50 Cent Wants NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo To Be The Next US President

Image source: rap-up.com

Over the weekend hip hop legend, 50 Cent endorsed New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo for the next president of the United States. On his latest coronavirus briefings, Cuomo addressed the protests following the slain of George Floyd: “It’s been 30 years since Rodney King… And where is the resolution? Where is the progress?”.

Image source: Instagram

Fif’s post on Instagram: “THIS IS THE GUY RIGHT HERE, He doesn’t want to but we need him to be president”, received support from other hip-hop artists, including Kid Capri and Jody Fortson.

Image source: Instagram

50 Cent’s feed was flooded with comments, triggering a furious political debate. Although many supported the Governor, some claimed that’s it’s just another election campaign fib, using the current situation for political points.