platforms. You obviously have to pay them, but you can start small and build your way up to popular celebrities as your company grows.

  1. Upload user-generated content on your social media accounts

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Retweet reviews or mentions of your brand on Twitter. Repost photos and videos on Instagram to show that you genuinely appreciate their efforts. Mention it in your bio to tag you using the hashtag. It will not only increase user activity but also boost your rank in the hashtags because many people would be using it.

  1. Mention how many customers you have served until now

Mention it in bold on your website, brochures, and social media pages the number of customers you have served until now and how many five-star reviews you received. You can also mention the number of countries your business serves. It is the perfect example of crowd social proof and gives a very positive first impression. Help Scout has written these statistics on their Twitter, and they have worked well for the company.

  1. Display customer and expert reviews on your website

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Another easy and quick way to attract potential buyers is by displaying positive expert and customer reviews on your website’s most profitable landing pages in bubble format. It will encourage them to purchase your product because the reviews will motivate them to mimic the behavior of your past customers.

Getting verified on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is essential in building a strong social image. When a potential customer sees that you are verified, they will automatically think that you are a trustworthy and credible business and purchase products from you.

If you’re looking to use a social proofing tool, you can try “It is the greatest tool to convert your visitors into customers”. That’s what they say on their website. According to studies, it is proved that social proof increase conversion by 43%.