7 Mind-blowing Health Benefits of Cannabidiol Oil

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You probably know this by now, but Cannabidiol is proving to be an incredible healing compound with a host of healing properties – and perhaps what’s interesting about it is the fact that CBD is cannabis extract but doesn’t get the user high. So many of the people using it are only interested in the medicinal value of the compound rather than a desire to get stoned. 

It’s possible that if people knew about Cannabidiol years ago we would have grown up using it and maybe cannabis wouldn’t have such a bad rap. But the health and fitness industries haven’t been slow to catch up. Once the federal government indicated that they may be looking to legalize cannabis extracts to treat serious medical conditions, a whole industry spawned and now market experts are predicting exponential growth ($20 billion a year, by 2024)and we’re now seeing CBD in store shelves all across the country.

But does CBD actually work?

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There is irrefutable evidence that cannabinoids have medicinal value in the body – just check across the different cultures in the world and you’ll find people have been using cannabis as medicine for millennia. 

But if that’s not an indication of its healing power, consider that the FDA approved a CBD-infused cure (Epidiolex) to treat epilepsy, and there are dozens of studies being conducted by federally-funded institutions to find out how CBD can be used as a medicine. 

The research is still in the early stages, so there’s a lot that experts are yet to learn, but all indications are that Cannabidiol Offers an alternative to some of the most common medicines today. When you consider how many people abuse pain medication and anti-anxiety pills, it’s true, we could use a safer, more efficient treatment for some of these ailments. 

The following are 7 health benefits of Cannabidiol and a quick description of how CBD works to provide relief. 

CBD treats chronic pain

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Chronic pain affects millions of people, so it’s only natural that we start with it. It’s also interesting that a significant portion of people using CBD in treating chronic pain. According to CBDCentral.com, Cannabidiol reduces pain from the interaction it has with what is known as the endocannabinoid system. You might find it strange that your body produces its own cannabinoids, but this is actually a good thing because it means that you’re not introducing a strange compound into your body. 

Although the exact mechanism of how CBD relieves pain is still being studied, most of the published research points to the endocannabinoid system and specific brain receptors; namely, CB1 and CB2. It is believed that Cannabidiol influences the release of hormones and can reduce pain sensitivity for people with chronic pain (like in the case of arthritic pain).

CBD can reduce anxiety

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This is another reason millions of people are taking CBD before going to work or school. In an age where everyone is stressed out, it’s likely that some of the people you know are struggling with anxiety, stress, and low self-esteem. There was a study that was published recently and involved participants who experienced intense anxiety just from going out in public, and many of these people reported a decrease in anxiety after taking CBD a couple of hours before a public event. When compared to the group that took a placebo, the group that took CBD showed much more control over their anxiety. 

Add to this the study that showed how lab mice responded with less anxiety after being given CBD. A predator reptile was placed in the same cage with mice that had been given CBD, and the observers found that mice spent more time exploring the surroundings and finding a comfortable spot – rather than freaking out because of the big snake in the cage. 

CBD can help with depression

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The release of serotonin into the bloodstream causes the heavy feeling of depression to lift, and that’s just one of the ways CBD prevents depression. Changes in the hormones brought on by CBD may be the key to treating mood issues, anxiety, and depression. Again, it involves the endocannabinoid system and the vast network of glands and hormones that make up the endocrine system.

CBD treats neurological disorders

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As previously mentioned, CBD is currently being used to treat a rare form of epilepsy; but there’s more to it than that. CBD actually triggers neurogenesis or the creation of new cells in the hippocampus. This is a region of the brain that affects memory, calculation, language, and other basic cognitive functions. Cannabidiol also protects existing cells from decay, and this is attributed to its antioxidant function. Taking CBD every day might actually reduce the risk of dementia and similar conditions caused by the decay of cells in the brain. 

CBD reduces the chance of getting acne

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The use of hemp products in skincare is widespread and usually involves a topical solution blended with additional skin-friendly oils like coconut oil, rosemary, and eucalyptus. CBD oil is great at protecting the skin from sun damage, irritation, and too much oil production. It also keeps skin hydrated and improves elasticity – which is important if you want to avoid wrinkles. Combining CBD oil with other natural skin ointment seems to work wonders for the skin. 

CBD for Alzheimer’s disease

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It’s not clear whether taking CBD as a senior can restore some of the brain function that has been impaired, but it’s clear that Cannabidiol is neuro-protective. It’s likely that using CBD regularly can reduce the chance of getting Alzheimer’s later on in life because of the impact it has on the hippocampus – although more research is needed on this. 

CBD can help you lose weight effectively

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Cannabidiol fires up your metabolism and gets rid of inflammation in the intestines, which is important for facilitating nutrient absorption and keeping your weight in check. Another way that CBD helps with weight issues is by regulating appetite; and keep in mind that CBD prevents (or at the very least, reduces) insulin sensitivity, and this is crucial for preventing weight gain and diabetes. 

There are many more ways that CBD can improve your health, but it’s important that you seek professional medical assistance if you have a medical condition, rather than attempt to self-medicate.